Kriyam: When the lover Plays By Annie Part 4

As per Muniya’s punishment I started typing this at 12:06 in the night.. At 12:45 papa came to my room and to check if my window net was closed and saw me on the phone.. His excuse, “ur phone’s battery charge is at 18%.. Don’t over heat it.. U know u are not getting ur new phone until ur birthday which is in September.. At least try to pretend to save it for 3 more months” that was it.. I couldn’t type the last part.. Sorry, but I still submitted 2 hours early but sadly it was mid night in India.. So, sort of the same thing.

Anyways, first kiss on the way…

Saiyyam’s POV…

I walk to my dorm after having an amazing talk with krishna.. As always, I see my friend Aryan on his bunk waiting for me..

Aryan: what’s the status on ur bet? Its been 3 weeks already.

Oh yeah.. I totally forgot that I even had a bet.. Wait, I was with Krishna for a freaking dare.. Don’t tell me Saiyyam u forgot why u were with her in the first place?

Saiyyam: it’s going good..

Aryan: why don’t u confess already?

Saiyyam: I don’t know if I love her or not.. I mean I have never been in serious relationship..

I see Aryan staring at me in confusion.. Wait, Did I say something wrong??

Aryan: Saiyyam.. I don’t know what confession u are talking about but I was telling u to confess that u can’t win this.. But looks like here some different scenario.

Saiyyam: forget what I Said..

I storm out of my room after I made a complete fool out of myself.. What the hell are those feelings pondering over me? I run to the garden to bump with someone..

Krishna: watch out saiyyam.. Why are u walking in such an alacrity?

Saiyyam: I was coming to u to confess… To confess that I wanted to take u on another date..

Krishna: umm, okay.. When and where?

Saiyyam: to somewhere special.. At 8?? If u are free..

Krishna: okay.. So in 3 weeks u have taken me to 14 dates.. I am impressed.. And today makes 15.

Saiyyam: okay.. So see u at 8..

Krishna: hmm(hugs him and goes away)

Woow Saiyyam.. Now u decided to take her in ur favourite and secret spot ever.. What else do u have to tell her? I don’t think there is anything I am still hiding from her.. She has more knowledge about me and my feelings than any other girlfriends. I had before.. Surely I am getting insane.. Oh, I still didn’t tell her about the dare.. Damn, I can’t do that.. What if I lose her? Okay, mind slap.. Now u are getting obsessed over her.. Is Saiyyam the playboy falling for a girl?

Krishna’s POV…

That’s another date he takes me.. He really makes me feel so special.. He even maintained all the distance I asked him to.. Should I trust him? Why does he have to be so sweet?

I again walk to my dorm and start preparing my studies for tomorrow in advance.. My roomies are taking their classes this time.. Or else both of them would have jumped on me and would start their crazy make overs..

Timeskip to date…

I hear knocks at my door.. I wake to see that I fell asleep on my desk.. While rubbing my eyes I open the door to see saiyyam..

Krishna: what are u doing here?

Saiyyam: our date at 8.. Remember?

Krishna: i am so sorry.. Let me get dressed.

Saiyyam: nah its okay… U look amazing to me.. Besides, this time we are not going anywhere fancy.. Just some alone time to ourself.

Krishna: oh, okay.. Let me just freshen up..

We walk to the parking lot and drive to a some hills.. Wow, its an amazing place.. The peaceful air and the romantic weather is making the mountain range look so magical.. The stars are twinkling in the sky.. We start climbing up..

Saiyyam: krishna here.. That’s the perfect spot..

I struggle a little bit climbing at the last spot. Saiyyam notices me and pulls me up with his hand.. Due to the pull we both loose balance and fall on the grass… I fell over him.. He quickly does a low scream and rolls to other side..

Saiyyam: I am sorry.. I didn’t mean to make us fall like that..

I rub off the dust from my clothes and give him an “its okay look”.. We sit at cliff and I realised its actually a beautiful place.. We can see the entire Berkeley from here.. Again, the stars above.. Woow, a perfect scene..

