Kriyam – Love After Marriage (Chapter 01)

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Chapter 01
A room is shown there r few teddy bears in the room.In a corner of the room a bed is seen where a girl is sleeping with angelic smile on her face…Suddenly a lady’s voice is heard. & she comes inside the room n sit on the bed near that sleeping girl.
Lady: Beta wake up it’s getting late..
Girl:Maa pls just 5min..
Lady: R u going to sleep like this in ur in laws house also… Abb utoo.. Bohot hogaya… Utoo Krishna…
Krishna: Maa what is this? Do u want to send me out of this house that soon?
Saumya:(with tearful eyes) asa nahi hai beta… This is ur house.. Lekin.. (interrupted)
Krishna:(after hearing broken voice of her mom,gets up from the bed n hugged her) Maa meri matlab Wo nahi hai… I’m so sorry… My intention was not to hurt u…
Saumya:(break the hug n wipe her tears) it’s ok Krishna… U have to get married na…
Krishna: Maa… U know na.. That I don’t interested in this marriage n all… I’m still 21 years old..
Saumya: Haa toh kya.. I also got married when I was 21.. Why can’t my daughter?
Girl: Yeah.. Yeah.. Get married soon didi.. So that I can enjoy alone in this house..
Krishna: Uttara ki bachchii… Tum dekhna.. U will cry in my biddai the most…
Uttara:Didi… I was joking… I will miss u when u went to ur sasural… Don’t forget to call us ok… (while hugging her sister)
Saumya: Ok..ok now u both get ready.. I also need to get ready for school…
Both sisters: Ji maa..
Screen fades away…

A boy was getting ready is shown… Another boy came inside the room while talking in a phn..
Boy:yeah..yeah..we will discuss more 2mrw… (disconnected the phn)
Boy2: Hy bhai… U r not going to office 2mrw.. Don’t u remember we have something else to look at 2mrw..
Boy: Dekho yuvaan…(interrupted)
Yuvaan:Dekho Mr Sayyam Birla… Mein tumhari chota bhai.. I requested u to take a leave.. U always stay in office n engaged in office work.. Don’t u think that u have to spend sometime with ur family… With ur chota bhai… U promised me that u will take a leave 2mrw n stay with ur bro… (interrupted)
Sayyam: Stop this emotional blackmailing session…
Yuvaan:blackmailing… I’m not blackmailing u.. How can I do a crime like that…
Sayyam: Hogaya? Btw Sayyam Birla is not someone who will break a promise which he has given..
Yuvaan: Matlab u will cancel that meeting ryt?..
Sayyam: I won’t cancel it but I’ll attend it in the mrng.. I will come back at the afternoon.. It is fair enough ryt?
Yuvaan: Ok fine done…
Sayyam: Get ready soon.. I’ll drop u to ur school today..
Yuvaan: O really… Woow… Ride with Mr sayyam Birla the businessman… Great..
Sayyam: Now don’t get over excited… Just get ready n come soon…

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  1. Superb epi di…loved iy?..update ASAP ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank you Isha… I have submitted the next episode is also… It’ll be published later…

  2. Nice episode shaani. How to start krishna and saiyam love story

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Samaria ? Let’s see.. I haven’t thought about it yet.. Do u have any ideas.. Plz share them with me if u have ideas..

  3. Nice episode shaani. Siblings bondings also nice. Loved it. Keep writing

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much yura ?

  4. hey ! shaani i am adarsha i am sooooo sorry i didn’t comment on ur last ff.I feel disheartend .I just wanted to let u know that kriyam u are my strength was a huge success. I want to congratulate for that .It was the best ff i have ever read ,the way u play with words and how beautifully u describe romantic scenes its just awstruck. I love the way u write (I want training from uuuuuu) even this is ff is looking amazing with different concept.Looking forward for this ff.;);););):0;)))))))))

    1. Shaani

      ??? thank you so much for your wishes adarsha… It means alot to me… Without u guys it won’t be a success soo thank u so much for the support… I wish I will get the same support of this one also..

  5. Superb episode?keep shining?

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Zani ?

  6. Nice one ❤ keep updating.

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Anshu?

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    Amazing concept..fantastic start and tremendous writing.. In a word a perfect start… I loved the episode.. Can’t wait to see how kriyam meets and I will always miss ur last ff.. It was really very good.. And I am sure this one will be the same..becoz u are an amazing writer.

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Annie… But this is not that much good… But thank you so much for your encouragement… ? I have submitted the next chapter it’ll be published after some time

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        Nope.. The concept is amazing shaani..and the storyline seems so interesting.. Its great..

  8. hey shaani this is me adarsha again .i have a request, can i get link of all os u have written? pleaseeeeeeeee i would love to read them.Iwant to read them

  9. thank you soooooooooooo much shaani.i l love your os. .those bring tears in my eyes.i love are a tremendous writer.When are you gonna teach me.;););)

    1. Shaani

      Hahah..??? adarsha… First u get register in TU…
      Aur wase bi no need to teach it… When u start writing it automatically comes…
      Thank you so much for your appreciations

  10. Thank god u are baxk…surely kriyam u r my strength was an immense valuable ff but good to see that u r back with a new one

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Naina ?

  11. Mayesha

    Oh noooo…….OMG…
    Akka..I don’t know how this happened..!!!
    but do u remebered that I told u about an ff that I am writing??
    there krishna is a doctor?
    that ff is also about arranged marriage..AND I have already submitted that!!!!!!

    1. Shaani

      Don’t feel bad Dr… It’s ok… Anyways this a short story don’t worry… Don’t get disheartened ok nangaa

  12. Mayesha

    oohh..noo…I dont know how this happened…
    u remembered akka? that once i told u that i am writting an ff on kriym in which krishna is a doctor!!! that ff is also on arranged marriage..AND I have already submittied that!!!! shit!!!

    1. Shaani

      Aree nangaa it’s ok… I didn’t knew that.. If u have told me that before… I wouldn’t start this Dr… Don’t feel bad just upload it… This is a short story.. I’m going to end this soon.. U keep updating ur story problem..

      1. Mayesha

        actually it’s a coincidence…but I am glad that my and ur conception is quite similar..!!!

  13. Plz continue writing!!!!!! This show needed but can’t get over kriyam plz write.

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