Kriyam : Small Arguments that bring love (episode 3)

At breakfast,
Sayyam:Maa ..I need to ask u smthn
Suhani:ha beta bolona-yes dear tell me
Sayyam:do u know what happened at party yesterday night
Suhani:(looks confused ) y? Wht happened ?
Sayyam:nun it’s just I can’t seem to rmbr things from last night
Suhani:I can’t rmbr evrthng either  but it was confusing
Yuvraaj: when suhani n I were back to our sense we were eating chilli but we didn’t know y

Krishna:haa or jab me uti tho mein or Sayyam ek saath …-yeah when I woke up me and sayyam were …..
(She couldn’t finish her sentence bc Sayyam kicked her on the leg )
Yuvaani:wht happened Krishna ?y did u stop speaking ?
Krishna :nothing yuvaani

Sayyam:she was trying to say that when we woke up we were both confused about wht happened last night at the party
Yuvaani:wait …. smthn happened between u 2(she raise her eyebrows out of curiosity)
Sayyam and Krishna :No!
Yuvaani:damn chill guys . U guys r acting like it really happened
Suhani:yuvaani leave them alone
Yuvaan:(angry )and they don’t share the husband wife type of relation anyways
Sayyam:(gets up )I’m not hungry (he leaves )
Krishna thinks :wht happened to him

Krishna :y didn’t u finish breakfast
Sayyam:I didn’t feel like it
Krishna :but y
Sayyam:Krishna leave me alone plz.
Krishna :but..
Sayyam:y can’t I rmbr wht happened last night goddammit (he kicks the cupboard out of frustration)
Krishna:(gets scared )r u mad about tht?
Sayyam:y don’t u understand. Didn’t u hear wht yuvaan said ? We don’t share tht type of relation to have such thing between us.(he leaves rm angrily )

At Garden
Krishna :(sits down on bench crying )y can’t he forget everything when I’m ready to forget it ?
(She gets up and goes outside the gate to take a walk when some guys start following her )
Krishna :(bgans to worry n starts walking faster )
Guy 1: (whistles ) wht a nice weather
Guy 2:and a beautiful pari
Guy 3:are ye tho pura garam ag hai–wow she’s like hot fire
Krishna :(tries to leave but guy 1 stops her )
Guy 1:where r u going without us
Guy2:yea take us along with u
Krishna:(starts runing while the goons chase after her . Her mangasutra falls but she doesn’t notice)

The other side
(Someone picks up the mangalsutra tho the face isn’t revealed )

(Goons continue chasing Krishna . And they finally catch up to her )
Krishna thinks 😮 god please save me
Guy 1:ur ours now (he hold her arm tight but someone kicks him unconscious)
(It turns out to be Sayyam)
Krishna:(gets happy when she sees him )
(He fights them all and they all lie on the floor )
Krishna :(runs to Sayyam and hugs him )
Sayyam:(gets shocked )
Krishna :(realizes and breaks from the hug )
Sayyam:(takes smthn out from his pocket )
Krishna :(checks her neck )how do u have my mangalsutra?
Fb plays

(Sayyam gets out of the house and finds the mangalsutra)
Sayyam:y is Krishnas mangalsutra here?
Fb stops playing
Sayyam:turn around
Krishna :why ?
Sayyam:u wanna argue like we did in the morning ?
Krishna :no (she turns around smiling )
Sayyam:(puts the mangalsutra on her )
(The horn sound plays in the Backround )
Screen freezes on them

Precap:Goon 3 :u were showing too much strength ,now I’ll make u pay for it (he shoots and Sayyam stands with a shocked face )


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  1. Aarti32

    It was a good one..N I love both of your ffs

  2. Please continue writing this one. It is amazing and update asap please

  3. Rockstr

    I love this one..the other ones good i luk this one better…

  4. The other one was good too except the Sambhav part. But,I really love this one. Keep going.


    This episode was so cute and lovely, it was absolutely adorable.

    I absolutelt adore this one, i really really do, but im so so excited to know what happend next episode of the sweet world of sayyam and krishna too, i really love it.

  6. So cute

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