Kriyam – Love After Marriage (introduction)

Love After Marriage – Introduction
Hi this is Shaani(Uththara) is here with a new story… It’ll most probably be a short story… Let’s see… Hope u guys will comment ur views…

——-Birla family ———
Karan jotwani as Sayyam- Elder son of the family.Businessman. 25 years old. Handsome hunk. Serious person. Can do anything for his family.
Mridul Kabir as Yuvaan- younger son of the family. Still studying.
Rajshri Rani Pandey as Suhani – widow. mother of sayyam n yuvaan.
Others will come later…

——-Singhania Family——–
Srishti Jain as Krishna- Daughter of singhania family. Well- mannered girl. Respect elders. Love her family and can do anything for her family.
Neha Yadav as Saumya -Widow. Krishna’s mother. A teacher.
Khyati Mangla as Uttara – Krishna’s one n only sister. Very talkative. Innocent. Still studying in the same school which her mom teach.
I’ll Introduce other characters later…

Love after Marriage is a story about Sayyam and Krishna, a young couple flung together in a traditional arranged marriage. It centers on the conviction that husband and wife, strangers at the time of marriage, can develop a stronger love if they are honest and committed to each other.
In Love after Marriage, Sayyam and Krishna embark on the timeless journey of marriage, only to discover that it’s not quite as simple as they expected..
This will be a short story n it’ll be a really simple story. Don’t worry i won’t drag it n i won’t describe scenes like I did in the previous story… Hope u guys will like this… n I need u all to comment n give ideas…
I will post a episode per day. Not more than that guys. If I get a time I’ll post 2 episodes… But not sure..

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  1. Small ff?? but looking forward to it?

    1. Shaani

      Yeah this will be a short story (ss) let’s see… Happy happy wala story…
      I’ll submit next part soon..

  2. Shaani you come back i am realy happy intersting next post soon??????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much? I’ll submit next part soon..

  3. Interested in this ff thank u shaani to write one more ff

    1. Shaani

      Ur welcome Actually I was soo happy to see the response to the last episode of my previous ff… So I wanted to write a short story for u all soo I came up with this story… Thank u so much for commenting ? I have submitted the 1st chapter… It’ll be published after some time..

  4. Oh thank god u come back.and it seems really very interesting.waiting for next epi.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much… I have submitted the 1st chapter…it’ll be published after some time… Keep reading… Keep smiling ?

  5. Hafsaaa

    Yass gilt you’re back and I don’t care if it’s short or what I will surly love it??

  6. Hey shani dear .superb ff as ur pervious one. Im actulay realy bz thats why couldnt comment but its simply amazing both ur ff.writers like you again and again fall viewers like us to love with kriyam.Thanks alot

  7. Back with a wonderful story yay I’m sure this one is going to be loved for sure n yah I think it would be similar to ssel but still waiting for first part it’s gonna be a killer one ☝️ ❤️??

  8. Wow u came back with new ff no prob it small or large…U just rock it ok and eagerly waiting for upload…And all the best for the new ff ????

  9. Ahhh man thank God yew are back❤❤and this story is going to be the best❤cos shani is the writer??

  10. Dinu

    Hiiiii shaani akkiiiiiii??yayyy u came back vth another wonderful story (i’m sure dat dis also will be superb as ur previous ff) tnk u tnk u soOOOOOOO much. I’m really happy dat u listened 2 ur frndz.???? though dis is a short story i’m k vth dat coz I just want 2 read any of ur u sooooooo much sis.hope u’ll change ur decision n write another long kriyam ff (sry bt i’m so greedy 2 read ur ffs???) or will make dis short story a long one???? btw nice introduction n i’m eager 2 read d first epi.u can update whenever u r epi per day is enough 4 us than having nothing 2 read even one epi.?? bt plz don’t stop writing kriyam u sis byeee tc

  11. Nice ff.thank u coming back.eagerly waiting for next update

  12. i m so happy u r back….u r a wonderfull writer and without any doudt i knw u will kill it as always..n ya..d plot is really interesting…looking frwd fr nxt epi..

  13. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Thank God u came back with a story….not a problem if it is ss but happy ending hona chahiye….
    Good luck..

  14. Hi shaani I am so happy. Plot looks good. Can’t wait for next one

  15. Yippee I thought u stopped writing…Thank u shaani di for coming up with a nice story?..its alright if its a short story..Loved the new concept? …update Asap di….?

  16. Thank god..
    U came back with another ff…

  17. Thank god you came back. I dnt care if it is short. I am glad you came back. Looking forward for it. Keep posting. Update asap❤

  18. Great ??

  19. AnahitaAnnie

    Shaani… I am soo glad that u are back.. Thank u soo much and ur concept is just woooow.. I don’t havr any prob if its short becoz at least u are back.. Couldn’t pass my day without ur it..

  20. Hi Shaani .i m very happy that u r back. Doesn’t matter if its a short story, its enough that u r back with new kriyyam story & u’ll rock it just like the last one.

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