Kriyam: When the lover Plays By Annie Part 8

Hi guys.. I am back.. I am lacking romantic ideas for Saiyyam to pacify krishna.. If u guys have one feel free to post it.. I am in desperate need of them…

Lets dive in the Saiyyam’s try 1…

Its been 2 days since krishna and Saiyyam broke up.. And Saiyyam’s ideas to pacify Krishna is on full swing but she somehow doesn’t want to agree..
Right now saiyyam is standing at krishna’s door with her favourite food. He sighs and takes the courage to knock the door.. Krishna opens it.. As soon as she sees Saiyyam’s face she groans and tries to slam the door and Saiyyam’s face but saiyyam holds it..

Saiyyam: pls, krishna.. Listen to me once.. U can’t keep ignoring me forever.

Krishna: what did I tell u earlier? Leave me alone becoz troubling me like this at every step is making things a lot more worse.

Saiyyam: krishna, if u avoid be one more time, i will die.. I will hang myself..(tries to persuade her)

Krishna: great!! Call me if u need help putting the rope around ur neck..

Saiyyam: fine.. U will be the reason for my death a young age..(pouts) bye.. Krishna.. We may never meet again.

Tries to go after making a drama but krishna stops him..

Krishna: no wait…

Saiyyam:(smiles and turns to looks at her) Yes.

Krishna: no need to pull off antics.. Why did u knock my door?

Saiyyam: i brought u ur favourite food..(hands it to her)

Krishna: I am taking this.. But don’t u dare take this as forgiveness..

Saiyyam: wouldn’t dream of it..(in mind: eventually u will forgive me, becoz behind all those annoyance u still love.. Like I love u)

Krishna takes the packet and dumps it at a side.. She mumbles to herself “as if I had the mood to eat after all those situations.. I can’t have anything since 2 days.. At this rate I will get sick”. Her friends sees their small tiff and feels sorry for krishna.

Short time skip…

Krishna friend’s jessica and Aliea enters the room and sees krishna lying in the carpet.. They rush to her and finds her unconscious.

Jessica: jesus Aliea, Krishna fainted.. How? What do we do?

Aliea: lets call her boyfriend.. He will might help us to take her to the infirmary.

Aliea comes again by pulling Saiyyam from the next door..

Saiyyam: what happened to her? Is she okay?

Jessica: we don’t know.. She was unconscious when we found her.. Wait.. Didn’t u get food for her this morning? Don’t tell me u mixed poison with it..

Saiyyam: did u guys go nuts? Why the hell would I do that?

Jessica: to take revenge for  ignoring and torturing u.

Aliea: I swear if u did anything to her I will hand u over to the police.

Saiyyam: do whatever u want but lets first take her to a doctor..

Saiyyam pulls Krishna in his arms and carries her to the infirmary… The doctor comes out..

Doctor: I got to know why krishna fainted..

Jessica: she has been poisoned right?

The doctor looks at them in surprise and Aliea piches Jessica..

Saiyyam: she was just joking..

Doctor: krishna has not eaten for a long time.. As a result she got weak.. For now just give her a plenty of fluid.. And don’t let hee starve again..

They nod and take Krishna back to the room.. After sometime krishna wakes up..

Saiyyam:(yells) what the hell were u trying to do? Starve urself to death.. I am the one who deserves punishment right? Than why are u doing this to urself..(hugs her) u know, I can’t bear anything happening to u..

Krishna lets him hug her.. And after sometime gets out of his grip..

Krishna: I told u not to worry about me..(sternly) stay out if my affairs.

Saiyyam: what should I do to make sure u won’t hurt urself? Tell me Krishna, I don’t want u so stay like this

Krishna: just leave me alone.. Don’t cross my path.. That’s all I ask.

Saiyyam: If me staying away from u will help u than fine I won’t show my face to u.. But I don’t want u to pull off such acts again..

Saiyyam angrily storms out of the room and slams the door.. He walks our desperately thinking of a way to win Krishna back.

Aliea: don’t u think u are being too hard on him Krishna..

