Kriyam : Small Arguments that bring love (episode 1)

 Episode starts from when baby spikes the cake and Sayyam carries Krishna to bed .
Sayyam:u r pretty but ur really stupid
Krishna:ur cute buh ur stupid too and hott
Sayyam :really ?
Krishna :yes
(They both smile)
Krishna:I’m really tired I’m gonna go to sleep

Krishna :yes I am
Sayyam:nooooo ur not. Look there’s a cockroach
Krishna :(screams ) where ?(she hugs sayyam )
Sayyam:(laughs )
Krishna:stop laughing n kill it
Sayyam:there’s no cockroach n I can’t kill it when ur hugging me
Krishna:(breaks the hug )ur funny (she turns to leave )
Sayyam:(holds her and pulls her close to him . He traces her face )
Krishna :(smiles happily ) what are u Doin
Sayyam:wow ! u look so pretty with ur hair blowing
Krishna :yea urs is blowing too
Sayyam:and the music is romantic
Krishna :(sighs dreamily )yup it is
Sayyam:I’m feeling dizzy (he falls on bed with Krishna . Their eyes lock )
“Izajat hai plays ”
“Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye
Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein
Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein”
(Sayyam smiles at Krishna . Krishna smiles back . Their nose touch . Scene shifts to the moon . )

(It’s morning )

Krishna:(holds her head)I feel so dizzy (her red sari was messed up she gets shock when she sees the corner of her sari on Sayyams face .she quickly pulls it to herself)
Sayyam:(opens his eyes yawning and sees Krishna ) what r u doing here ? He was holding a little part of her sari he quickly let’s go of it .
Krishna :(tries to get up but trips on the blanket and Sayyam tries to hold her but she falls with him on bed)
(They have an eye lock . Sayyam breaks it .  They both feel awkward and dont look at each other . Sayyam leaves the room and bumps into Bhavna in the hallway )
Bhavna:(stares at him )

Sayyam:what happened why are u looking set me like that .(he checks his shirt to make sure there’s nothing on it )
Bhavna:I think u need to see the mirror (she grabs his arm and takes him to the mirror )
Sayyam:(looks and gets surprised to find a red lips mark on his cheeks . He quickly uses his hands to cover it )
Yuvaan:(looks from faraway )so sayyam is forcin himself on Krishna
Bhavna:what happened ? Y r u covering ur face
Sayyam:it’s nothing mausi(leaves )
Bhavna:(laughs )

Precap:Sayyam enters the room and gets shocked seeing Krishna

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  1. Harchi

    Episode was nice

  2. Aarti32

    Funny n interesting one..Plzz continue soon..

  3. Pinkyyy

    Interesting dear continue soon please

  4. Episode was good

  5. Hi syedul?this one was so sweet❤

  6. Good start..I thought ” I love krishna” was written on his face but u gave a nyc twist with that lip mark… update ASAP.. 🙂

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