Saiyyam: this is the place I always come to find peace and silence.. None knows that I come here except u.

I hold his hand and give him a side hug..

Krishna: thank u soo much for bringing me here and sharing ur favourite place.

I start walking upto the edges..with Saiyyam coming behind me.. Suddenly I trip over the rock and was going to fall but Saiyyam again comes to my rescue.. And quickly hugs me.

Saiyyam: (yells) how can u be so careless huh? And for heaven’s sake why did u have to go there? What will happen if u had a fall. Do u have a death wish?

Krishna: I am sorry.. I just wanted a better view.

Saiyyam: u are not leaving my sight again..

I feel so warm and safe in his embrace.. He is actually really very caring.. We break apart and I see him looking at my eyes.. Unknowingly, he starts to lean closer and closer towards me.. Our lips are a little apart from touching when he stops.. He moved back and looks with guilty eyes at me..

Saiyyam: I am sor…

That’s it.. I won’t torture him by letting his feelings get suppressed by me.

I cut him off.. As I pull him by his collar and crash my lips on his.. He is shocked by slowly responds by kissing back. He keeps his hand on my waist and pulls me closer deepening the kiss.. I put one of my hand behind his neck as one another caresses his jet black hair.. I look his black orbs.. As he looks in mine.

Saiyyam’s POV..

I didn’t get the time to react as I see krishna kissing me.. I slowly melt in the kiss.. I can’t believe this is happening.. But I don’t feel that I am winning any dare.. Rather I feel like I have got my true happiness with her.. I can’t look at her as just another play material.. I feel as if I love her.. I can’t tell her ever that all this was a dare.. I don’t her to leave me ever.. I pour all my feelings into the kiss..

We break apart to get some air.. I look at her if she is angry or something.. Becoz sometimes she might be unpredictable.. Instead she hugs me..

Krishna: I am sorry for torturing u with all my demands.. All this time.. I hope u are not angry one me..

Saiyyam: no.. I am glad that u finally trusted me..

Speaking of trust I don’t deserve her love or her trust.. She doesn’t know I was doing all this for a dare.. Until now.. I didn’t kiss her to win some stupid bet.. I think I do like her.. I mean I love her a lot.. I am definitely not going to let her find out.. Nope I won’t..

Saiyyam: do u want to go back?

Krishna: lets be here for some more time..

We both lay on the grass as krishna cuddles upto me and keeps her head on my chest was we intertwine our hands together..

Krishna: I love the sky today.. All the stars are shining to brightly.. Thank u for bringing me to such a beautiful place.

I put a light kiss on her forehead as I snuggle closer to her and drape my arm around her…

Saiyyam: anything for u..

Suddenly she gets up and takes our her phone..

Saiyyam: hey what are u doing?

Krishna: setting up new memories.. Come on lets click a photo..

We take a picture as I watch her setting it as her wallpaper.. That’s the end of the freaking dare for me.. I am surely never going to let her find out.. Becoz now I want her genuinely..

We drive back to her dorm as she kisses me bye.. And enters her room..
I stand outside for a while and decide..

“That’s it.. The bets over.. Now, I will just need to take care that she never finds out.. I can’t afford to loose her”.

Precap: will Krishna find out???

I don’t know if the romance were as expectations becoz I am pretty bad at it..? anyways, another episode successfully completed. Yaay!!
Wish I could break some pinata’s as celebration…

Will be back soon..

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  1. Fanficwriter

    I loved today’s chapter from Sayyam’s point of view…glad he realized, but he shouldn’t hide the truth, that will hurt her even more?

    You set up the scene perfectly Annie, and the kiss was described perfectly, not over the top, and you didn’t under-do it…just right?

    Your dad is really very sweet, your relationship with him is goals, too cute??

