Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie (Intro)

Hi guyz I am Annie. Today I thought to post the intro of a new ff I was thinking for soo long. But yes I will start after Horror in Kriyam’s life ends….. Thanks to all for who has supported me in that ff. My outmost gratitude to u all.

Well its totally different from SSEL. Lets get introduced to our Characters…

Birla family…(normal as SSEL)….

Saiyyam: A dashing young man. Recently reached India after studies from UK. Might be arrogant with others but loves his family and childhood bestfriend Krishna Mathur.
Well saiyyam has a crush on her since ages. But about krishna… Not confirmed yet..

Baby: I am not making Baby a vamp anymore. Besides I like poulomi.. Thats why baby is a positive character in my ff and is Yuvan’s wife.

Other characters are Yuvan, Yuvani, Bhavna, Sharad, Saurabh, anuj, Menka, Ragini and ofcourse dadi and surely…..

Suhani and Yuvraj Birla: parents of Saiyyam, Yuvani and Yuvan.

Well now

Mathur’s family….

Krishna: a beautiful young women recently reached India. From USA. Loves her cousins, family and childhood buddy Saiyyam. Well she is unaware of her own feelings towards him and doesn’t even know Saiyyam’s feelings. Well I am keeping Krishna modern in my ff. Well might be a little egoistic like Saiyyam and can do anything for family

Soumya and Kishan Mathur: Parents of krishna….

Krishna has two uncles and they all live in a joint family…..

Two uncles: Raj and karan Mathur.

Two aunts: sonali and Risha Mathur.

Aryan Mathur: Cousin of Krish and son of raj and sonali.

Disha Mathur: cousin of krish, sister of aryan and daughter of raj and sonali.

Roshni Mathur: Daughter of karan and Risha and probably a spoiled brat. Has a boyfriend named Rohan Gupta.

Well thats our big joint family…. Lets see the youngsters ages….

Saiyyam: 24
Krishna: 23 and 24th birthday coming up soon.
Baby: 26.
Yuvan: 26.
Yuvani: 26.
Aryan: 25.
Disha: 27.
Roshni: 23.
Rohan: 24
Well thats our huge family and characters…..

Story line….

Recently Krishna and saiyyam has reached india. They are both best friends. Saiyyam has a crush on Krishna since long…. While krishna not yet. For some circumstances Krishna requests Saiyyam to marry her… And thus leads a life with family and work. Lets see how the love birds grow.

Thats my Story line guyz. I don’t know if its good. But plz tell if I should continue to this story or pick a new one.

Precap: A pretty girl wearing a black short frock and high heels at airport.
In the opposite direction a boy is seen wearing black shirt with blue jeans. And Kriyam’s first meeting.

Hope u guyz like it. Plz let me know ur reviews…. I will continue it after Horror ff if we u guyz like the storyline.

Till than bye…. πŸ‘‹


  1. itsAveesha

    OMFG.. I was waiting for such story line since very long I always wanted krishna to be bold and not like what is shown in the show or other ffs and another best part of ur ff sayyam is the first one to fall for her well this is literally a treat for me thnqq so much for coming up with such an idea looking forward to the next part *excited af*

  2. yura

    It’s really interesting Annie. I know you will write it very well. Seriously who would thought horror in kriyam story. But u nailed that ff. So no doubt u r going to rock thz ff also. All the best. Stay happy☺

  3. Hafsaaa


    |Registered Member

    Ayyye can’t wait for it πŸ’™ Krishna’s bolt character yikess 😍😍 attractive
    Keep the work going β™₯️β™₯️

  4. shivani

    Fantastic storyline anahita. The introduction is just splendid. All the characters have varied backgrounds and I am seriously happy that baby is good atleast somewhere.
    Thank you so much for making baby positive. I am hell tired of abusing baby with every breath I take. Gratitude for helping me breathe free now.
    Krishna and sayyam now really embody the title – takkar ka rishta. Looking forward to this amazing story by you..

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thanks a lot Shivani…. For all the appreciation. Even I was tired of making baby a vamp everywhere. So lets give her a positive role once. I hv already submitted the next part…hope it will be uploaded soon.

  5. Dinu

    Fantastic dr.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŠI loved dis different story line and bold krishna.I always wanted krishna to be bold and independent. Plz start dis ff soon.😍😍😍😍😘 i’m sure dis also will be nice like ur other ff.I’m waiting. 😘😘😍😍😍😍 bye dr

  6. Ayesha

    Great one… even i want baby to be positive. Plz update quickly. Can’t wait to read kriyyam meeting

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.