Kriyam: When the lover Plays By Annie Part 6

Hi guys.. Sorry for another late one.. The problem was that I had lost my dad’s wedding ring(but I found it) which he usually NEVER takes off but last day he gave it to me to keep safely since mom was not at home that time and he couldn’t keep it on while fixing my cabinet since it might get bruised and he loves the ring like crazy.. I stuffed it in my jean’s pocket and guess What? When he asked for it I couldn’t find it.. And I got scolded by both of them.. But having a whole day worth of lectures I went to change for sleeping and I found it was not in my jean’s pocket but in the button-up shirt I was wearing.. I forgot that it had a pocket that I needed to check..
But I found it and I am happy.. I seriously didn’t want to loose it at all it was too precious to mom and dad and ofcourse a lot to me..

Now, getting back…

Saiyyam’s POV..

Crap!!! What the hell did I just say? 21? Damn, even I lost count how many I had.. But 21 is close enough.. Wait, but its not the case now.. The problem is I opened my big fat mouth in an inappropriate situation…

Krishna: (with a killer look) get out of my house before I bury u alive..

god she looks soo scary.. Anyone could die with those glares and anger flowing in her eyes.. Saiyyam think of something.. QUICK!!!

Krishna: Why are u still…

Saiyyam: u got it all wrong krishna and Mr and Mrs. Mathur.. I meant to say that maybe in 21st century everyone has lot of girlfriends but I just had 2.. Yeah, 2 girlfriends..

Woow, great explanation.. Hope they fall for it.. I see Krishna’s eye soften a bit as I give a nervous grin..

Saiyyam: umm, Krishna.. I didn’t mean to scare u like that..

Krishna: joke like that again and next time u will find ur corpse hanging from  the trees..

Saiyyam: krishna.. I am scared.. Did u see how creepy u looked?

Kishan: (starts laughing) Krishna I like him.. He has a very good sense of humor and he is decent..

Krishna’s POV…

I know Saiyyam has a good cover-up statement but I still feel he is hiding something.. Could he? No.. I look at him all happy and gossiping with my parents.. No, he is not lying.. But I was scared to death..

Krishna: Saiyyam, when are we going tomorrow?

Saiyyam: I booked the flight.. Its tomorrow in the morning..

Kishan: Ahh, Saiyyam why don’t u sleep over at our house today since its late and u both are leaving early morning anyway?

Saiyyam: umm, If u both are insisting than okay… Thanks for letting me stay.. Mr. Mathur..

Soumya: I will make arrangements in the guest room…


I yawn as I watching a movie made me feel sleepy.. And it was a horror movie and I am scared.. Agh that Saiyyam.. And the creepy looks and evil grins he was giving  trying to scare me.. The worst part is he was making comparisons among the corridor in the movie and the corridor in my house directly visible from my room…

Saiyyam: u know what Krishna if u are scared at night I am always there for u.. (Gives me a side hug)

Krishna: get off me.. (I yell at him as I push him down the couch) i didn’t still forgive u for creating a tense moment at the dinner table .

Saiyyam: ouch!!  If u really u still didn’t forgive me than why were u clinging to me as we were watching the white and black ghost with blood dripping from its tongue as its long black hair covered half of its face with red ey…

Krishna: stop describing it.. I am not getting scared..

Saiyyam: i can see that… Want me to keep u in company for the night so that the ghost roaming in the house doesn’t catch u..

Krishna: u are in my house and don’t try to act so bold.. U don’t want to get kicked off by my parents.. Do u?

Saiyyam: Nah I am good.. I don’t want to get on ur parents bad side.. So see u tomorrow…

We share a good night kiss and he goes to his room and I go to mine..

I stay awake for hours and can’t sleep… I hate him for stealing my sleep.. He is going to pay big time tomorrow..

Timeskip to morning….

Kishan: Take care of ourselves.. Saiyyam, I am trusting u with my daughter.. Make sure she stays safe.

Saiyyam: yes sir.. I won’t let anything happen to her..

Kishan: I know u will handle everything…

Inside the plane….

Saiyyam: Are we there yet? How long will it take?

I get pissed off as he asks me for the 10th time.

Krishna: its ur house not mine.. U should know better about the time.. And its going to land in 15 minutes.

Saiyyam: Ouch..(he hold his ears and cries like a kid)

Krishna: What happened?

Saiyyam: My ears are hurting due to change of pressure during landing.. I hate landing.  ALWAYS!!

Krishna: okay my ears hurt too but I am not wailing like a kid.. Look at u going all baby- mode.. At this state nobody would say u are the most popular boy in college..(giggles)

Saiyyam: thats becoz the college is not within a plane.. Which I hate when it starts landing.. Damn…

Timeskip to Birla Mansion…

Saiyyam’s POV..

