Kriyam (Love and Hate) Episode 2

Hi! I am back with a new episode for kriyam fans.
Thanku for commenting and liking my ff.
So let’s start..

Saiyyam left yuvaani in college and reached the birla industries.
Everyone greeted him.
Yuvan: Saiyaam! A girl is coming for the interview for assistant.
Saiyyam: ok bhai.

He went to his office and started to read some files.
While Krishna arrived.
She asked someone for saiyyam’s office and went there. While in the way, she collided with someone and fell down.

The person started to scold her.
Krishna: I’m sorry.
Saiyyam: What the hack?(angrily) . What are u doing here? You should be working.
He went away while Krishna was staring at him and murmuring something.
Krishna: Such an arrogant man and that’s so rude. I was saying sorry but he? Uff..
She met a girl.
Krishna: Hello! I am Krishna and I’m here for interview.
Baby: yes! Boss is waiting for you. Now go. By the way, I am baby.
Krishna: Nice to meet you baby!

She went to interview room and knocked.
Saiyyam:(while on phone) Come in
He didn’t see her nor did she as he was busy with his phone and was sitting in another direction.
Krishna:Sir! I am here to give interview.
Saiyyam:Yeah! Take a seat
When he finished talking, he saw Krishna and she also saw him and was shocked.

Krishna: What are u doing here? You rude man.
Saiyyam: Oh shut up! What are you doing here.
Krishna: I came here for interview so please call your boss.

Suddenly baby comes in and says
Baby: Sir, I want ur sign on these papers. They are very important.
Saiyyam: OK! Put them here.
Krishna to baby: What!! He is your boss.
Baby: yeah

She went and Krishna says to herself
Krishna: Now this job is gone for you.

Saiyyam: So I am a rude man? Huh?
Krishna no no.
Saiyyam: Hmm.. OK

He took her interview and said that anyone from office will call her.
Krishna went away and while going home.
Krishna’s pov:
He’s such an arrogant and rude guy. But I need this job.
She goes home sadly and her sister notices this.
Saira: hey Krishna! What happened?Your looking worried.
Krishna: I met a man in office and he is so rude and I said him many things but later I found that he was the boss. I hope that I get the job.
Saira: Don’t worry! You will get the job.
They went downstairs and ate dinner and slept.
Someone calls Krishna and congrats her.
So guys I hope u like the episode.
Please comment below.

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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Nice update Porsha. Are u from BD? Liked the story except ur opening was a bit familiar with many other ff. But I know u will do great next episodes. Keep writing and can’t wait for the next one.
    Oops forgot to introduce myself. I am Anahita and my nickname is Annie(given by parents) and I am from US. Like u I am also a ff writer and big fan of kriyam. And surely note me as one of ur regular ff readers. I will try to comment everyday.

    And can’t wait to see Krishna’s first day at office tomorrow. Update asap……
    Keep going… ??✌

    1. Princessporsha

      Actually i am a silent reader and its my first ff so I little bit confused so I think when I was writing this ff , as I have read each and every ff so those episodes must be rooming my mind that’s why I have written them but I will try to write way different than others.
      And thank u for supporting me.

  2. Hello di,
    how r u ?
    di extremly sorry for not cmt intro part..
    di I like ur ff
    so please continue..
    or didi thanku so much for writing WONDERFUL ff..
    eagrly waiting for upcoming episodes…
    so please try to post soon..
    take care..

  3. Nice update dear…..
    Waiting for krishna’s first at office…

  4. Aaravjaikar

    Again good one…

  5. Oh I really like it

  6. Khushi1707

    Hey, thats the same story I had put across in my ff..but keep writing..

    1. Khushi1707

      But you did some changes

      1. Princessporsha

        I am really sorry but these ideas came in my mind so wrote them and can you tell me ur ff’s name so that I can be sure that I don’t do the same story.

  7. Khushi1707

    My ff is Kriyam: An Unnamed Relationship

  8. Princessporsha

    Oh yes! Its my favourite..

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u

  9. Good episode… 🙂

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