    Waiting for the next episode Annie??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am soo happy that u liked it.. I know he shouldn’t hide the truth but je doesn’t want to risk losing her.. Yaay!! I am hapoy u liked the kiss scene.. As I was a bit nervous if I did it correctly or not.. And thanks for the sweet words.. My mom always says I am my papa’s princess.. And she always ask for my opinion while choosing gifts for him as I hang around him too much so I know a little bit about his choices though mom is still Better at understanding him.. Yeah he is a fun loving guy.. He behaves like a teenager with my friends.. Plus he is too unpredictable.. Anyways, I will start typing the next episode soon.. Thanks for all the support..

  2. Make it such scene that saiyyam himself tells krishna that this was all a bet but then he didn’t realize when he falls in love with her and all and let krishna give him another chance. Don’t make krishna hate him or something

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      As I have already shown in today’s episode that Saiyyam realised his love.. I can’t make him do that.. But rest assured that krishna won’t hate him.. They might split for a while I promise the pacifying track would be romantic..

  3. Muniya

    Again a superb epi dear…i loved the first kiss??? but more than that i loved the way u described the surroundings on hill and the start of the evening , winking stars..everything..??
    Ur dad is so friendly to u…
    Come back soon….

    U know what…my birthday is also in September, 29?? and this year i’ll get so many other gifts along with a new phone bcz this time my birthday is during Durgapuja…so excited about that…???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Muniya.. I am relieved u liked the episode.. And yeah papa and mom are like my bestfriends.. They are with me in everything.. Yaay!! Our bday is on the same month.. My one is on September 27.. 2 days prior ur one.. I always ask for a phone as gift.. Except last time I got an Apple Macbook becoz 4 days early i bought a phone.. Hope u get showered with gifts..
      I am super excited for my bday too..???

  4. Aarti32

    First kiss..jst perfect!!
    Bringing a gurl to your secret place is something very big, for a playboy like Saiyyam..n finally he realized he loves her..
    Frnds like dat Aryan shud be banished?? for giving such dares!!
    Will Krishna find out?? Dis is wat goes on in my mind.. everytime..whenever I read dat Kriyyam r coming closer or Krishna is starting to trust him..d first thing coming to my mind is.. wat’ll happen when Krishna will know d truth??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah krishna turned saiyyam into a loverboy from playboy.. Yeah Aryan should be punished.. And Aaru don’t worry about split track.. Krishna will be angry but as Saiyaym is there to pull off cute apology pranks.. She will be okay.. Thanks a lot again.. Just keep calm and lets see how well Saiyyam pacifies krishna.. ??

  5. Shaz19

    Aww this was all so romantic! I was surprised that it had been 15 dates already but this date was probably the most magical out of all of them as Sayyam realised his love for Krishna. I didn’t expect Krishna to kiss him first, great little twist there! They are both on cloud 9 right now, they’re so happy. The worry now though is how is Sayyam going to hide the truth? As we know, the truth always comes out at some point or the other. Krishna is going to be so heartbroken. You described everything so well Annie, it was so romantic! Can’t wait for the next chapter! x

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah.. 15 dates.. I thought make Saiyyam super desperate to win her.. And I knew people might not have expected Krishna to take bold move..and they are happy for the time being.. As u said the truth has to come out..amd saiyyam needs to put a kot of effort to pacify Krishna.. And I am overjoyed that u liked the depictions.. I was a little nervous if I had put it correctly.. Most today was inspired by u.. I loved the way u described each kriyam moments in ur ff.. It was splendid.. Thank u for being such an awesome writer..??

  6. Kiss scene was on fire girl??I’m so scare that when krishna will come to know about bet what will she do?Finally sayyam realises that he loves her deeply and finally he’s not playing around her☺

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Zani.. I was scared that I wasn’t good at it.. And revelations up.. So Krishna would get angry and all but saiyyams will romantically pacify her..

