Kriyam ss: i’ll never let u go – part 3

Sayyam says:i dont think u have a habit of thinkin b4 u do sumthin..u r so impulsive..nd in da end u end up gettin hurt..
Krishna:y do u care if i get hurt huh??for how long do u knw me??lyk 60minutes??nd u knw hw long i hv known yuvan fr??ever since i was 7..nd u think i cud leave him to get hurt??
At this Sayyam loses his temper,he holds her arms tightly and pulls her close to him….nd shouts..wat do u think abt uaself huh??dat u r 1 loving angel nd evry1 else r devils without heart..if i wer u,i wudnt let my friend get hurt b4 sensible ppl do sumthin,dey think abt its utter consequences,whether deir actions wud be of ny benifit or nt..dey dnt jump in to save the day..he sees da “u r hurtin me “expression on krishnas face nd losens his grip on her..he lets out a deep sigh nd continues…nw listen to me nd do as i say..

He hs seen u leave the pub with me,u dnt hav ur fone with u,its been an hour since u left nd u have nt even reached home yet,nw all dese facts r enough to get him worried to the core,if he is a real friend,by now he wud have asked baby to go “bhaad mein”,nd wud be “paagalon ki tarah”lukin fr u..nd if he isnt,he is nt even worth being called ua friend…krishnas at frst shocked at his den finds sense in wat he is speakin..she asks foolishly,so wat do i do nw??he luks at her,unable to believe the hyts of foolishness she has mastered…he lets out another sigh nd replies”u have to wait until he gets more worried,lyk fr another hour or so..nd wen ua sure dat he cud be dead worryin,u give him a call frm my fone..nd i ll tell u wat to speak..she cuts him off and asks..u mean i ll have to be with u fr anothr hour?? She pushes back her hair and continues coldly I cud rather go back nd tolerate baby s insults…sayyam replies angrily by grittin his teeth”alright,u knw wat?i really dont give a damn..go ryt back der nd get ua self jacked by her..nyways i dnt think u hv ever heard nythin called self respect..

Krishnas annoyed at his cold behavior,bt chooses to stay calm..she walks towards a bench nd sits down,tryin to avoid eye contact wid him or rather ignore him..
Yuvan has been lukin fr krishna fr about an hour to find no sign of her or da guy she was wid nywer around..he is super worried nd keeps callin s irritated with yuvans behavior,she thinks of callin up sayyam,bt den discards da thot as she cudnt possibly tell yuvan abt her acquaintance wid sayyam…
Yuvan calls up yuvani nd asks “is krish wid u?yuvani s confused nd replies “ofcoz not,i thot she was wid u..yuvan quickly adds,ya she was,she just left wid a friend few minutes i thot she wud probably be hanging out wid you..yuvaani teases him “ooohoo,few minutes nd missin her already?i knew u wud accept her yuvan..i knew wud realize dat u belong wid her…nt wid dat gold digger girl friend of urs..oops,i mean ex-gf..and she starts gigglin..yuvans guilty nd worried..he cuts da call nd continues lukin fr her..

Sayyam sits beside krishna,he is sorry fr his rude remarks bt his ego doesnt let him apologise..krishna notices his failed attempts to say sorry to her nd smiles..
She turns towards him nd says..its ok,apology accepted..he is surprised nd thinks cn she read my mind??after a brief silence,krishna starts tokin..
Krishna :so…u still nt over her ?
Sayyam:y..u interested in me??
Krishna:dream on boy..u r no wer near da man of my dreams..
Sayyam:o please..no1 wishes to be ua yuvan hea..
Krishna:even if u wish to,u cn nevr be him..he is lyk evry girls dream..
Sayyam:o please..wid his hair tied up,from behind he luks a girl to me..
Krishna:y dont u admit dat ua jealous??

Sayyam replies sarcastically:o yeah!!im so jealous of his hair..i wish i cud luk lyk a gal too..
Krishna:enough ok…i feel he is perfect…nd its nt always Abt da luks….do u knw yuvraj birla??
Sayyam:ofcoz,the owner of birla industries..
Krishna:yuvans his only he hs no arrogance over his wealth…y wud he befriend a middle class girl lyk me??tell me,wich other sole heir of a fortune wud visit an orphanage every week just to put a smile on dos love sick faces??
Sayyam:ok sorry fr insultin ua yuvan..he is perfect..nd i cud nevr be him..happy??
Krishna cant help bt smile seeing him so insecure..sayyam sees her smile
Sayyam:ab has kyu rahi ho??
Krishna:tum gusse mein bahut cute lagte ho..sayyams surprised at her comment,she realizes wat she jus said and quickly asks him,btw tym kya hua??
Sayyam:we hav another half an hor to wait..he pauses fr a moment..smiles nd asks her u think im cute?
Krishna replies lookin down:ua nt bad lookin..
Sayyam blushes,”well,u r cute too..

