Kriyam ss: i’ll never let u go – part 4

Dis is da last nt dat gud of a writer so ws nt really planning to continue dis ss..jus 1 more part left,so i just gave it a shot..hope u lyk it…

Krishna watches sayyam leave wid tears in her eyes….2hours back she wud hv been on cloud 9 at yuvan proposin her…bt nw..all she cud feel was immense pain…it felt as though sayyam walked away takin a part of her wid him..

Krish,plz dont cry lyk dis,i knw ki yeh khushi ke aansoo hein lekin…tumhaare aankhon mein aansoo ache nahi lagte..yuvan whispers as he moves towards her..he caresses her face nd luks deep into her eyes…she jerks him off nd moves away..”no yuvan,i cant do this..i cant let him go”she cries…yuvans shocked nd confused..cnt let who go??he asks..

Krishna closes her eyes gushing tears out of dem…15 years is a long tym yuvan,isnt it?she asks,her words chokin in b/w her tears..
Dats hw long i hv been in love wid u..dats hw long i hv silently tolerated ua dadi s insults…dats hw long i hv waited fr u,to c da silent pain behind my smile..her words r broken by her tears gushing forth..wipin her tears off,she continues wid a smile as she reminces her moments wid sayyam”nd 2 hours back..i met dis guy,who saw my weakness behind da strong face i hv build”,fr da frst tym i met sum1 who understood me bttr dan ny1,nd i saw in his eyes da love nd care,wich i had never seen in urs…..she lets out a deep sigh “i jus cant let him go…yuvaan,u r dis perfect guy,who is jus nt perfect fr me,im sorry.. she says,as she turns around wid a big smile realizin dat she hs fallen in love…she runs wid all her myt…yuvan watches her leave ,hr hair flaps behind her,as if saying gud bye…

Sayyam recalls his moments wid her…he jus cnt bear da fact dat she chose yuvan over him..its true,he was nt as perfect as her cud she disregard da connection dey felt wid each other…hw cud she disregard da feelings dat he saw in hr eyes..da loud footsteps behind him breaks him fr his trance..
He turns around to c krishna runnin towards him…she gasps fr breath as she stops ryt in front of him..she moves towards him nd just as she is abt to speak,he cuts hr off wid a cold vibe..i knw u hv cum to invite me fr ur wedding wid ua mr perfect…bt let me jus…

His words r stoped abrubtly as he feels her warm body against his…he is shocked at first bt soon yeilds to da warm hug dat moulded her frame against his…he wraps his arms around her tytly,almost liftin hr to his hyt…”i love you”she softly whispers in his ears…his heart jumped at the declaration,he doesnt remember being happier,he closes his eyes slowly sliding his nose along her jaw,his lips pressing her ear “i love you too”he whispers back..she closed her eyes and a big smile crept over her face…all she wanted at da moment ws to remain in his arms forever…he pulls her into a tighter hug..
Yuvan watches dem frm a distance..
FB ends

Dats it??kriya asks surprised…mama jus left yuvan uncle fr u??..sayyam cant help bt smile at his 10 year olds reaction to his unusual love story…yes,she did…he says girl cud resist ua dads gud looks dear..he says winking at her..kriya nods her head in disbelief”ye mama bhi kitni stupid hai,mein hoti na,toh yuvan uncle ko kabhi nahi chodthi”she smiles nd winks back at him..

Sayyam opens his mouth in surprise…”kuch zyada bolti tum aaj kal”he says frowning at her…”usse kyun daat rahe ho??sach hi toh kaha usne,a voice speaks frm behind..both turn around to find yuvan at the door…kriya runs happily towards him nd he lifts her up nd hugs her…”i missed u so much yuvan uncle”she says,”missed u too sweet heart”he replies..he puts her down,”jaake mama ko bulao”he says..shes abt to leave wen sayyam stops her..he looks at yuvan coldly”she needs rest”he says..yuvan smiles”dude,chill,its her fifth month,too much rest is nt gud fr da baby,he replies…

“Well,lets jus let da dctrs decide dat”sayyam replies coldly…”tum dono ki toh kya kahu”krishna grumbles as she walks slowly towards dem,sayyam runs to hr aid,he helps her walk”hw many tyms have i tld u nt to leave da bed..u cud hv called sum1 fr help..krishna stops him b4 he continues wid his everyday lecture…”im fyn sayyam,u ought to quit being so overprotective”she complains..she turns towards yuvan”baitho na yuvan!!hw r u?nd hws evry1 at home??sayyam abrubtly interrupts”overprotective??u think iam overprotective??jab delivery mein complications honge bulana mujhe “overprotective”he shouts..”dis is my second delivery sayyam..nd i cn take care of myself”she shouts back nd turns around…she loses hr balance,sayyam holds her..”ya ryt,i cn c hw well u take care of uaself”he says coldly..

Yuvan and kriya smiles watching dem..yuvan bents towards kriya”evrytym i wonder y she chose sayyam over me,i cant help bt admit dat no1 cn love her nd care fr her as much as he does…he says with a smile..watching dem continue deir arguement kriya replies”vaise,papa se zyada mama se jagada bhi koi nahi kar saktha..both laugh as kriyam continue arguing..

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  1. Fanficwriter518

    This series was awesome! Loved the end with the leap and flashback x great work

    1. Rockstr

      Thnx dear..dat means alot

  2. this was absolutely sweet!!

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      Thnq so much

  3. Mystery

    So sweet

  4. Mystery

    So sweet……

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      Thnks dear

  5. Sindhura


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  6. Very nice story…i loved it…? well done..

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      Thanks….glad u liked it

  7. very nice awesome

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      Thnx dear


    I think you are an AMAZING writer and though this chapter was soooooooooooooooo beautiful cute romantic and just everything. It even left me speechless ? i hope you decide to write another fanfiction soon… x the leap was just too cute to handle

    1. Rockstr

      Aww…im so flattered…u hav no idea wat dat means to me…thnq so much…u jus made me super happy..thnx a lot again 🙂

  9. Not a good story Jo abhi show mai chal raha hai uske hisab se story honi chahiye plz impruvment

    1. Rockstr

      Thnx fr da feedback..nyways it hs ended…nd im nt rytin nymore…u cud read sum odr kriyam ff s….most of dem r based on wats goin on da show…Der r few amazing 1s….u cud definitely enjoy reading dem.. 🙂

  10. CoffeeGreen

    It felt like I have lived Sayyam AND Krishna’s life in real.Thank you for the series

    1. Rockstr

      Dats so sweet of u..thank u so much dear…dat means a lot..

  11. Syedul

    U r one smart Witter . But man I wished I didn’t end this series

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