Kriyam: When the lover Plays By Annie Part 5

Hi guys.. Sorry for abandoning u all for this long time.. I had a test on French.. I had to take french classes during vacation to make space for AP, internships and other stuff.

Anyways, since u all requested I will delay the revelation for sometime, so these 2-3 episodes might be kind of boring as I ran out of idea..

Now, back to the story….

Krishna’s POV…

Krishna: Ok, papa.. I will come home this weekend..

Kishan: How about u bring saiyyam too? I would like to meet him.. Gotta know if a right guy is dating my princess..

Krishna:(giggles) i will ask him if he is free..

I end the call with papa.. I know he is worried but saiyyam is a good guy.. He takes care of me and I know he will not hurt me in any way.. Now, since our classes are done for this weekend.. I guess he might be in his band practise.. I will go and ask if he is available..

I can hear the drums and the guitars.. The band sure is talented.. The knock on the door and Rahul opens it..

Rahul: Saiyyam, ur girlfriend is here..

Saiyyam:(from afar) don’t joke in between rehearsals.. Come on.. Lets start again..

Krishna: He is not joking.. I really am here.

Saiyyam: (runs and comes to her) oh krishna.. U here.. Did u come to cheer for me during the rehearsals? U could also have done it in the real concert ..

Krishna: Actually I came to ask u something, if u are free tomorrow that is.

Saiyyam: I am free tomorrow.. Why?

Krishna: Actually I was thinking if u would like to come to my house and grab some dinner with my family.

Saiyyam: Umm, okay.. Except are ur parents strict or anything.. Becoz, or else I need to prepare myself..

Krishna: nah, they are normal.. And I am sure u will love them.. Just be as u always are. And by the way, I needed to tell u that I applied for being the cheer- captain for ur concert..

Saiyyam:(eyes beaming with happiness) really, that’s great.. I didn’t know that u were also a cheer leader..

Krishna: I am full of surprises.. Now, I have to go.. I promised my roommates to watch a horror movie with them.. So, see u..

I give him a peck and walk towards my room.. Hopefully dinner will go swiftly…

Saiyyam’s POV…

Everytime I look at Krishna.. I feel guilt in my veins.. As if I am deceiving her by not telling her why I was with her in the first place.. But does it make a difference.. After all I do love her now.. I see my friends looking at me with surprise…

Saiyyam: What? Why are u guys staring at me?

Rahul: how long do u plan to be with her? Coz, she is really cute.. I wanna ask her out..

Saiyyam: Just dare to do that and I will make sure u will never be in the condition to ask anyone out again.

Rahul: cool man.. After all, u never keep anyone more than a week.

Saiyyam: well, she has been my girlfriend for over a month.. And I don’t intend to leave her.. EVER!!!

Rahul: come on, its just a relationship in a college for fun.. Its not like u guys are going to get married or anything.. So chill..  U will eventually get over her.

Saiyyam: who said she is just a passing college girlfriend? I am “seriously serious” about her..

They still look at me with eyes filled with suspicion and disdain..

Rahul: are u sure that u are our saiyyam? I mean u don’t sound like him.

Saiyyam: people change.. And I changed.. She is not a passing girlfriend for me.. I truly love her…

Rahul: great!!! I am glad u are at least serious about someone…

I wish Krishna to be with me forever.. But how long will I be running away from the truth.. What if she finds out? Will she forget our love and treat me with scorn? I just need to keep in ming that none of my past hoovers around her..

Time skip with the dinner….

I dress myself extra careful to impress Krishna’s parents.. They should also know that their daughter has a perfect boyfriend..

I walk to the parking lot and see krishna waiting for me.. I walk to her and she stares at me..

Saiyyam: I know I am looking extra-hot today but baby control..

Krishna:(hits him lightly) don’t nourish assumptions.. I was just observing that u wore a formal dress. U never wear a jacket or a button-up shirt.

Saiyyam: don’t I look good? Just a second and I will change back..

I turn to but instead Krishna pulls me towards her and pins me to her car and comes near..

Saiyyam: someone help.. My girlfriend is forcing herself on me becoz I look too much handsome..

Krishna: Saiyyam.. Stop ur sarcastic acting.. And I was just fixing ur collar buttons.. U buttoned them wrong..

Saiyyam: so, I do look okay..

Krishna: absolutely.. Its just that u didn’t need to go through so much of toil.

Krishna’s POV..

He is going so much hardwork to stand upto my parents.. I am sure mom and papa will love him. Since, it was a 40 minutes drive I think Saiyyam is getting bored with the constant driving…

Krishna: are u getting bored Saiyyam?

Saiyyam:(snaps out of his feelings) umm, no.. Actually I wanted to ask u something..

Krishna: I am listening..

Saiyyam: Since, I am coming to ur house, will u come with me to visit mine?

Krishna: I would love to.. But isn’t it in Anaheim..

Saiyyam: Yeah… I know its far but through a plane we can go in an hour.. As I know through a drive its 5 hours..

Krishna: Umm, okay..

They arrive at their destination and krishna knocks at the door…

Timeskip to the dinner..

Kishan: So, saiyyam do u like to listen to songs?

Saiyyam: yes.. I am in the college in the band.

