Kriyam ss: i’ll never let u go


Krish listen,there is no next tym..if u dnt tell him tonight,u ll never be able to..and he ll end up with that gold digger..krishna knew yuvani was she ws too confused..hw cud she tell her childhood friend who till date has never seen her as anythin more dan his best friend dat shes has been in lov vid him all dis was her now or never moment..she had to save him frm dat girl ,she couldnt jus let ny1 break his heart..yuvaani continued”i knw dis is hard fr u,bt i knw my brother too..he cant see things until u show him..sm1 has to make him realize dat he belongs with u..nd dat sm1 has to be u..
Krishna noded..yuvaani hugged her and said,i knw u can do it krish or should i say”bhabhi”,krishna blushed at the thot and said nt yet,bt i promise u..whethr i bcum ua bhabi or nt…i ll nt let ny1 break yuvan s heart.yuvaani broke the hug nd replied”i knw dat..dats y i believe u r perfect fr him..i hv gotta go the big party tonyt..u hav to confess..nd wear ua birthday gift waali kurti and jeean..krishnas surprise nd asks i thot u wud ask me to wear a dress cos dats wat yuvan lyks.yuvaani smiles nd replies..u r perfect for yuvan jus da way u r..u dnt hav to change nythin abt u..krishna smiles hugs hr agn nd thanks her..

Birla house
Dadi :u 2 luk gr8 so glad u found a gal lyk baby..
Yuvan blushed at the comment.and said,u knw my choice smiled too, yuvani thinks “this is ua last night here baby,i ll nt let u destroy my bros lyf”
Yuvan :dadi, sharads throwin a party at his dads pub tonight..nd he hs invited u mind if we…
Dadi:yuvaan..hav i ever said no to any of ua requests?yuvan hugs her and da best.
Krishna reaches the pub…shes evidently nervous..o god,pyaar ke liye kya kya karna padta hai(u hv to do a lot fr da sake of love)she whispers to she has nevr been to a pub b4..
Sayyam enters da pub,its been a month since she left him for sm1 else or rather a bigger bait..hw cud he nt see..all she ever did ws use is nt only blind bt it also makes u nt nymore..dat was da frst nd last tym dat he wud let ny1 break his heart..
He orders a drink,and just as he is abt to take a sip,krishna collides wid him nd spills it on his shirt “what da hell”he blurts out so sorry,here let me help u clean,krishna nervously rubs of da drink frm his shirt,makin it quite worse…he pushes hr off nd shouts “cant u c?
I dnt knw wat kinda ppl dey let in here..i knw gals lyk u vry well..look around,do u c ny1 dressed lyk u here??gals lyk u pretend to be decent,and different frm odrs to trap the rich guys nd wen u r done looting dem,u leave dem as tho all dey ever meant to u was a bundle full of notes..
Krishna is shocked at his sudden outburst..nd quite hurt too..hw cn he judge sm1 jus bcuz she accidentally spilled some drink on him..she ryt..u dont c ny1 dressed lyk me here..cos if i really wanted to impress guys lyk u..den i wud hv definitely worn a flauntin trust spoiled brats lyk u r da last 1s i wud even turn to luk sorry fr spillin da ryt nw i feel u deserve it..
So good bye mr ithinkimdabest

Sayyams surprised at her cold reply, he thinks hw cn she shout at me fr her own mistake..he goes to the washroom to clean himself up..
Krisna thinks wat a mean and mannerless guy..doesnt even knw hw to tok to girls..y cnt dat baby go behind guys lyk him nd leave my yuvan alone..she spots yuvan nd baby,she gathers up courage nd walks towards dem..yuvans surprised to c hr der..he hugs hr says wat a pleasant surprise!!babys nt pleased to c krishna nd says sarcastically ya,i dint knw u wer invited..btw nyc kurti..r u here wid ua parents?yuvans angered at baby s rude remarks nd asks hr to behave..krishna ignores her..nd tells yuvan dat she hs to tok to him..yuvan says abhi??i mean ryt nw??she says abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi..we hv to tok..yuvan asks baby to excuse him nd leaves wid s annoyed and she sips a drink..sayyam walks up to her..nd sarcastically asks did ur new beau find sm1 else jus lyk u did??baby sighs and asks him to mind his own buisness nd reminds him dat dey r over..sayyam rudely replies i knw we r..nd i hv so moved on..jus came hr to enjoy watchin u taste ua own medicine..he smirks nd leaves..
Krishna:Baby s jus usin u yuvan,shes after ua wealth,she doesnt love u saying dis krishna holds his i do..ever since i remember,i hv only loved you..yuvan s shocked and jerks his hand off frm her grip..r u off ua mind krish??i hv never seen u as nythin more dan a friend..krisnas tries to speak “bt yuvan”he cuts hr off nd says krish,i wont stand here listenin to u tok nonsense abt my gf jus bcuz u r my friend..its a true dat shes rude 2 dats becuz shes afraid of losin me..nd y shld i believe u nyways huh??u hava prblm wid all my gf s..nd 2day u hv crossed ua sorry krish..u r just a gud frnd n nuthin more..sayin dis he leaves angrily..
Krishnas shocked nd heart broken..(jag soona lage plays in the back ground)

Hw cn he nt believe me..she cries thinkin abt his rude rejection nd breaks down..she walks up to the drink counter and grabs sayyams beer and drinks it in a single go..sayyam shouts..heyy wats da matter wid u..kabhi drinks dusron pe girathi ho nd kabhi dusron je drinks leke peethi ho..he sees tears in her eyes nd asks if shes alright..she jerks his hand off nd says..ofcoz im alright..i mean samajthi kya hai woh apne aap ko..she can cast a spell on evry1 around her??she luks at baby wyl she talks and he follows her gaze nd is shocked to find baby…usne tumhe bhi??sayyam asks hr unable to believe his eyes…krishnas drunk nd asks him wat do u mean by me too..did she cheat you??he replies lukin at baby,a month ago she left me fr dat i dint knw she ws goin around datin girls too..krishnas shocked and asks cutely she dates girls too??sayyam luks at hr puzzled..”didnt u just say dat she cheated u??krishna is amused at his misunderstandin and starts laughin…she hits him wyl she laughs nd says u r so funny..sayyams thinks”she luks so cute wen she laughs”,she puts her hand on his shoulder and points her other hand at yuvan..”do u see dat guy der wid her??he is da 1 i hav loved all my life..evr since i ws dis small,she brings hr fingers close 2gthr makin cute jestures..sayyam is taken away by her actions and finds himself drawn towards her…she continues..nd he strts datin dis gal..whos only aftr his money..nw tell me..cnt u c dat im in luv wid him..she points at sayyam,u can see,rotates hr hand pointin at evry1 in the room,da whole world cn c,y cnt he see??sayin dis tears drop down frm her eyes..he feels moved by her words nd he tries to console her..she hugs him and starts cryin in his first he is shocked,bt den he hugs hr back,nd consoles her..
Yuvans watchin all dis nd is quite disturbed to see krishna in sayyams arms..
Baby notices it,nd she tries to gt his attention..

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