Kriyam – meri aashique tumse hi ep7

Firstly if you’re lost and have forgotten the story here is the link.

Recap- Sayyam and Krishna make a deal that they wouldn’t let anyone know about their past relations.

Krishna was trying hard to sleep but couldn’t. She decided to go out for a walk.
Krishna opened the main door of the house and went out only to find Sayyam standing by the gate. She went to him and patted his back. Sayyam looked back.
Krishna: I guess someone is not feeling sleepy.
Sayyam: yeah, btw what are you doing here at this time, missing me?
Krishna: clearly not missing you, but even I wasn’t feeling sleepy, so I decided to come out for a walk.
Sayyam: then you should go cause I’m in no mood to have a walk.
Krishna: I didn’t ask you.
Sayyam: but if you insist I might come.
Krishna: it’s fine I’ll go.
Sayyam: no you’ll not go, I mean it’s not safe for you to walk alone at this hour. I think I should accompany you, you never know what can happen.
Krishna: I can manage.
Saying this Krishna started walking when Sayyam spotted her scooter parked near the gate.
Sayyam: if that you’re scooter Krishna.
Krishna: yeah.
Sayyam: then why are we walking we can just take your scooter.
Krishna: but why I’m just walking here and when did we come? I’m not going anywhere with you.
Sayyam: no we can just go somewhere nearby, like some shop or something.
Krishna: it’s 1am Sayyam, which shop would be open at this hour.
Sayyam: umm then let’s just go the beach for a walk.
Krishna: fine.

Kriyam went on the beach and were just walking around in silence. Sayyam looked at Krishna who was looking like an angel with the moonlight glowing all around her. Sayyam wanted to speak to Krishna desperately, but Krishna seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Sayyam: so what are you doing these days?
Krishna: nothing much. And you?
Sayyam: you can see.
Krishna: yeah big singer and all. And how’s everyone in your house.
Sayyam: they might be fine.
Krishna: what do you mean they might be, they are you family, don’t you talk to them.
Sayyam: no, after you left, I left the house and shifted to Mumbai, and after that I didn’t talk with anyone except yuvaani.
Krishna: you’re still angry with your mom and dad?
Sayyam: I’m not angry with them anymore, but they are. Forget it Krishna, talk about something else.
Krishna: sorry. Ok how’s yuvaani and yuvaan.
Sayyam: they’re fine, yuvaani is getting married and yuvaan is happily settled in his life.
Krishna: yuvaani is getting married? Really that’s great.
Sayyam: yeah finally, I wonder how she agreed.
Krishna: you remember how much your badi Dadi had to convince her just to see her friend’s grandson.
Sayyam: she had taken the entire house on her head. She really does what she wants.
While Sayyam was telling Krishna tripped in her leg and fell down, Sayyam looked down at Krishna hearing her cry.
Sayyam: you still didn’t learn how to walk, GIRNEWALI.
Krishna pouted cutely,
Krishna: stop your nonsense and help me get up, NOICE POLLUTION.
Sayyam: don’t call me that, MOTI MATHUR.
Krishna: why, I’ll call you that because you are noise pollution, STUPID SAYYAM.
Sayyam: you called me stupid right, then you’re MAD MATHUR.
Krishna had gotten angry now.

Krishna: really Sayyam, besides all the time you want to fight now? Help me.
Sayyam: ok fine give me your hand.
Sayyam kept his hand on Krishna’s shoulder and made her stand. But Krishna couldn’t handle herself.
Sayyam: can you walk?
Krishna: yeah it’s just little pain, just hold me by my shoulder.
Krishna took the first step but screamed in pain.
Sayyam: see you can’t walk.
Krishna: I can. ( Krishna took another step but screamed in pain again)
Sayyam who couldn’t take it anymore picked Krishna up in his arms and started walking back to the house.
Krishna: Sayyam put me down I can walk.
Sayyam: I can’t see you screaming in pain.
Krishna: please Sayyam I can manage.
Sayyam purposely didn’t reply to Krishna and kept walking. And all this while Krishna kept staring at Sayyam. She was wondering how can a man who once was a reason for her to die, now couldn’t even bear seeing her in pain.

Sayyam reached Krishna’s bedroom. He gently helped Krishna down and made her sit on her bed
Sayyam went out and came back with a ointment.
Sayyam: here take this, your leg will he fine.
Krishna took the ointment and Sayyam left her room.

