Kriyam: Romeo and Juliet (Intro & Episode 1)

Hey guys! I’m new here….
I wanted to write a ff for Kriyam fans……
So let me share my story with you…..

Let me introduce the characters to you

Saiyam Birla:A rich and cool person. He is 15 years old and and studies in college…. Girls really fell for him as he is very cool…

Krishna Nandan:Krishna is a innocent and quite modern girl(Guys in this story I am making her a little bit modern)…. Her chocolate brown eyes and her innocence makes her different from everyone…. And she is of 15 years and studies in same college in which Saiyam studies….

Suhani and Yuvraj Birla:Parents of Saiyam Birla…

Soumya and Raj Nandan :Parents of Krishna Nandan…

Yuvaan:Brother of Saiyam and Yuvaani and Son of Suhani and Yuvraj Birla..
Yuvaani:Sister of Saiyam and Yuvaan and Daughter of Suhani and Yuvraj Birla….

Surah,Sunny, Sumair:Best friends of Saiyam and they are a whole group in the college…
Sabina,Samaira,Sundal:Best friends of Krishna and a whole group in college….

Baby:An orphan and have greed of being rich so she has a crush on Yuvaan jus bease he is rich and Baby wants to get his property…..
(Other characters will be introduced further in the story)
So now I have I introduced the characters so let’s begin the ff…….

It’s a bright morning and it’s the first day of everyone in the college and Saiyam and Krishna are in their respective rooms sleeping….

In the Birla Mansion,
Yuvaan comes to Saiyam and says,
Yuvaan:C’mon bhaiya, we are getting late for college…. Hurry up and get dressed…
Saiyam :Just give me 10 minutes I am going to get ready….
Yuvaan:OK ! But be fast!

While in Krishna’s home…
Soumya:Krishna wake up its getting late…..
Krishna wakes up and gets fresh and wears a short dress (as I wrote she was modern so she wore short dress and went downstairs…
Soumya:Beta! Hurry up and have breakfast..
Krishna takes breakfast and went..

Precap:Saiyam and Krishna both meet in the college…..

So guys if you want to know what was their reaction after meeting each other so please keep reading my ff…
And comment and like my ff…
So I can have the idea that you guys like my ff…

Thanks for reading

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  1. I really like it but dont u think the age is too less…

  2. tq…kisi ne toh krishna ko modern rakha…nice ff loved it

  3. Princessporsha

    Nice ff. W8ing for the next part

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    Ff was fantastic and liked that u kept krishna modern but don’t u think 15 is really less age for college and love… I mean i am just 14 but still…hope u don’t mind and loved the introduction….?

  5. 15 age is ok for love????

  6. shailaja banthia

    can u teĺl me when the other episode will be uploaded

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