Kriyam- Love in Switzerland (episode 1)

Sun is shown shining and it hits Krishna’s face, which makes her wake up…
Kriti: KRISHNAAAAAAA, hurry yup beta, you will miss your flight, get ready and come down quickly with your luggage
Krishna: Okay maa I’m coming

There is a boy shown is coming up the stairs from his morning job,
Suhani: Saiyyam, quickly change we have to leave we are getting late for your flight
Saiyam: Yes, maa

Both families leave and reach airport, both get blessings from their parents and bid bye to them as well, they check in and after some time they board the plane… Saiyam and krishna have their seats next to each other, Krishna places her ear buds and drifts off to sleep, she then while in her sleep places her head on saiyams shoulder, saiyam looks up and looks to the right and sees krishna, he’s mezmorised at her beauty and he slowly put krishna head leaning on the plane wall, after five minutes krishna wakes up as she needs to use the bathroom she gets up and begins to walk as soon as she was about to turn, the plane shook and she fell backwards and landed on saiyams lap, Krishna looks up and saiiyam does to they have an eye contact and soon come in senses when everyone was staring at them, Krishna gets off saiyyam

Krishna: I’m so sorry about that and she leaves to the bathroom

Saiyam (to himself) : Why is she so embarrassed, wasn’t her fault that she fell on my lap, well when she gets back , I will try becoming friends with her

Krishna returns and thinks: Ughj this is soo embarrassing,what will he be thinking about me, that I cant walk, Krishna seats down and looks out the window trying to avoid and conversation with him

Saiyam: Excuse me, my name is saiyam, yours?
Krishna turns and responds: Krishna and shakes her hand with saiyam
Saiyam: If u dont mind can I ask did u complete any degree yet?
Krishna: Oh I dont mind, I completed my diploma in justice studies and I’m officially verified as a lawyer

Saiyam: Wow,really , Im also a lawyer
Krishna: Haha wow

both saiyam and krishna chatted, the plane landed and they both check in and check out the airport, both of them realized that they are staying in the same hotel so they both went together they reached the hotel when the hotel receptionist said

I’m so sorry Miss Krishna,but one of our colleagues gave your room

Krishna: Ohh okay its umm alright
Saiyam: U can stay in My room and our relationship is just friends
Krishna: Are you sure
Saiyam: Yeh I’m sure

Both of them,entered the room and saiiyam goes to the bathroom to freshen up,Krishna goes to the balcony and after twenty minutes she comes inside and sees saiyam wrapped in a towel and his hair wet, he sees krishna,and says I’m so sorry and he’s about to leave when he trios over the rug, falls on the bed,pulling krishna with him

Krishna is on top of saiyam and both have a eye contact and….( skips some parts) next part is shown and saiyam and krishna are cooking food together

Well, that’s episode one, I hope you all enjoyed and please comment and leave feedback and episode 2 will be here tomorrow


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  1. it was good episode…keep writing more

  2. It was AMAZING….. I loved it…… hoping that u will post the 2nd episode today plx

  3. Aarti32

    Awesome..It’s good that they’ve become frnds so soon..

  4. Nice

  5. Wow. Keep going for it. Thank,god u didn’t put sambhav or revenge parts. Looking forward to all those Kriyam scenes.

  6. Really good chapter

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