  7. Ishita Reddy

    Heyy even my Birthday is in September?…. ok so the episode was really great…!! cute sayyam n krishna…i am just loving this story a lottttt❤❤ .waiting for the next part Annie?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yaay!! Our bday is on the same month.. Mine is in September 27…. I am soo happy liked it.. Will post next part soon.. Thanks a lot Ishita..

  8. Dinu

    Wow????finally!!!! Finally Krishna accepted sayyam??n d kiss was??? I can imagine sayyam’s surprised expression. That’s worth watching. Hope dis is a tv show. I really feeling like watching a tv show. Nw I hope dat Krishna don’t find about sayyam’s bet so soon. Plz don’t don’t let her find out so soon. Let them be like dis 4 sometime??? don’t know hw will she react.??even thinking about make me feel nervous. ?Poor sayyam. He will be gone??? eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi dr.b love ur bonding vth ur dad.u r more vlose 2 ur dad right.i think ur dad is a fun loving person.u 2 r so cuteee.n u told dat ur mom n dad’s anniversary nearly coming.i don’t know when is wish uncle n aunty a vry happy marriage anniversary on my behalf.? (In advance???) byee dr, tc

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yepieeyep, krishna accepted Saiyyam at last.. This turning as a TV show is as really big compliment.. Though I don’t think its that capable.. Don’t worry.. Their romance will continue for some more time.. Yeah I am sort of close with papa.. Depends on the time.. When I get angry with papa I tend towards mom and vice versa.. And thanks for the wishes.. I will show them ur wishes.. Their anniversary is on 15th July..
      I will come with the next epi soon..

  9. Hi !!!! Todays episode was over the top and amazing. even i like the date episode one it was just an elegant and beautiful date( you know like prince and princess one OMG fairytales ;;;;;))))))))))))))).
    Coming back to this episode ,i like the way sayyam realised his feeling for krishna and didnt want her to know , he is protecting her (OMG so much love,i would cry now) .and even krishna starting taking this relationship seriously and taking it on next level.Hope she does not find sooooo soon , i mean a little later will work. And yaa i love your writing soooo much and this love is getting more day by day.bye love ya

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much adarsha. For u lovely comment.. I am happy u liked it and the date.. And yeah he is protective over her.. Good observation on there.. And don’t worry She won’t find out soon.. We should let their romance go on for more.. Inam overwhelmed with all the praise.. Love u to..

  10. I loved it !!! Glad that saiyyam understood that he loves her genuinely.. If Krishna finds out her heart would break really badly..update Asap Annie dr?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Isha… And the lover boy is falling in love.. Lets see what happens to Krishna.. Will update soon..

  11. I commented on this yesterday but it didn’t published… ???????by the way it was fav …so romantic…. And I love this ff more… It’s like teenage romance …love love love it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I know TU does mistakes at postings ..and thank u soo much.. I can’t express my happiness that u liked it.. I will try to post soon.. Thanks for all the praises Jenita…

  12. Fidato

    Sorry late… Annie… That was just perfect the place and set up… Perfect for first kiss.. really loved it… U described every scene so beautifully… Sayyam realized that he love her… hmm… That’s good…

    Your dad it s really friendly person.. I really love the bond you sharing with your parents…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t be sorry on being late.. U commented and read it thats soo much for me.. I am really happy u liked the romance and the scenes.. And yes Saiyyam is falling in love..
      Yeah, papa and mom are friendly.. They are like my best friends.. Thank u for ur sweet and encouraging words Fidato.. I love ur ff more than ever now… Its tooo good..??

  13. I love the epi very much
    U rock it Yar
    Their first kiss was amazing
    And lil romance all was perfect
    Loved it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am soo happy u liked the romance.. Thanks a lot for ur comment and appreciation..

  14. Faeeqa

    Sorry it took so long to read this! I absolutely loved this chapter! The whole date was beautifully set and th kiss was described perfectly. It was all so romantic ?? The playboy Sayyam has finally realised his feelings for Krishna, but what will happen when she finds out about the dare? I really want to know. Update soon!

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