Kriyam- love at first sight – Episode 4

Episode 4: At the bottom of this FF there is an important message so please read, and todays episode is quite different, as im not adding any talking parts, just whats occurring, please enjoy and give feeback

Yuvani makes Krishna sit on the sofa, and she goes and comes back with photo albums. Krishna sees them and laughs at them, which cheers up her mood, from far Saiyyam is watching Krishna and smiles and says, shes so cute, oh god please make Krishna feel the same way. After a while, when they are finished looking at the albums, Krishna goes to her room to sleep. Saiyyam comes and watches her, for ten minutes straight ( Guys im going make saiyyam, a creep okay, please don’t mind, as there will be twist coming ahead). He comes to her and caress her face, he admires it and leaves. Krishna wakes up, and goes to the washroom to freshen up, she goes to her mirror and opens her handbag and looks at a mangalsutra and sindoor. She holds it in her hands and cries, she comes to the dustbin and throws it away and she says I hate you with all my heart never come back in my life again…

Saiyyam sees this through the window…. He is shocked, that Krishna is married, but yet why did she throw it away, he asks questions to himself…… he goes to Krishna and sayssss…

Precap: Saiyyam: Krishna wy did you throw ur sindoor and mangalsutra away and picks it out from the dustbin….

That’s the end guys for this episode, and I am really sorry that its short, as im in school and im in grade 11 (15 years old), Grade 11 is an important year for me, its my second last year of schooling and it is a big jump for students in my school in Australia, these two last years of my schooling will help me become what I want to be when I grow up, so im ending my ff in a weeks time, so please exusme me, once again im really sorry, but if you guys don’t want my ff to end I will try my best to extend it for two more weeks, and thank you all for loving my ff.

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  1. All the best for your studies and your future…loving your writing…ur awesome gurl!!!

  2. Aarti32

    Shocking episode!! But still I like it??
    N regarding d ending, we all wud obviously want u to write more, but only if u don’t hamper your studies..It’s all upto your convenience..Don’t ever neglect your studies..U can write more ffs later, but your studies, once gone, there’s no coming back..So continue it for two weeks, only if your studies remain unaffected!!

  3. Wow amazing twist to the story
    Yeah I understand you because my sister in 11 grade and I am in 9 grade,we have the same type of schooling in the USA as well.?

  4. Shaani

    Today’s episode was soo shocking… But nice.. I loved it.. Superb..
    Regarding the ending matter.. I know that It is hard to do both..we love ur ff.. You have to study first.. After ur studies start writing again..
    All the best for ur studies n all the best for ur future…god bless u..

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