Kriyam SS: A journey through love By Annie (Shot-1)

Hi guys, its me Annie.. I realised I had SS on kriyam in my mind.. And, I will be updating this one when I finish Takkar Ka Rishta.. I won’t be able to regular like now.. Sorry, about that. This story would be hilarious because its based on an anime known as Attack on Titan.. I know Somi would surely understand what I am talking about as she is also an anime fan like me.. Anyways, please put ur comments if u want me to continue.. If not than I have no problem..

Story setting:

The story takes place in a words where Titans are present. Titans are giant humanoid creatures that feasts upon Human. They can’t be killed easily. Their weak point is the nape of their neck on the back. A deep cut is to be made. But, it is not easy. The titans are a lot taller than human’s. So, a maneuvering gear known as the 3DMG gear was created.. It runs on gas and through connecting strings at a higher place gives the power to jump high and travel. The human’s were protected by huge 50 metres tall wall.. Until, the colossal titan(60 metres) broke through.. There are three walls and the first was breached through. Human species was eliminated from that area. But some survivors went inside the second wall. Among them were- Krishna, Yuvan and Yuvani. They join the survey corporation or the scout regiment. This part of the military goes outside on expeditions and kills titan. Tries to regain the territory once lost.

Introduction to characters:

Saiyyam: A handsome and attractive captain at the survey corps.. Considered humanities​ strongest. Age 29. He has the special operation squad also known as Squad Saiyyam. He is a clean freak. Hard on the outside..but inside.. Who knows what he is.. (Interpretation of Levi Ackermen).

Krishna: A happy bubbly girl. Strong confident and extremely beautiful. Was one of the survivors from the breach of the first wall. Goal is to eliminate titans and avenge her family’s death. A part of the special operation squad of captain Saiyyam. Has a secret crush on her captain.

Yuvan: Krishna’s best friend. Also a part of Squad Saiyyam. Survivor as well. Goal to avenge titans for the death of his mom.. He is a titan shifter..(titan shifter is a human that can shift into titans for humanity’s good.. An asset to the survey corps.)
(Interpretation if Eren Yeager)

Yuvani: Krishna’s another best friend and Yuvan’s sibling. Also a part of squad Saiyyam. Goal to protect her brother as she promised their mother. Strong and confident.(interpretation of Mikasa Ackerman)

The story revolves around the three cadets and their captain. Captain Saiyyam is now going on to 30 but no girl could ever win his heart. But there is something in Cadet Krishna that is different. Is he falling for her? Why doesn’t he show his feelings? Will the love among the captain and the Cadet shower when their world is invaded by titans? What if they work together and find a way..

So guys, that was my storyline. I know its weird to some people.. So if u don’t want it..please say and I won’t start it..

Thats all people.. I will try to post Takkar Ka Rishta soon..

Till than bye….?

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  1. I don’t like this
    Kriyyam yer rishta ka takkar is better
    I was a silent reader
    Today is the 21 last day of ssel

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry Misha..but i won’t be able to continue Takkar ka rishta due to my busy schedule.. Either i start a short story or I stop writing.. If I get more dislike comments than after Takkar ka Rishta ends I will my time in TU.. Thanks for voting though.

  2. Wow I would have never imagined a Kriyam story based on Attack on Titans! This will be very interesting to read. I am a big anime fan.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Faeeqa.. I am very happy u liked it.. High five an both of us being an anime fan.. I just love AOT and especially Levi..

  3. Love it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much jodishwari.. I am very happy that u liked it..

  4. Continue it. it was amazing. U r fabulous writer. So i think u can write this with more attentionly

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Samaria.. I am grateful for all the appreciation..


    This has to happen! Has to! Im mot a big fan of anime or anything but i just read this intro and i was totally hooked. Absolutely and completely! Please post… you are such a good writer that i cannot wait to read your work xx

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for all the appreciation.. I am currently working on my running ff which will most likely end in a week or so.. I will starr this one after that.. Thank u soo much for the support..

  6. Nice plot ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot…??

  7. I am not a fan of anime. But your intro is very interesting. I would love to read it, please continue.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much.. Am very happy that u liked it..

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