Kriyam – meri aashique tumse hi ep 8

Precap- Rahul proposes Krishna and Sayyam witnessed the scene.
Rahul- I love you Krishna.
Rahul’s words rang in Sayyam’s head. He couldn’t take it, Krishna and Rahul together. With eyes filled with rage he stormed of from there crushing the tiny gift box in his hands meant for Krishna.

Krishna stood still for a while, she couldn’t take it, she saw Rahul on his knees with her hand in his and a hope in his eyes that she would agree to it. Krishna never saw Rahul in that way, he was always her friend, a friend she could talk to at any time. Its not that Krishna didn’t like Rahul but it was just that Krishna’s heart never opened for someone else rather than Sayyam. Despite Sayyam’s mistake she had loved him and knew she would continue to do so.
Rahul got up from his knees, Krishna’s hand still in his. Krishna gently took her hand back from his.
Krishna: Rahul please don’t get angry for this, but I don’t know whether I’m ready to commit myself to a relationship. I have just started to move on in my life and for now I just want to focus on my work. I need some more time.
Rahul’s smile turned into a disappointment. But he seemed calm.
Rahul: I know I shouldn’t have done this, but it’s fine you can take as much time as you want. I’m ready to wait for you as long as you want. But just one thing, don’t stop talking to me or behaving awkwardly around.
Krishna: thanks and why will I be feeling awkward around you, there is nothing wrong in telling your feelings.
Rahul: as you please my friend.
With a cute smile on her face Krishna left from there, Rahul watched her leave with a smile on his face he also left from there.

Sayyam banged the door of his room, his eyes red, not from anger but with pain now. He couldn’t control it anymore and tears started flowing from his eyes. He broke down crying, he felt the same pain he felt when Krishna died and now he felt the same pain again but double. He had lost Krishna again, after meeting Krishna again He had a hope that Krishna can be his again but that hope had shattered now. Sayyam was broken from inside. He felt as if there is nothing left for him to live and he should die. He deserved it. With all these negative thoughts pouring in his mind Sayyam collapsed down on his knees. Cursing himself for his mistakes, he knew he had no one to blame except him after all whatever happened was his fault.

After about an hour there was a knock on the door. Sayyam who looked miserable now looked up. He got up and composed himself and went to open the door. It was Rahul.
Rahul looked at Sayyam surprised. He could clearly make out that Sayyam had been crying. His eyes swollen and red nose were clearly saying that.
Rahul: are you fine Sayyam?
Sayyam: why.
Rahul: no I mean were you crying.
Sayyam: cry….crying, no I was not crying.
Rahul: no your eyes are swollen that’s why I asked. What happened
Sayyam: nothing just a little bit cold. I have to go somewhere.
Sayyam rushed out of his room, he was in no mood to talk to anyone especially Rahul and after seeing Rahul his anger levels increased. He walked angrily in the corridor, but stumbled and hit his hand on a table kept beside. He looked at his hand which was now red with blood but the pain was nothing compared to the pain in his heart. Coincidently Krishna happened to pass by and saw Sayyam with his bled hand.
Krishna: show me your hand Sayyam,
Krishna looked really concerned, she gently held Sayyam’s injured hand and saw the deep cut he had got.
Krishna: come with me, I’ll bandage your cut.
Sayyam didn’t utter a word, he just looked at Krishna with countless emotions in his mind. He didn’t even realise when Krishna brought him in her room and started dressing the wound until he felt a burning sensation in his hand. Sayyam immediately jerked his hand away from Krishna.
Sayyam: leave my hand, you don’t have to worry about me.
Krishna: what are you saying Sayyam, let me put bandage on your cut, it’s bleeding.
Sayyam: I said you don’t have to worry about me.
Sayyam got up and started leaving but Krishna held his hand and Sayyam stopped. Sayyam looked back at Krishna, he could clearly see the concern in her eyes.
Krishna: just sit for a while, I’ll quickly apply bandage and then you can go wherever you want.
Sayyam: you don’t have to show your concern to me, keep it for someone else.
Krishna: what are you talking about, you have badly hurt your hand Sayyam, anyone would be concerned after seeing so much blood.
Sayyam: really, you’re so concerned about this cut on my hand, then what about the cut on my heart, it’s much bigger than this cut, what about that?
Krishna got angry with Sayyam’s reply.
Krishna: which cut Sayyam, the one on your heart? The cut isn’t on your heart but mine, you never loved me, it was me who loved you. If you had ever loved me, you would have never done that, you wouldn’t break my heart.
Sayyam: but why are you bringing that topic now, you should be happy you got someone else.
Krishna: it’s not me who is bringing this topic now, and what are you talking about?
Sayyam: don’t think that I don’t know what happened between you and Rahul.
Krishna: me and Rahul? You’re just mistaken nothing happened between me and rahul. Oh wait, you can’t bear seeing me happy right? You can’t stand that Krishna is happy in her life. You know what I was wrong about you, I was mad that I thought you changed, you never changed you’re still that old Sayyam who can’t stand my happiness.
Sayyam: no you’re wrong I- (Krishna cut him)
Krishna: then what, why is it bothering you, why me and Rahul being together bothering you?
Sayyam: because I love you, because I love you Krishna and I can’t see you with someone else. I can’t bear to lose you once again. I have had enough for the past four years and now I can’t bear that pain anymore. I don’t know how you were for the past four years, but me, I was a dead body with soul, there was no one with me. I was alone, I had nothing left in my life. I know I look like a happy person from outside but inside there is nothing left in me, I was so dumb, how come I never realised the feelings I had for you, so dumb that I realised your worth after you left. I failed at realising my feelings, the only reason I have survived for the past years is just because of you. The only reason I became a musician was because you wanted me to become one. You had always told me to do what makes me happy, you know what makes me happy, seeing you happy. I hoped that wherever you were you might be watching me do what you wanted me to do. After I met you again, I felt I have got another chance and that you and I can be together once again. I got a ray of hope and I can be happy once again. But that ray of hope shattered today, after seeing you and Rahul together I just couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know what you think about me but all I can say is that you’re feelings for me might not be same but for me they are always the same, even if you love someone else, I would still love you and will continue to do so.
Bye the time Sayyam completed he was in tears and Krishna looked at him with pain in her eyes. She pulled Sayyam towards herself and pressed her lips on his, Sayyam stood still not responding to Krishna’s kiss, only to join after sometime. Krishna didn’t know why she did it, but she did it. They both felt as if nothing existed except them, letting their countless emotions into it.
But their happiness was short-lived, they heard claps of someone, they both broke from the kiss and looked at the clapper stunned.

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