Kriyam- love at first sight – Episode 2

Thanks all for the wonderful comments it means alot to me, here comes episode 2

Episode starts when Saiyam opens the door and here’s a bang, he looks down and sees a girl of his dreams, he goes down to help her and looks into her eyes said says my love at first sight as became true

Krishna: Exusme minster, cant you see when you are opening the door

Saiyam stared at Krishna dreamingly, Krishna snapped her fingers

Krishna: Hello can you here me, next time be careful and glared at saiyyam and she left

Saiyyam: She’s sooo dreamy, she cute,innocent and beautiful to, saiyyam snap out of it, if you be like this it will ruin your image

Saiyyam left and went to the hall for the first class, there was only one seat left and he went there, he sat on the chair and looked right, Krishna was sitting next to him . Saiiyam was happy and stared and Krishna

Krishna looked up, and felt uncomfortable, and pinch saiiyam

Krishna: Umm, you okay??
Saiyyam: …..
Krishna: HELLLLOOO, I said are you okay
Saiyyam: Oh yehh I’m fine
Krishna: Okay good, so what’s your name
Saiyam: Saiiyam Mehta, your name
Krishna: Krishna, u can call me krish
Saiiyam: Okay, so are we friends
Krishna: Sure, why not

Class began, and saiyyam was happy, that he became friends with Krishna and smiled to himself

PRECAP: Drama teacher: There will be a project about love and it will be only two people in each group, I put up a list that states which two people are working together, saiyyam and Krishna look at the list and smile

Sorry if part was short, I promise next part will be longer, I will try to post two times a day, and again in soo sorry if it was short and thanks again for ur comments, please comment of what should add next to my ff, I will add ur idea to my ff



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  1. Wow. Amazing. Keep posting..

  2. Aarti32

    Awesome n dreamy episode..N yess, it was short..I’m deeply hurt by dis short episode?? lol??..Plzz don’t get worried but, next time plzz make it longer..

  3. Nithu

    Do send me links of ua epi….

  4. This was indeed a dreamy one..for the first time someone had written that saiyyam thought krishna was dreamy…little dissappointed with the short epi…keep writing…& write long epis too… 🙂

  5. Really good. Please make it longer next time

  6. Shaani

    Nice part…loved it…post next part soon..

  7. ???? really nice

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