Kriyam- Your The Reason Why I Fell In Love (Episode 2)

Thanks all for all your lovely comments, just to let all you readers know, that the future episodes will be at the same place, the future episodes will still have Sayyam and Krishna at the beach, they will keep on going on flashback, to see and understand the reason why they loved each other, and after that surprise awaits.. May be good or it may be bad. Here’s episode 2:
Krishna: I never cheated on you, never did I loved you back then and me and Arjun where close friends, nothing else

Sayyam: Oh please, you two were more than that, who were doing this and that
Krishna: What do you mean, this and that
Sayyam: I mean as in..

Sayyam is walking towards the park, where he sees Krishna; he looks at her happily and goes to her, but stops when he sees Arjun giving a bouquet of flowers to her. He sees Krishna, smiling and taking it from him. Anger comes towards Sayyam and leaves furiously..

Krishna: Are you SERIOUS?, You must be joking, you got mad, because of that, why didn’t you come to me and ask what’s actually happen, because your flashback is not the truth, the reality of what really happened was.
Sayyam: Tell me, “what the real reason, that you two were cosy”
Krishna: We were not cosy, just calm down, and let me tell you

Krishna: SHUT UP…and let me speak
Krishna is sitting on the bench, when Arjun comes to her and hands her bouquet
Arjun: This will be a perfect thank you gift
Krishna: Yes, thank you so much, my professor loves these flowers.
Arjun: My pleasure, after all you have been through so much
Both of them leave the park

Krishna: That was happened
Sayyam: No it didn’t
Krishna: Sayyam, you only saw what happened, you didn’t hear anything,
Sayyam: Eyes don’t lie Krishna
Krishna: Well your brain lies to you, just accept that you heard wrong, and maybe you still have feelings for me

Sayyam: What.. no i..don..t love you
Krishna: I said feelings, that means it can me like a friendship or like, when did I mention LOVE?
Sayyam: Shut up Krishna, that’s not all, you still have to prove that you and Arjun are not together
Krishna: What do you mean?, that’s all what happened

Sayyam: Then explain this
Krishna: what?

Sayyam goes to Krishna, and moves her sleeves down her shoulder. Krishna felt his cold hand touching her skin. Sayyam felt, you soft, silky skin, and fell in love with the touch
Sayyam: Why do you have a tattoo that’s A and K in a heart???

PRECAP: What will be Krishna’s explanation about the tattoo?

Well that’s episode two, hoped you loved it, sorry if the updates are short I have 5 assignments to do, and I’m busy, and with this frequent and length update, I promise, I won’t miss a day, and thanks all, please do comment and I love you

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  1. It’s amazing epi waiting for next epi.

  2. Good epi next uplod karna today but long

  3. Akshaya

    Omg this saiyyam doubts more. Nice episode waiting for the next

  4. Agddiya

    it was amazing….upload next asap

  5. Amazing:)

  6. Awesome ?

  7. Amazing ❤

  8. Such a well conceptualised ff simply fantastic would like be if u could update longer episodes

  9. Such a well conceptualised ff simply fantastic would love if u could update longer episodes

  10. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow so suspenseful.. Loved it from the core..and saiyyam’s still doubting..anyways I love the level of ur creativity regarding the tattoos and the flashback..loved it..

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