Kriyam- Your The Reason Why I Fell In Love (Episode 1)

Thank you all so much for your comments, it means the world to me, without any more talking here is my first episode:
A girl is speeding on her motorcycle on the highway. She is driving recklessly; she comes to an halt where she sees an exquisite beach. She gets off her motorcycle, takes her shoes off , closes her eyes nd takes a deep breath

A boy and girl, were holding hands laughing together, walking alongside the shore. The girl pushes the boy into the water. The boy gets up and looks furious, he acts sweets and picks the girl up, he goes to the nearest deep side of the ocean and throws her in, (he knowingly did it beacause he knows she cant swim)

Boy: This is what you deserve, for pushing me into the water
Girl: No, ….wait..i ca..nt ..swim… SAYYAM!!!!!!!!!
She opens her eyes and picks up pebbles beside her and throws them in the ocean continuously and harshly.

Girl: Krishna Mehra, will never forgive you, Sayyam Birla, I honestly don’t know the reason why I fell in love with you. You are such a cheap man, with fake feelings and emotions, please god I wish I don’t see his face, ever in my life.
Krishna kept on throwing pebbles into the ocean, when it hit a boy

He looks at and sees Krishna
He goes up to her and twists her hand
Boy: I hope you still remember me, and I what I did to you, in case you forgot, the name is Sayyam, Sayyam Birla.

Krishna: I do remember that atrocious name and face and actions. I will punish you one day, when the day and time is right.
Sayyam: Punish me? Only I can do that, you are the one who gets punished not me
Krishna: What do you think of yourself, that you are some great god, honestly your mother doesn’t know the real you. The boy, who made a girl drown, a boy who only hates a boy who
Krishna: Oh, else what?

Sayyam: I will…
Krishna: You will, go one, continue, what will you do
Sayyam: I will…
Sayyam starts to take steps closer to her, where he trips over stone and bangs into Krishna and falls in the ocean. Sayam on top of Krishna… He looks into her warm, sugar cinnamon eyes. But Krishna pushes him.
krishna: cheap man, stay away from me.

sayyam: that’s it, you are coming with me
krishna: let go of m!!, what did i do to you now, why do you awlays punsih me,
sayyam: because you broke my trust, you cheated on me, i didn’t throw you in the ocean beacause, you pushed me, i only did it because you cheated on me with days i don’t know the reason why i fell in love with you

PRECAP: No precap, just want you people to answer the question
What reason did Sayyam and Krishna love each other? And why did they fall in love? I just want your thoughts about the reason why they loved each other and my FF will consists with Flashback until all of you readers will get to know the reason why they fell in love..

Sorry if I mentioned reason why too much, but that’s what’s my FF is about
Thanks all and I love you all
Faaizah 

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  1. Nice episode. Plz post next part today only.

  2. Superb??

  3. Such a.fantastic writer u are dear just loving ur storyline keep posting??

  4. Ohh God.. This was such a unique storyline I totally loved it!! That love hate relationship is what I was craving for! Do continue!! ??

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    OMG thats such a unique storyline..and today’s episode was wooow. Saiyyam was cool as always but krishna was even more interesting… I loved it.. Keep going

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