Everyone knows about my new and first ever serious girl, I hope Krishna won’t face any inconvenience.. I take out the keys and open the door..

Strange!! where is everyone.. Maybe in their rooms..

Krishna: where is ur family?

Saiyyam: I guess in their rooms.. Wait!!!

Surprise everyone!!! Its me… The second youngest member of the family..
With my one shout I see everyone coming down in their night clothes..

Saiyyam: oh its.. 7 in the morning.. I forgot that we are early..

I see Saurabh chachu with Ragini Chachi and Anuj chachu with Menka Chachi.. And Yuvan holding his kid and Baby bhabi and my most favourite person in the family Yuvani..

Saiyyam: where’s mom and dad and dadi?

Yuvani: they must be coming down.. Oh here they are.. (Notices Krishna) hey, is this cute girl ur new girlfriend?

Suhani: Saiyyam…why didn’t u inform us? We could have made arrangements for both of u?

Yuvraj: Saiyyam, krishna.. I hope u guys had a safe journey..

Suhani: u knew!!!

Saiyyam: I only told papa and told him to keep a secret.. Now everyone this is Krishna.

Krishna: hi everyone.. Nice to meet u all.(smiles)

A short timeskip as krishna got introduced to everyone…

Yuvani: Saiyyam, u should tell krishna about ur previous relationships..

Saiyyam: hell no.. U want me to dig up my own grave.. I am very happy having her as it is .

Yuvani: but u are deceiving her.. At least gather up her thoughts about this matter… And if she reacts good. Tell her.. Or else I will.

Saiyyam: No u won’t.. I will do something…

I go down stairs where I see krishna having a talk with all the members. How do I steal her from there?

Saiyyam: sorry to interrupt all the fun but I need to have a talk with her..

Ragini: can’t u leave her for a single second Saiyyam? U talk to her always in the campus.. Let us get acquainted to her..

I give a puppy dog eye look and drag her to the porch..

Saiyyam: I need advice for my best friend…

Krishna: o..okay.. But why did u drag me here for such a little thing?

Saiyyam: its important.. Now listen.. My friend has a new girlfriend and he loves her a lot..

Krishna: but that’s a good thing right..

Saiyyam: but the problem is he had a lot of relationship before and he is a playboy.. He got with her in the first place due to a dare given my his friends..

Krishna: Does those friends giving the dare include u?

Saiyyam: no, I didn’t tell him.. But now he loves her for real.. As in she is his first serious girlfriend and love.. And he is tensed what if she finds out? How do u think she will react to the matter? What’s the solution to sort everything out?

Krishna: The solution is break up.. Becoz thats deceit..

Saiyyam: but he loves her now..

Krishna: but his intention were to play with her.. Its her goodness that changed him.. But is there any guarantee he is still not playing with her.. How can she believe in him if he started it off with lies and bad motives..

Okay, the idea of telling krishna is now officially disposed from my mind.. If she knows I die…

Saiyyam: oh..okay.. So he shouldn’t let her find out..

Krishna: no.. He should tell her.. Becoz practically he is still lieing and thats even worse..

Mentally I facepalm myself.. I am totally screwed..

Saiyyam: if he tells… He will lose her..

Krishna: we don’t know it yet.. She might react differently.. I just told what I would do.. Maybe she is different..

Saiyyam: okay.. Now forget it. Lets go back inside..

Krishna: ok.. But tell him..

Saiyyam: I will…

Precap: krishna finds out….

That’s all my readers…

Will be back soon…

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  1. Faeeqa

    Nice cover up by Sayyam ? The chapter was really cute. The interaction between Krishna and Sayyam during the movie and flight were so cute! Brilliant update! It doesn’t look like Krishna will react well with finding out the truth. Waiting to find out what happens next…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Faeeqa.. Glad u liked it.. Yep Krishna won’t be easy on saiyyam when she finds out the truth..

  2. Dinu

    Awwwww.nw I’m in love vth dis sayyam. He is sooooooooo cute yaar.n his dialogues r….superb.dis ff always bring smile 2 my face. I’m really enjoying while reading dis.specially sayyam’s dialogues r so funny. Such a cute guy.n u know wht dis type of character matchingperfectly vth kj’s personality. I loved every bit of dis epi.I was already off mood before reading dis.dis epi made up my mood. Tnk u swt hrt.waiting 4 nxt epi dr.byeee tc

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Ur comments always make me smile Dinu.. Thank u soo much for ur kind words.. I am really happy u liked it.. Thank u soo much Dinu.. U are indeed a very kind and magnanimous person..

  3. Misbah4

    Awesome… Wow sayyam changes 21 into 21 century ??? PRECAP:::: Krishna will find out???? post soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Misbah.. I have submitted the next one..

