The Kriyam Story (episode 1)

Hey Guys! This is my first evr Fanfic so i hope you like it. My story will go on per the recent track on SSEL. Yuvaan is still bad and he is trying to win Krishna. Baby has turned good as she has understood her mistake.
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Dadi’s memory has regained so the Biroa Family has decided to throw an in-house family party. As a punishment Baby was to do all the decorations by hand. Baby didn’t mind as she knew she deserved it.

In Kriyam’s bedroom

Krishna was looking at the mirror holding two sarees trying to decide which one to wear.
Sayyam enters the room but Krishna thought it was Yuvaani
Krishna: Yuvaani which sari shall i wear in today’s party- oh Sayyam
Sayyam: i don’t understand what is wrong with you girls. Just choose one and wear.
Krishna: No! I have to know which looks better. I am going to Yuvaani.

Sayyam rolls his eyes at her at goes near the water jug. Krishna starts walking towards the door but then she had an idea and stopped. Krishna turned around.

Krishna: Sayyam, can u help me choose which sari to wear?
Sayyam: Krishna i dont care. Wear anything you like.

Krishna pouts in an angry way. Sayyam looks lovingly at Krishna’s face. He admires how her pout is so perfect. How are soft cheeks is a little shade of pink. And how her lips look so soft and perfect. He feels like going forward and grabbing Krishna’s face and never letting her go.

Sayyam starts to walk forward. But then Reality strikes him.
Sayyam: (thinks) Oh god sayyam what are you thinking? You dont like Krishna! Stop thinking about her.

Sayyam: Fine Krishna i will help you choose a sari.
Krishna smiles she holds out the two saris.
Krishna : okay Sayyam choose. The blue one or the pink one?

Sayyam looks at the two saris. He notices that thhe pink one is transperant so Krishna’s stomach could be seen. The pink saris blouse was also sleeveles so Krishna’s back would be backless. Whereas the blue sari was perfect. It could cover Krishna’s body.

Sayyam: wear the blue sari.
Krishan looks at the sari : But the blue sari is so thick. I am going to die.
Sayyam: u told me to choose and i choose the blue sari. Besides i will wear a green shirt inside the suit.
Krishna: uff! If u wear the green shirt we wont match. Besides i wont wear the blue sari.
Sayyam: i dont care if we dont match besides i choose the blue one so wear that.

Outside the room Yuvaan was listening everything. He wanted to wear exactly the same colour as Krishna.
Yuvaan: Krishna is wearing a blue sari so i will wear a blue suit and tshirt.
Yuvaan leaves.

Krishna: No i will wear the pink sari. Besides whats wrong with it?
Sayyam: Its too….. Um…… To exposive.
Krishna: what?! Why do you even care ? I am wearing the pink sari.
Sayyam: Fine do as u wish.
Krishna: but ……. Are you wearing ….. The green shirt?
Sayyam: yes
Krishna: oh

Krishna leaves the room. Sayyam looks at the way Krishna went. Sayyam knew Krishna was upset that there dress colour wouldn’t match. Sayyam didnt know why he was going to do it but he smirked and started shovelling through his wardrobe searching for a different shirt.

At the party. Everyone was having a good time.
Suhani: Baby u did really good woth the decorations
Baby: Ghank you mummiji. I have learnt my mistake.
Yuvaani: please! U and realise? Ha
Rags: i know right
Yuvraaj: Bhaabi.
Pratima: rags and yuvaani! Dadi is calling you

Krishna was standing there alone. Yuvaan comes out of the room wearing a blue suit and starts to look fir Krishna

Yuvaani: Wow! Krishna you look soo nice in this pink dress.
Krishna: thanks. I hope sayyam thinks the same.
Yuvaani: Oh dont worry he will. Ah look there he is.

Krishna looks back. There was Sayyam wearing a black suit and a pink shirt. Krishna was shocked with surprise. She kept looking at the handsome figure. Krishna was overwhelmed at seeing thst they wore the same colour. Sayyam stared at Krishna. She looked so pretty in the pink dress. They had an eyelock.

Yuvaani: okay i will leave you guys.

Krishna smiles looking at Sayyam

Krishna : not bad you know. Our dress colour matches!
Sayyam: thought to Impress my bibi you know
Krishna smiled
Sayyam: besides you look……. Ummm……. Beautiful
They both have an eyelock.

Yuvaan spots Krishna. He is shocked to see her wearing the pink sari not the blue one. He is more shocked to see Sayyam and Krishna in the same colour. He fumed with range

Dadi: okay lets all eat cake.

They all ate cake but someone behind the window was looking.

Shadow: have fun. I have mixed wine in the cake. Lets see how it works

PreCap: Krishna- Sayyam u r so hot.
Sayyam- u are so prettyy. I ….. Lo-

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