Kriyam: Romeo and Juliet (Episode 5)

Hi guys, I am back again and from now I promise you that there will be a lot of kriyam scenes so don’t stay reading the ff…

Let’s begin…

When Krishna and Saiyam saw that they had to live with each other in camping trip so in first they get really angry but then they get settled with each other. …

*****One day in morning ******
Krishna and Saiyam decided to go water skiing they go with all other colleagues and Krishna and Saiyam are partners In the water skiing competition and when the competition starts they are first doing well together but then Krishna’s feet slip and she started drowning Saiyam gets worried and save Krishna from drowning because of that Krishna faints and doesn’t get conscious till one day so everyone had to go back and cancel the camping trip…
Everyone gets worried for Krishna and after two days she gets conscious and one day she goes to Saiyam’s house..

YuvaanI : Excuse me ! I’m sorry but who are you?
Krishna : I’m Krishna… I came here to meet Saiyam Birla. .I’m sorry if I came to the wrong house….
Yuvaani : you have have came to the right house… please come in….
Krishna : thank you but is Saiyam right now In the house or not?
Yuvaani: Yes he is here let me take you to his bedroom..
Krishna : sure…

Yuvaani take Krishna to Saiyam’s room and hides outside the room..
Saiyam : Krishna why have you came here?
Krishna : Actually Saiyam I came here to thank you for saving my life in the camping trip and so that’s why I brought a flowers bouquet for you….
Saiyam : no need to say thanks it was my duty to save you because as a human being , humanity is the important thing and by the way thanks for the bouquet…
Krishna : so will you be my friend?
Saiyam : Aaa.. I have to think about this… Yaa… I would like to be your friend (He said smiling )
Krishna : OK Bye!

While Krishna was going she slipped and when Saiyam was saving her from falling down he also slips and the rose petals from the bouquet fall on them and they have an eye lock. . Hua hai aaj pehli bar plays and they have a long eye lock
while this was happening in the room Yuvaani saw every thing and smiled then she entered Saiyam’s room ….

Yuvaani : Uhmmm Uhmmm. .. Saiyam I didn’t knew you are soo romantic.. it means romance in the room (she said laughing naughtily)

By realizing this Saiyam and Krishna stand up and move away from each other… And then Krishna went to her home…

***The next morning in the college***
Krishna : Hi Saiyam!
Saiyam : Hi Krishna!

They talk with each other till some time then the bell rings and they goto the class and teacher announces that there will be a competition for couple dancing so if anyone wants to take part they can submit their names.. Krishna and Saiyam submit their names and Samaira and suraj also submit their names..

(The days skip to the couple dance competition)
The competition starts and everyone gathers then a romantic song plays and Krishna and Saiyam look into each others eyes nd have a eye lock…

Krishna’s pov : He is soo cool and his breathe is soo hot.. he is looking so handsome and the fragrance of perfume coming from’s a wow..
Krishna in her mind : Krishna I think you are falling in love with Saiyam first when he saved you from drowning.. second time when he was saving you from falling and he also fell and rose petals fell on both of you and now this couple dance..

Krishna’s pov ends…

Saiyam’s pov : Krishna is looking so stunning.. her open hair, her beauty and her chocolate brown eyes make you fell for her…
But Saiyam is this love? ( he was thinking in his mind looking at krishna) no no.. it’s just friend ship because you cannot fall in love.. you don’t believe in love….

Saiyam’s pov ends…

And then the song stops but Saiyam and Krishna didn’t realizing that and were dancing then rose petals fall on them and they are choosen the winners…
Everyone appreciates them…

Precap : Saiyam arranges a surprise birthday party for…….

So guys how’s the episode..
Please guys comment on my episode because I’m not getting response from you all so please comment and do share your feelings..
Sorry for if there would be any mistakes ….
Take caravan and please comment….

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  1. Shaani

    Nice episode… Keep writing… Going good… Waiting for the next episode


    I really love your ff and this epi too… its really really beautiful. This ff brings out a very sweet youthfulness of their love. Im so sorry i dont usually get time to reply but i just wanted to assure you that there must be many others loving your ff like me…

  3. Good episode lina..keep writing 🙂

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