Kriyam: When the lover Plays By Annie Part 7

I am back readers.. Sorry for making u all wait for long.i was thinking hiw to make krishna find out. Now less talk more read..

Lets dip to the story….

Its night.. Kriyam is still in BM.. They are planning to go back next morning.. Krishna comes to Sayyam’s room and finds him sleeping peacefully.. She sits beside his bed and ruffles his har slowly.. She gets upto go but a strong arms pulls her from behind…

Krishna: u are still awake? Or did I wake u?

Saiyyam: I just wanted to see how u treat me when I am asleep..

Krishna: everyone slept so I thought u might be asleep too.. Anyways, thank u soo much for bringing me here.. I am really enjoying my time with ur family.. Ur sister and bhabi are great..(hugs him)

Saiyyam: aww.. Looks like u are getting well adjusted with my family..

He pulls away and looks at krishna’s deep brown eyes…

Saiyyam: I love Krishna.. Thank u for coming into my life..

Krishna: I love u too…

Saiyyam leans towards Krishna and kisses her.. Krishna crosses her hand on the Saiyyam’s neck as he holds her waist.. Soon the kiss turns into a heated make out session..

Time skip to next morning…

Krishna wakes up and packs her stuff.. After finishing her packings.. She goes to Saiyyam’s room to check if he is awake..

She goes to his room and finds it empty..

Krishna: where did he run off to?

Suddenly someone shouts in her ears…

Krishna: Saiyyam.. My ear drums will burst..

Saiyyam: don’t worry sweetheart the range for auditory disability is not that easy.. I didn’t shout from the mid section where ur main line of noise defence are situated.

Krishna: So Mr. Birla do u wish to be a doctor in future.. Looks like u know lot about human anatomy.

Saiyyam: yes.  Right guess. Why else do u think I took chemistry as a undergraduate major? I am targeting a medical school for post grad.

Krishna: speaking of post grad.. I am scared if we will be in the same college or not..

Saiyyam: izzy pizzy.. U also apply for a medical school and we both do our post grad together than take a job, than get married and have a bunch of kids.(spins her around)

Krishna: Thats too far fetched thoughts coming from u..

Yuvani:(from behind) I agree with Krishna.. Didn’t know u keep such plans..

Saiyyam: Eavesdropping is a bit habit Yuvani…

Yuvani: I wasn’t eavesdropping.. U seem to have too loud voice.. Umm, Krishna mom is calling u.

Krishna: i will just go to her…(smiles and leaves)

Saiyyam:( looks at Yuvani staring at him) what?

Yuvani: did u tell her?

Saiyyam: i would do that in my nightmares.. Did u know what she said when I asked her by spinning things around?

Yuvani: what did she say?

Saiyyam: break up.. Bye!! And I will lose her. That’s what she said.

Yuvani: saiyyam, she will eventually find out.. And than ur dream if having a bunch of kids will be thrown out the window.

Saiyyam: As if I will let her find out..

At the airport…

Saiyyam: god that torture again.. Why do we have to take a plane?

Krishna: becuz we have classes tomorrow and u have a test..

Saiyyam: oh yeah test.. Its great how u remember my schedule when I don’t.

Krishna: so did u talk to ur friend?

Saiyyam: which friend? Oh yes..yes.. I did.. He is going to tell her..

Krishna: good.. That’s the best way.

Saiyyam’s POV.

Yuvani is bent on scaring me.. What is really finds out? She is obsessed with my friend made up situation. What will she do at ours?

Time skip to after class the next day..

Aryan is back from his vacation… He doesn’t know I am really with Krishna.

Aryan: did u win the dare? When I was away..

Saiyyam: I did.. Now forget about the dare..

Aryan: why? are u fed up of her already?

Saiyyam: no.. I love her now.. I don’t want to her to find out about this bet, challenge, dare.. Or whatever..

Aryan: u are joking right?? Woow, man.. I am soo happy for u.. Finally u got serious with someone. Don’t worry ur secret is safe with me..

Saiyyam sighs in relief thinking he closed all ways about the truth.. What he didn’t know was that Krishna was standing at his door all along.. She dropped the gift in her hand and runs away as tear droplets found a way down her cheek..

I look back at the noise and see a gift and krishna going away as she cries.. Oh no.. Crap.. No.. I was not ready to believe she heard it.. Heard my vicious dare.. I am soo dead..

I run behind and hold her hand… She jerks her hand away and looks at me with sheer anger and hatred..

Krishna: don’t touch me u liar..

Saiyyam: krishna listen to me.. Its not what u think.

Krishna: its not about what I think.. Its about What i heard.. The friend was u.. U betrayed me all along.. Why did u do it?(pulls his collar)

Saiyyam: I am sorry.. But I love u now.. I am sorry.. I didn’t want u to find out this way.. Pls punish me.. Do whatever u want. But pls don’t hate or leave me.

Krishna: I can’t.. I can never hate u saiyyam.. I hate myself for letting u control me.. How pathetic I am becoz now I am not being able to hate u when I want to..

Saiyyam: Pls.. Just forget the past.. I love now.. That’s what matters..