Jessica: yeah.. We saw he was tensed for u.. Forgive him.. That was just a mistake.. U are purposely torturing him and u.

Krishna clenches her blanket and looks away.. She sighs and tear droplets fall on hee cheek..

Krishna: I comprehend who he is now.. The playboy who played with my emotions or the person I fell in love with..

Jessica: he always has been the person u liked Krishna.. Just give him one chance.

Krishna: I just can’t forget what he did to me in a split second.. I can erase off the fact from my mind that he deceived me..

Aliea: Well, we hope god puts a piece of mind in ur skull and help u things a little better..

Jessica: we should rest now.. We will be right back..

Jessica and Aliea goes out and sees Saiyyam outside.. Standing near the dorm entrance..

Saiyyam: What did she say? Did she got to sleep?

Aliea: We fed her a little bit of soup and left her to sleep.. And she said.. She can never erase off the fact that u used her..

Saiyyam: so this is how it all goes down.. My first love, my first everything goes down due to one silly mistake..

Jessica: It doesn’t go down yet.. I have seen love for u in her eyes.. U just need to bring it back.

Saiyyam: what are u suggesting?

Aliea: Mission “kriyam re patching”

Saiyyam: so u are going to help me? Thanks u guys..  But How?

Jessica: first we make her jealous to bring back her love for u.

Saiyyam: oh no.. U guys are going to make things worse.. Jealousy??? She will kill me.. Even worse she won’t ever even forgive me.

Aliea: it will work.. Cross my heart.. But first we need to find u a girl and make krishna see that u are with her.

Saiyyam: If it doesn’t work than I will put the blame on both of u.

Jessica: Agreed..

Precap: Implement way 1 and 2 for mission jealousy..

That’s all guys.. I will be back soon..

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  1. finally u back thnk u soo much

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  3. Finally u posted and bechara saiyyam update next part asap

  4. Oh god it’s superbb and u back thank you so much u know what I miss u so much

  5. superb next post soon pls

  6. Upcoming track will b very nice…as it is jealousy track….going vry good…and sory for not commenting on ur previous epispdes….actually i didnt get tym….bt keep it on…

    and is it true that kj is back in qubool hai 2…

  7. Aarti32

    Finally u updated Annie..thank God!!
    It was great, but was short..Espclly after dis long wait ?
    Update soon dis time.. plzz

  8. Muniya

    Very nice epi…Loved it..
    Te story is going perfect…excited for the next track…
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  9. Just loved it yaar update next part soon and plzz try to update early and don’t get disappear plzzzz

  10. Mithila Farzana

    Nice epi annie..waiting for jealousy track…sayyam is awesome in your ff…kj would have rocked it.hope kj is really back in kh2…don’t be late at next epi…

    1. Mithila Farzana

      I mean QH2

  11. Fanficwriter

    Hey Annie, awesome update!! Love how Krishna’s friends trust him now… can’t wait for the jealousy!?
    Hope it helps their little “situation”??
    Kriyam all the way?

    Waiting for the next episode, your writing is amazing!

  12. Misbah4

    Fabulous episode?? plz plz post fast as fast possible..

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    Oh…God… Annie… I wasn’t touch the phone for two days…I’m sorry for late… Thank God..You..Scared me giving such precap.. Sayyam give her Poison.. hmm..All went well… Yeah I’m also scared like Sayyam…If the jealousy will make things worse…Or not… Anyway hope it will turn out good for Kriyam… Waiting for next..

  15. Annie it’s Siya again….the kriyam ff is also superb just like all ur other ff…..I think u like getting the female leads jealous and possessive about their lover…..

    Ur ffs….I don’t words to describe them…..OMG they r so very good

    Hope u keep writing both the ffs and update them as fast as you can….looking forward to reading a new chapter soon
    I can’t imagine howhat can u manage both of them together…
    Bye….lots of love and keep writing
    Hope u get really very good Grade in AP physics

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    Awesome update Annie! Looking forward to the next update, always love a good jealousy track ?

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