Kriyam- love at first sight – Episode 6

Krishna opens her eyes and sees someone…. Krishna starts to pronounce his name , saiyaam is holding krishna and krishna pronounes v…v…v, a hot, yet dashing guy is shown( so guys comment down which actor should be viren) Krishna looks at him with fear , where as viren stares at krishna lovingly , viren bends down and picks krishna up and takes her away, saiyyam tries to stop viren but fails and viren just smirks and leaves, Krishna tries to free herself but viren slaps her and makes her sit, Krishna doesn’t do but agrees to viren, viren brings her to mandap and drags her and THe marriage happens

Okay I know this was so short ,not in detail, it was so boring and just really lame ff to read, but I’m really busy with my studies and I going to tafe which is more work and sorry for the late post, I’m in a rush guys so I hope u understand and I appreciate it that u like it soo plz be patient with me and the next ff will be good thanks alot

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  1. Aarti32

    Nice episode..

    1. Hafiza

      Sorry for this update it wasn’t good

      1. Aarti32

        No yaar..It was short..Agreed..But it was nice

  2. Hafiza

    Okay, I’m really sorry for this update, I know it was really boring and sooooo short but the thing is I’m busy with school and i also have out of uni studies along with my actual school, I was actually planning not to contiue it and hoping people to forget my gf but I thought people won’t , example I love the kriyam fs el hasina thee and the ffs are uploaded after a long time, but I wait for it until it uploads so I thought it was the same with mine, so I promise you alot that on Monday it will be long, I will do it at my school,not sure when it will uploaded as Australia is five hours ahead of India so yeh and I would like to thank whoever reads my ff and likes it and I’m deeply apologise and sorry for this not so called ff


  3. Short but nyc…

  4. Awww

  5. Etna short story busy ho to post na karte plz next epi upload

  6. Hey! i am also a lover of kriyam and i read ur ff it was very good . I love it. I never post comment on ffs but today first time i post. Please continue this story. Ok if you not want to continue atleast complete it. Kriyam is my favourite couple. Please this is a request.. please upload epi7

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