Krishna replies proudly “duh!!tell me somethin i dont knw..both laugh..
And stare at each other..
Krishna:vaise sayyam..wat kinda gal do u lyk??
Sayyam:someone lyk u..krishnas surprised and blushes..he turns his face realizin wat he jus said,he continues “i mean sm1 innocent,sweet and simple..
Krishna asks him playfully:oo dat means u lyk me..
Sayyam:ofcoz nt sweet…aftr pausin a bit..he adds..even if i did..u r so much in luv wid ua perfect yuvan,y wud u ever go out wid me??
Krishna replies:ua ryt..yuvans perfect..he hs never stopped me frm doin sumthin jus bcuz its stupid or screwed me fr lettin ppl insult me..nd maybe dats y,dats y i find ua imperfections absolutely perfect..
Sayyam luks at her too shocked to respond..krishna continues”ua perfect jus da way u r sayyam,dnt ever change for anyone..she looks intently at him,wyl he luks into her eyes ..he moves closer to her..he cups her face,nd just as deir faces r inches apart..sm1 calls”krish”dey turn around to c yuvan runnin towards dem..he pushes of sayyam and hugs krishna tightly”im so glad ua fyn krish..u hv no idea hw worried i ws..krishna breaks da hug and asks him “bt hw did u knw i ws here??nd wers baby??yuvan smiles

Fb shows
Yuvan askin the bartender about krishna and sayyam
Bartender:da guy who ws huggin dat girl wearin kurti nd jeans??yuvan nods “yes”
Bartender:us ladke ka tho kya batau..every month he gets a new girl..last month he had cum here wid dat girl standin ryt der,yuvan turns nd us shocked to find da bartender pointin at baby..he walks towards baby angrily nd pulls her across her arms..”you lied to me??
Baby:i dont knw wat u r tokin abt sweetheart..
Yuvan:stop playin around..the bartender tld me dat u were here last month wid dat guy who krish ws huggin..
Baby:woh,sweet heart,i used to date him a month ago..dat ws fr a very short wyl..he is a big timeplayer..i thot ki u wud be insecure if i tell u..she hugs and says”im really sorry sweetheart..
Yuvans irked,he pushes her off nd shouts”sorry??u r sorry??krish ws so ryt abt da past 2 hrs i have been lukin around crazily fr ma friend nd aftr knowin dat da guy is nt safe to be around,u dont have the courtesy to atleast hand me the guys dat how selfish u interrupts”bt dear”he cuts her “just stop tired of ua lies..we r over..nw get lost..yuvan gets sayyams numbr frm her fone nd tracks his location..fb ends
Yuvan:i dint col u,cos i wasnt sure if this guy is trustworthy..he glares at sayyam..
Krishna:im so glad u realized dat baby is nt ryt fr u yuvan..

Yuvan smiles..ders sumthin else i realized too..krishnas puzzled,yuvan continues”dos 2 hours,jab mein pagalon ki tarah tume doond raha tha..i realized hw precious u r to me..dat moment wen i saw u in his arms..i felt lyk bein me,i had nevr felt dat jealous before..he laughs..krishnas perplexed..yuvan holds her hand nd kisses it..sayyams irked nd he clenches his fist..yuvan continues”tonight i realized dat”i love you too krish”..he kneels down nd proposes her..will u be myn forevr?krishna is shocked..she pulls her hand..”bt yuvan”..yuvan cuts her off”i knw krish,i hv hurt is it too late to realize da grave mistake i made wen i rejected u??
Krishnas too baffled to reply,she stares at sayyam waitin fr him to speak up..yuvan asks”kya mein tumhaari khamoshi ko haan samjhoo??sayyams heartbroken as he realizes krishna has choosen yuvan over him..he walks away with tears in his eyes
“Dil jude bina hi toot gaya” plays in the krishna watches him leave..

Yuvan hugs kriya nd says”jaa ke mama ko bulao”

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  1. This is just like so amazing but poor saiyam he would be so heartbroken

  2. Wow yuvan back again .interesting luv is so nice.

  3. Aqsxxh

    Poor Saiyyam, I am so sad for him, the emotion in this was perfect!
    I am in love!


    Aww saiyyam’s poor broken heart, i feel sooo bad for him… but either way i know you will show the journey of Kriyam in a beautiful way, no doubt.such lovely and emotion filled writing. I loved it and im so excited for the next episode xx

  5. the pic use for this ff is from which episode pls tell

  6. This is really good. By the way when are you gonna upload the next part. ?

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    This is so good! Please upload the next part xxx

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