Kriyam- love at first sight – Episode 5

Okay guys here’s episode 5; and regarding to my studies I decided not to end it after two weeks, it will go longer, so please enjoy and thanks for your feedback and wishes.

Saiyyam enters Krishna rooms and ask
Saiyyam: Krishna whats this, and he picks up the sindoor and mangalsutra from the dustbin..
Krishna: umm……I……. am already married.. my husband………. Did…and….he… did… ughhhhhhh(starts to cry heartily)
Saiyyam: tell me what he did, and he tries to console her..
Krishna: It was a love marriage me and Viren both loved each other a lot, we used to go out to many places, travel, the world, he came to my home and I went to his. His parents found out, we were doing this and got us married to each other, but my fate had something else.. he never loved me, he tortured me, he forcefully made me do things, he dated someone else, before our marriage happened, all he did was cheat on me and torture me. Then I came home and gave him divorce papers, and he signed it not knowing what he did,, so late at night, I left home, but I was caught by him, he forcefully dragged me to a temple , that was near our home and made me get married to him again,, but I slapped him and run away to here in Mumbai, hoping not to see him again… (cries throughout whole explanation)

Saiyyam was to shocked to say anything, he was mad, upset, angry, disgusted, so many emotions came to his mind, he hadc no idea hoe to console Krishna, she had been through a lot at such an age, she was only 21 and… himself began to cry..saiyyam crouched down on the fall, where Krishna was crying and gave a tight, tight hug and said
Saiyyam : im always here for you, don’t worry, you will soon forget your past,(he picked Krishna up, and put her on the bed, soon after she fell asleep, he caressed her face and left)
Krishna wakes up, and gets ready and saiyyam comes and surprises two tickets for Australia (haha yay im bringing them to my house.. jks) This will help your mood and forget things easily , Krishna was filled with overjoy.
Krishna: Thank you so much for this, I appreciate it a lot
Saiyyam: Ur welcome

They reached the airport and boarded the flight, the flight was 14 hours and 30 minutes, it was a long flight, saiyyam made Krishna laugh smile, they watched movies together, soon after the flight landed.. hey received their bag and went to the immigration check, they exited and Krishna told saiyyam shes going to the bathroom, but someone saw her and started following her.. every step she took, the person went behind her..

Krishna came out of the bathroom and turned right,, and she was shocked and she screamed, she saw someone, that ade her faint, saiyyam came running to Krishna………

PRECAP: Krishna opened her eyes… and started trembling his name V……V…….V. and siyyam looks on

That’s the end of epi five, who do you think the person is??? Its probably obvious, a lot of suspense, obsession and fights coming ahead,, stay tuned 

Hafiza ~

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  1. may b viren

  2. Aarti32

    Episode was awesome..N I think d person is Viren

  3. So good ?

  4. It is viren…write ASAP..

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