  4. Dinu

    N knowing u lost ur dad’s ring, I tnk we hv some similarities. U know why? Coz i’m also doing stupid things like sis n bro always say dat i’m careless. U must tnk god dat u found dat ring. It’s ur gd fortune. Otherwise u’ll hv to hear a gd lecture frm ur parents. U said dat their marriage anniversary is on dis 15th July right? It’s gd dat u found dat before their anniversary. So gd 2 hear dat we hv similarities between has 2 be.after all v r frndz right. K dr byeee well dr.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Glad to know I am not the only one who is always so jumpy.. I am overjoyed that I found that ring or else I wouldn’t be able to see u guys for a month as I would be grounded. But all is well that ends well. Yep, its a good thing I found it before the anniversary. And yeah friends are similar..

  5. Waited so long……. Nice one… O no how will krisna react…. O no… Suspance…. But loving it…. And of course please try to upload soon…. ?

    1. Oh I am in 10th grade… …you asked last time… And yeah I had a great exam… And tomorrow is physics… Need prayers again…

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Jenita.. I am very happy u liked it.. Sorry for the wait and again late wishes but hope u had an awesome exam.. I am in 10th grade too. Except I just promoted to 10th grade.. Classes start from 16th August.. Its a August-August session here.. Different from BD..

  6. Amazing epi
    BTW Wherebr other writers they didnt upload their ff i really miss them plz all come back

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much.. Yep I missed kriyam ffs too..

  7. Aarti32

    Wat a cover-up!! From 21 to 2??
    Their conversation was lovely throughout d episode..
    Dis ‘I hv a frnd who….’ idea..nowadays it’s like, look I know it’s not your frnd but u??
    Finally Krishna will know d truth!! I’m scared again??
    Thank God u found uncle’s ring?
    Update soon..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah.. Glad I found the ring or I would be grounded for like a month.. And yes Saiyyam’s cover was believable and tje my friend notion is pretty normal now.. Don’t be scared.. Saiyyam will eventually pacify her.

  8. U r right kriyyam fan i am also waiting for their ff guys come back yaarb
    And annie ur epibis always amazing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Mahi.. Glad u liked those chapters.

  9. Shaz19

    Amazing chapter again Annie! Loved it! Waiting for the next chapter, how will Krishna react when she finds out the truth??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot shaz. Happy that u liked it. Lets see how krishna reacts..

  10. Lol..the way he described about that white n black ghost???….
    just loved their conversation…as usual fantastic episode Annie.. n i just cant wait for the nxt 1 pls post that soon❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ishita.. I am really very happy liked the scene.. Next update is submitted..

  11. Fidato

    That’s always like you …Cute… Annie…. Cute episode tha… Sayyam bohut ache se.. baat sambhal Liya…Hmm.. experience…I think… Really cute convo….
    Anyway… thank God you found it… I’m also the same… Whenever..They give some responsibility.. like this..I always messed up… Say my hi.. to them..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot fidato.. I am very happy u liked it.. Thanks a lot for ur sweet and magnanimous words.. And yes thank god that I found that ring..

  12. ohhh god annie u r just awesome..n d 21 century..was superb..for a sec evn i thugt wat would he do…how will he cover up…but d cover up is awesome..dats such a cheese line…if someone says me..ill b flattered…literallyyy

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much Saniyaa.yeah saiyyam got a hold of things with his dialogues. I am very happy that u liked it .

  13. Mithila Farzana

    Lol..sayyam was counting how many gf he had in that situation…superb epi annie…enjoyed the chapter a lot..maa is scolding me..cos i have exam today..bye

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for taking the time to read this during ur busy time Mithila.. Hope u ace the test.

  14. Muniya

    Really Annie.. 21 gf se 21st century..only u can do this..& the ghost description.. Loved the epi to the core. come soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yep.. I am really unpredictable with scene.. Glad u liked it.. Thanks Muniya.

  15. Fidato

    That’s always like you …Cute… Annie…. Cute episode tha… Sayyam bohut ache se.. baat sambhal Liya…Hmm.. experience…I think… Really cute convo….
    Anyway… thank God you found it… I’m also the same… Whenever..They give some responsibility.. like this..I always messed up… Say my hi.. to them..aQ

  16. Cute epiosde .gyzzz do u knw that krishna is in meri durga serial..oh mY God am sooo happy .that krishna is now back on screen.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Asia.. And I am glad that u shared the news.

  17. Wow saiyyam covers very nicely
    Oh Krishna is going to find out
    Waiting for next
    Post soon ??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Pallavi.. Glad to know that u liked it .

  18. Annie I am sorry that I couldn’t comment ..I was sad about my marks…I read but got busy in exams and stuff…nice coverup story by saiyyam..loved the epi…?..again I apologize.. Hope u forgive me..

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