Kriyam ss: i’ll never let u go – part 2

Guys,i was in a hurry last time dat i dint do much intro here..its a short story on cud hardly be 3 or 4 parts long..charecters r da this ss,krishnas parents are alive and sayyams nt suhanis son..he is just a guy she meets at the pub..hope u guys like it..
After sometime,Krishna breaks the hug and luks into sayyams eyes and whispers “you know wat?,you are nt as arrogant as you pretend to be:he looks deep down into her eyes and whispers back ” you are not as strong as you pretend to be either”unknowingly he moves closer to her,she feels dizzy,and holds her head,he asks her if shes fine,he makes her sit and gets water for her..

Yuvan watches all this and gets more irritated..he is about to go towards her bt baby stops him:i think she can manage it,she jus confessed her feelings fr u..u goin der nd helpin her will only giv her false hopes..yuvan :bt hw can i leave her wid a guy dat she just met..nd she seems drunk too..i hav to take her home…baby gets annoyed..yuvan looks around bt does nt find them,”they wer ryt here,wer did they go??,he gets tensed,he asks baby to luk fr is very much annoyed..
Tum mujhe kaha le jaa rahe ho??krishna asks him tryin to free her hands from his grip..i cant go home,moms gona kill me,if she finds me lyk this..krishna is super high nd keeps leaning on sayyam..he tries to hold her nd says”thats y im takin u to a place,tumhaari nasha utarvaane ke liye..

He takes her to a dhaba lyk place,and asks “ramu kaka,ek glass nimbu ke pani dena!!
Krishna starts singin funny songs,sayyam cant help but stare at her adorably..he slowly makes her drink,after she finishes drinking two classes of it,she begins to feel better..
Sayyam:are you fyn nw??
Krishna:yup,a lot better..thanq so much..btw iam krishna,close friends call me krish,she stretches her hand forward,sayyam shakes her hands..
Sayyam replies :im sayyam..nd sarcastically reminds her:da guy who u spilled drinks on..or mr ithinkimdabest
Krishna:heyy,u started it ok..

Sayyam:i started it??u wer da 1 who spilled drink on me..or khud galti karke mujhe suna rahi thi..
Krishna:bt..acha fytin nymore..u helped me..nd im grateful fr it…i gotta go nw..she gets up to leave..
Sayyam:i cud drop u home
Krishna:no..its ok..u hv helped me alot…nd its nt dat far..i cud walk home..
Sayyam:i ll walk wid u den..its dark..”sunsaan sadak pe akeli mahila” nt so safe u knw..
Krishna laughs,”ok fyn,i dnt think i hav a choice here..after pausing fr a moment,she asks”waise,wat u tld me back der,abt gals pretendin to be innocent n different n all..did baby do that to u??

Sayyam lets out a deep sigh”she did,bt u knw wat,tho i deeply regret trustin her,i dont regret dat it happened to me..fallin helps you to learn how to walk”
Krishna teases him”woah,i dint knw u had a deep side too..aftr pausing fr a sigh,she continues”evn i dnt regret proposin to yuvan or him rejectin me..da fact dat he trusts a gal who came to his lyf a moth ago more dan his best friend hurts a lot u knw..
Sayyam holds her hand nd says”love smtyms makes u blind”
Krishna replies”he is nt in love wid her or sumthin,he is jus attracted to her ok!!
Sayyam:if dat makes u feel bttr den ya,its nt love
Krishna:wat do u mean by dat huh??u think he is in love wid her
Sayyam:is dis da frst girl friend dat u r complainin abt?
Krishna:well..nt exactly..

Sayyam:is dis da frst tym he cant stand listening to you tok bad abt his gf??
Krishna:well,most of the tym..he wud jus laugh off my dis tym he didnt..omg..he is in love wid her..i hav to go save him frm gettin dumped..
Sayyam holds her hand and stops her:u tried once krish,he didnt listen to u,if u go back der,he would hurt u again..
Krishna:bt sayyam,he is my..sayyam cuts her off “if u r sure dat he is goin to listen to u…den go ahead..i wont stop u..he let go of her…
Krishna stops fr a moment..nd den says ..i knw he wont listen to i hav promised yuvani..dat i wont let ny1 hurt her brother..
Sayyam:go ahead den..go hurt ua self

“I love you too krish”yuvan kneels down to propose her..will u be mine forever?krishna s shocked

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  1. Wow this is amazing I love the convo between kriyyam it was deep

  2. Wow precap is very interesting.simple and cute story.its very nice hufi.


    The conversation between them was sensational. It was do deep and romantic but so sweet and cute at the same time. It was special to just them. I really loved this epi, good luck with this short story

    1. Rockstr

      Thanq so much..btw jus read 1 part of ua ff..nd a great fan already….luved it..

  4. Aqsxxh

    The dialogues in this ff are mind-blowing, especially from Saiyyam (who is now my favourite character in SSEL)
    Thank you for writing such a beautiful ff x

    1. Rockstr

      Ua welcum glad dat u lyked it

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