Kriyam (Love and Hate) Episode 3

Hello guys! I am back with a new episode. Thanks for supporting me and keep commenting!!
Let’s start:
****Next day***
Krishna woke up and dressed up. She just looked gorgeous. She wore a simple but beautiful shalwar kameez and did a light makeup. Her soft and long and shiny hair were open and she looked stunning.
A voice came from downstairs.
Soumya: Come downstairs Krishna and saira!
Krishna: Yes Maa.
While having breakfast, Krishna got a call.

Os: Hello, is this Miss. Krishna .
Krishna: Yes, but who are you?
Os: Mam! I am calling from birla industries and congratulations you have got the job for assistant. I know we have informed you late but you must come from today and be punctual. Dont be late.
Krishna: (excitedly): Thankyou so much.
She disconnected the call.

Krishna: Guess who called me .
Saira: Who?
Krishna: I am selected as assistant in birla industries. Yay!!!
Saira and soumya together: Wow! Congratulations.
Krishna: So I must leave now. Bye

She waved bye to her mother and sister and reached there.
While entering, she murmured
Krishna: Oh lord, please save me more that acdu man .
She collided with someone and before falling, she felt two arms caught her.
She opened her eyes and saw her boss, saiyyam standing there.
Krishna: Thanku
Saiyyam: Are u habitual of falling?
Krishna: it was a accident sir,
Saiyyam: yeah yeah!
Now come.
Saiyyam pov:

She is so beautiful. Her big brown eyes always say something. But why are you thinking about her? Stop thinking. She is just a employee.
Krishna pov:

He is so rude. I don’t know but how will I cooperate with him.

Her other full day went on and she became so tired and went home.
Soumya: How was your day beta?
Krishna: it was so tiring I have a head ache.besides my boss, Mr Saiyyam birla is so rude.
Soumya: Acha. Take ur dinner and go for sleep .
Hey guys, I am sorry but I am not going to write this ff any more. I have a lack of ideas but don’t worry I am going to start another ff that you all will surely like and I am going to submit it today.
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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Waiting for the next one…… But this episode was good too. I hv an idea instead of discontinuing why don’t u make this one one a five or six shot and end it. But anyway its ur wish. I knw it really hard to gather ideas.. And plz start thr next one soon.

    1. Princessporsha

      I have published my new ff Kriyam( love, a beautiful relationship).
      So please read it. And give comments.

  2. Oh no!!!
    di what u did..
    it’s ok wating for next..
    please keep writing something..
    take care

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