Krishna: Thats not what matters.. Its matters that how swiftly u lied to me and I fell into ur trap.. How do I believe u are still not playing with me? Becuz, playboys never change..

Saiyyam: I promise I have changed.. Give me one chance.

Krishna:(starts to leave) If u follow me or stop me now.. Be clear that u will lose me forever.. Keep ur distance from me until I tell u..

I look at her back as she starts to leave.. This is going to be hard to pacify her back.. But at least she doesn’t hate me yet.. If I delay in getting her back I will lose her forever.. I need help.. Will her friends help me?

Precap: Krishna faints… Aliea: Saiyyam, weren’t u the one who brought her food today.. Jessica: wait, did u add poison to her food? Saiyyam: Did u guys go nuts? Why the hell would I do that? Lets take her to a doctor. Aliea: I swear if u did anything to her, I will hand u over to the police. Saiyyam: do that later but first I need ur help.

Okay, Let’s see how Saiyyam pacifies Krishna now. Guys if u have any suggestion for any scenes.. Pls put that down..

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  1. Amazing and finally Krishna come to know the truth its really hard for saiyyam to Pacify her update next part soon plzzzz this time don’t be late I m eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot. I know the story is a mixture of sad and happy now but everything will be sorted.

  2. Fidato

    Wow… That was fast… Annie.. Hmm anyway one day she will find out… Eager to know how he pacify her…Get her love and trust back…
    Precap is scary…Poison..??? Waiting for next…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Saiyyam has ways to pacify krishna.. Sp let’s see what he does.. Thanks for commenting Fidato.

  3. Muniya

    Amazing epi once again…
    I like the way u include the things from ur own experience…like their convo on joining medical school and all..
    ‘Bunch of kids’???
    Krishna finally comes to know the truth???
    Sayyam surely has to work hard to pacify her now…
    Come soon…eagerly waiting for the next epi…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I had to put med school.. I combined kriyam dream with mines.. Glad u liked ot Muniya.. Thanks for commenting..

  4. Shagufta Farid

    Plz update d next part soon i hope Krishna is ok. .. plz don’t add poison plz.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t worry.. No poisons.. Next chapter is submitted

  5. Superbbbb epi yaar and I read all chapters of your ff and also previous ff I just loved it
    U r really a amazing writer it’s amazing and precap is so scary yaar poison omg update next part soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Mahi really means a lot.. The next chapter is submitted.glad that u liked it.

  6. Hi annie I m in love with your writing skills I don’t know ki tum sabhi writers yeh idea kahan se lekar aate ho uffff I wish mere pass bhi yeh skills hoti
    And come back to ur ff it’s fantastic I read all the chapters and also ur previous one its amazing I can’t wait for next epi plz update next part soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot for commenting.. I am soo happy u liked it. It really means a lot. Next one is submitted

  7. Misbah4

    Awesome… Loved today episode… Krishna gots to know the truth.. plz post next episode fast as fast?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Misbah.. Next one is submitted..

  8. Fanficwriter

    Ahh, Sayyam and Krishna having a bunch of kids after med school… that’s food for thought ??

    Sad that Krishna found out that way, but she did hear Sayyam say that he loves her now and that he’s serious about her. Hope Sayyam’s has some tricks up his sleeves to pacify her?

    The precap is really intriguing, can’t wait…I hope Sayyam proves himself to Krishna and her friends, adore them both, too cute.??

    Waiting for the next chapter Annie?
    Love ya?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah.. I don’t think being med school students might let them have a bunch of kids.. But Saiyyam’s dreams are always out of the world.

      Yeah Saiyyam has to work hard now lets see what he does.. Thanks a lot shreya for ur cute comment. Next one is coming up.

  9. Aarti32

    Saiyyam doooor ki sochta h..bunch of kids??
    D way Krishna learnt d’s rilli hurting?? but relieved dat she at least heard dat he is serious abt her

    Dis time, plzz update soon..coz after reading d precap, I can’t wait for long

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yep Saiyyam and his dreams ?. But don’t worry Krishna will come back soon.. Next part is submitted. Sorry for being late

  10. Awww krishna should understand sayyam??plz don’t separate them for long time?and amazing episode❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t worry.. Krishna will come back to saiyyam soon..?

  11. Awwww Thia one is lovely..(.. I’m talking about their romance) what happened to krisna….. Is she okay??? Please update soon… And this time don’t be late….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Lets see what happens to Krishna.. And sorry I am late again.. And thanks for ur comment jenita.

  12. Oh my god Krishna found out. Feeling very bad for saiyyam. Don’t make them stay away for long time. Precap looks interesting. Saiyyam must prove himself to get his love. Update soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. Yep now.. Saiyyam was to got through pacifying one is submitted..

  13. Faeeqa

    Lovely chapter Annie. The first half was really cute (Sayyam with his future plans ?) and the second half was sad. Feeling sorry for Sayyam. Hopefully Krishna understands he is serious about her. Interesting precap, looking forward to the next part!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Faeeqa glad that u liked it.. Lets see what saiyyam does now. Next one is submitted.

  14. Hey annie when u r updating I can’t wait for so long plzz update soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry for the wait.. Next one is submitted

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