Kishan: How did u meet my princess?

Saiyyam: we met in the college prom.. Ur daughter is really beautiful and she couldn’t go unnoticed..

Kishan: u surely are good at persuading..

Soumya: Saiyyam, do u like sea-food?

Saiyyam: yes aunty.. I like eating all sorts of food…(grins)

I see papa attacking saiyyam with questions.. I think I forgot to mention that papa acts really protective over me.. Especially after the Aditya thing.. I hope Saiyyam is not getting annoyed with all the detective tendencies of my dad..

Saiyyam’s POV…

Kishan: now, how many girlfriends did u have excluding krishna?

Saiyyam:( sub-consciously) maybe, 21..

I gain my control and she krishna looking at me with a murderous glare and her parents with a disappointed look.. I didn’t take long to realise what I grave mistake I just did..

Precap: Krishna: becoz, that’s deceit.. Surely the solution is break-up.

A cliff-hanger there.. So, is this how the truth comes out or is there a way Saiyyam handles the situation..
Major question, “what ways will Saiyyam adapt to clear himself now?”

That’s all guys…

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  1. Aarti32

    21???? Saiyyam needs to think before speaking..BADLY!! Krishna will surely kill him after dis??
    It’s good dat he told his frnds d truth dat he loves Krishna..but d thought of truth coming out still scares me??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah.. Saiyyam needs to gain control .. Lets see what happens.. Thank u soo much for commenting..

  2. Aww … that soundz realy awesm… btw um a silent readr…. and wanna say annie i luv ur ff…. ♥

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for commenting today.. Ur compliments meant a lot..

  3. Misbah4

    Omg??? 21 gf.. Krishna will kill sayyam?? and to break up.. PRECAP s interesting?? post soon??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Misbah.. Next part is submitted.. Lets see what is in Saiyyam’s fate..

  4. What ??21 gfs?Amazing episode it was??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani.. Yeah 21!!

  5. Muniya

    Nice epi Annie??…
    21 gf ???….seriously… Sayyam needs to think before saying…
    Thrilling Precap…????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Muniya.. Yep Saiyyam need to learn to watch over his actions..

  6. Nice epi and first time saiyam is nervous update next part soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much.. Next one is submitted..

  7. You kept us waiting…… But this one is just fav…. Our sayyam is too cute…. His dialogues always brings a smile on my face…. Keep it up… Post soon.. And I have math exam tomorrow.. So please pray for me…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Jenita and sorry for the wait.. I know I am late to the party but hope u had a great math exam.. Which grade are u in?

  8. Seriously Yar 21 gf
    How sayyam handle all of them??
    Now what will he do?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks pallavi for ur comments.. Lets see what saiyyam has stored for himm…

  9. Seriously 21 ??..That’s why people say think before u speak..I think he hasn’t got a clue how many he he said 21 gfs..?? & U should have also added Saiyyam is dead becuz Krishna is gonna murder him?..anyway super epi and the precap looks scary..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Miya.. Yeah saiyyam is going to die by Krishna’s hands if she finds out… And he seriously needs to work out with his blabbering.

  10. Hey nice update Annie…. saiyyam answered like seriously 21 gfs???. Surely Krishna is going to kill him. But loving thz saiyyam very much. I am getting scared of truth coming out. How he is going to handle the situation. Update sooon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura.. Lets see if he gets murdered or not..

  11. Fidato

    Wow….. Annie you have the talent to make everyone will smile unknowingly while reading your ff…. Yeah…21… Unbelievable…
    I really loved the dialogue “someone help.. My girlfriend is forcing herself on me becoz I look too much handsome..” really laughed…My heart out…
    Krishna find out…About his date.. update soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thats a really huge compliment for me Fidato.. Thank u soo much for making my day with ur sweet words. Let see what happens to him..

  12. Faeeqa

    Sayyam is just so cute in your ff! I loved the part where Krishna pinned Sayyam to the car and he said his girlfriend is forcing herself on him because he looks too handsome! ?? and the at the end 21 girlfriends?! He sure has been busy ?? Seriously this chapter made me laugh so much, but the precap seems very interesting. What will Sayyam do?? Eagerly waiting for the next update!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Faeeqa.. I am found the scene and Saiyyam cute. 21 is surely a huge margin.. Lets see what krishna does to him.. I have submitted the next part…

  13. Dinu

    Hiiii Annie! I’m also late jst like u.I can understand ur situation vry well coz I was also damn busy vth my studies. I didn’t even got time 2 read any ff.wht 2 do.we must give priority 2 our education. U can update in ur free time offence.btw d epi was favorite prt is sayyam screaming “someone hlp me, my girlfrnd is forcing herself on me coz i look so much handsome” .lol.dat prt is really funny. N 21 grlfrndz? OMG!dat is too much. He must think well before saying something like dat.Krishna will kill him.even nw i’m nervous thinking about how will Krishna react when she learn d truth. Hope everything will be good between them. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi dr.byeee well!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      U know what Dinu u are really very sweet and supportive.. Every time u find a way to make me smile through ur comments.. Thank u soo much understanding.. It really means a lot.. Coming back I am very glad that u liked it.. I have submitted the next part.. Hope u have a good time too. ?

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