Kriyam- Your The Reason Why I Fell In Love (Intro)

Hey, so about my FF, I will discontinue it and start a new one, on my previous post, someone said my precap was “unrealistic”. Well guess what FF’s are made up, they are not real, so I decided to change my next plot, then someone said other part was better, so I was really confused and just stopped updating, my apologies for not posting, but I am back with a new story line, I hope you enjoy it and I hope it’s different from the rest. This update will be only character sketch, so please give feedback and I also hope you will like my idea. I would like to thank Annie, for commenting on every post of mine, your comments always make me smile and I’m in love with your FF, my apologies to you for not commenting, it’s only because I’m busy with school, I have four assignments to due and exams as well so I will stop talking and here’s the sketch.

Krishna Mehra: A girl full of attitude, gets in trouble a lot, she is a professional artist that paints emotions and sceneries mostly. She leaves alone as her parents passed away when she is four, she lived with her aunty but left to achieve her parents dreams (to teach art to little kids from the orphanage)
Sayyam: A boy who’s heart is filled with love. He is a professional lawyer, that’s debates with the wrong and prove the innocence not guilty. He leaves with his mother only. He has a brother and sister but moved to USA to achieve further studies.
Well its only them two because, they are the main two, other characters will flow, but I will not give an explanation about them. As the FF is only about KRIYAM. No other Jodi will be included, so all will be Kriyam.

Krishna is walking alongside the beach, throwing pebbles in the ocean. One of the rocks hits Sayyam.
Sayyam: Look where you are throwing it (twists her hands)

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  1. Next uplod but long epi intro good interesting story

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    Don’t need to say thank u Faaizah..after all I loved ur writing and I had to inform u about ur beautiful talent.. and coming back to the new ff.. This story is even a lot more interesting..and the kriyam character sketch is awesome..and the introduction about the pebbles ??.. Its so innovative.. And don’t apologize about not being able to comment.. I totally understand the pressure of schools as a student myself..anyways I am glad to know that u liked it.. I hope u will ace ur assignment and U have fantastic writing skills.. Krep going and keep posting..and I love ur ffs and waiting for the next u..?

  3. Rahman

    Gud story.. but plz next wud be a bigger one.. post next episode soon?

  4. Mayesha

    welcome back Faaizah…Excited for the next part..U r from Australia, r8?

  5. Your last one was also amazing❤this also seems amazing❤

  6. Next upload but please post long episode. I thik it would be interesting to read ur ff because it is different from other

  7. Ohhh my my Kriyam is my fav couple thnxxx a lot i am lovin it plzz continue it and update asap ….eagerly waiting!!!!

  8. Wow ? plx update soon your last ff was very nice
    And this one also❤ and welcome back. Eagerly waiting for next.

  9. Agddiya

    please continue dear…this really seems interesting..

  10. Welcome back dear I’m sure u r gonna kill this one

  11. You don’t need to listen to other people’s comments if you don’t want to. You can carry on with your previous ff as you are writing it as it’s your own choice. You should do what feels right in your mind . I really did enjoy the last ff, can you please update it please.

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