Kriyam : Small Arguments that bring love (episode 2)

(Sayyam enters the room n gets shocked when he sees Krishna standing there and tries to hide cheeks )
Krishna :y r u covering ur face
Sayyam:um…..nothing .none of ur business
Krishna :(awkwardly turns around and is about to leave )
Krishna :wht happened
Sayyam:(he holds her arm n pulls her toward him ) turn around
Krishna :why
Sayyam:stop asking so much questions and turn around
Krishna :(she turns around )
Sayyam:(he looks at her back. “I ? Sayyam” was written on her back and her dori was open. )

Sayyam gets flashback
Sayyam:(hugs Krishna and opens her dori .He gets the red marker and writes on her back n puts the marker back . He traces her back to her lower back )
Krishna :(lost in his eyes )
Sayyam :(kisses her lips n began to remove her sari )
Krishna:(pulls a blanket over them )
 FB ends
Sayyam:(eyes wide and puts both hands to his mouth which reveals his cheeks )
Krishna :Sayyam whts tht on ur cheeks
Sayyam:(doesn’t reply )

Krishna gets flashback
Krishna :(removes the blanket of them after a while . ) wow we r one now Sayyam(she caresses his face . And gave him a hard kiss on his cheeks )
Fb ends
(Krishna looks at Sayyam and Sayyam looks at Krishna )
They both say it at the same time :WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT ?
Krishna:It’s not my fault whatever happened
Sayyam: r u saying it’s my fault ?
Krishna :no…
Sayyam:whatever the circumtsnces is it we r equally

Precap:Krishna gets chased by the goons someone’s kicks the goon

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