Time skips to morning
The entire family along with kriyam were getting ready to leave for udaipur for rohit’s wedding. Sayyam was in his room packing his bag.
Sayyam’s room.
Sayyam was packing his bag when something fell from one the pockets of the bag. He picked up the shinning thing, immediately remembering what it is. It was Krishna’s mother’s locket. The one that was gifted to her by Krishna’s father. It was the last thing Krishna had of her mother. How it is with Sayyam is a mystery( until some more episodes.) The locket had a picture of Krishna’s parents in it. Sayyam examined the locket more clearly and found out that it is broken. He thought of something, checked the time and headed out keeping the locket in his pockets.
Krishna finished with her packing and sat on her room’s window watching the sea waves come and go. Her mind took her back when she was 8 years old. She saw her mom and dad waving her a goodbye, if only Krishna knew it was the last time she saw them alive. With a smile they both sat in the car, smiling for the one last time. Hours later Krishna’s chachu came running in the house with a news that shook everyone. Krishna’s parents were no more. They died in a car accident. The 8 year old Krishna kept quiet watching her whole family cry. The only two people she had, whom she thought would never leave her were gone. Krishna was broken, she felt alone. She felt as if the world around her doesn’t exist anymore.
The hot air hit Krishna’s face making her brown her fly. She came back to reality. She looked at the clock, it was time to leave.
Sayyam came rushing inside his room with a small gift wrapped box. He smiled as he kept the box inside his bag. “I’m sure you’ll be really happy after seeing this” he said to himself and rushed down with his bag.

Everyone reached udaipur for rohit’s wedding. The rest of the day was pretty lazy with everyone being tired from journey.
Rahul and Sayyam were sharing a room. While Sayyam sat on his laptop Rahul was finishing his bowl of ice cream.
Sayyam; Rahul spoke.
Rahul: how did you propose preeti?
Sayyam looked astonished.
Sayyam: why?
Rahul: nope just asking, tell me.
Sayyam: but why?
Rahul: that I’ll tell you later.
Sayyam: don’t tell me you’re going to propose someone. But if you are then I’m really happy, finally you have decided to move on in life. I don’t know who but whoever it is, is really lucky. I’m sure she will definitely agree. After all who can reject you.
Rahul: stop you’re nonsense, I was just asking you casually. You really thought I was asking you for help to propose someone.
Sayyam: then why.
Rahul: I do have someone in my mind but I don’t think it’s the right time to tell her now.
Sayyam: there is no right time. If you don’t go to her now she might go to someone else, she might run away with someone else. Think about it. But is she here in udaipur ?
Rahul: yeah and you know her.
Sayyam: then I really want to meet her.
Rahul thought about the last thing Sayyam said, it’s either now or never. He decided something and left his room.
Sayyam looked at the time and tapped on his head, “how can I forget to give it to Krishna, I should go now and give it to her”. Sayyam kept his laptop back and left the room with the tiny box in his hands.

Krishna heard a knock on the door of her room. She opened the door and saw Rahul.
Rahul: cam you come with me.
Krishna: but where?
Rahul: Just come.
Rahul held Krishna’s hand and headed towards the terrace. Sayyam who happened to reach Krishna’s room saw Rahul and Krishna going towards the staircase, he followed them.

Krishna and Rahul reached the terrace, the sky was almost dark with a hint of orange in it. Sayyam reached the terrace soon after, but didn’t move any further because he saw Krishna and Rahul standing in the middle, Sayyam was confused to what both of them were doing here at this time.
Rahul gently went for Krishna’s hand, he held her palm in his hands, Krishna looked at him surprised. Rahul spoke.
Rahul: Krishna today I want to tell you something, but first promise me that whatever I tell you wouldn’t misunderstand me for it.
Krishna: yeah, but why.
Rahul: everyone doesn’t get a second chance in life Krishna, there are only a few who get another chance in their life to be happy, after pooja left I felt the world around me is no more. I didn’t felt the need to live, but then someone came in my life who filled my life with colours of life. That person’s life was much more miserable than mine yet she gave me a hope a reason to live. I understood how strong she was, she inspired me, I saw her struggling with herself daily but she never let me alone, she held my hand at all times and brought me from the darkness. I never realised how much I had grown fond of her and now I fear that what if lose her as well, so today I want to make her mine forever. I want to tell her that please don’t ever leave me.
Krishna quietly kept listening, and Sayyam who was also present there was witnessing the scene But Krishna and Rahul were not aware of it.
Rahul bend on his knees and gently held Krishna’s hand and said.
Rahul- I love you Krishna.

Precap- the world around Sayyam shook, he looked at them with broken heart knowing that Krishna can’t be his now. Krishna pressed her lips on his.

So sorry for not writing for so long, my hand injury and then exams kept me really busy, but I’ll try to be regular from now. Also thanks for comments and wishes on the previous post. My hand is fine now. I know Krishna’s love story with Rahul is kind of annoying but I have a surprise for you all in the next update.

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