Kriyam- love at first sight – Episode 1

Hi, I’m new to the fandom, I wish I could increase the trp of ssel, but I live in Australia and international viewers do not count, this is my first ff hope u like it.

Krishna- a simple sweet girl, lives with her father Aditya and mother Ayesha, she dreams to become an actress and she’s currently studying elements of drama at college

Saiyyam- An aggrogant man, that lives with mother suhani, he is also into drama, and studying drama at the same college, saiyyam deep down loves to be kind but doesn’t show it as he will think it will ruin is image

Rest of the characters will come later, these two are the most important ones

Lets Begin, enjoy

Sun is shown rising, and a girl stretches her arms and gets out of bed, she gets ready and greets her parents
Krishna: Good morning maa, papa
Both parents: Morning krishy
Krishna: Maa, I will be late today, my class will finish late
Ayesha: Okay beti, but when finished, come home quickly
Krishna: Yes maa

Krishna leaves and takes her car and goes to college

Saiyyam is shown and he is in a rush and he is late
Suhani: Saiyyam, hurry up beta your getting late
Saiyyam: Yes ma, I’m coming
saiyyam comes running and he doesn’t eat breakfast or say bye to suhani, he leaves the house
Suhani: Ummm this boy wil never change, she laughs and goes

Saiyyam takes his car and leaves

At college, saiyyam and Krishna, park their car next to each other, Krishna gets out and takes her bag and is about to go but saiiyam opens his car door, hits Krishna and her bag falls and so does she,

precap: Saiyyam looks down at Krishna and helps her and he looks right into her eyes and saiiyam says to himself, love at first sight

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  1. Aarti32

    Awesome start..N I’m just imagining Saiyyam say to himself ‘love at first sight’ ??

  2. its superb!!

  3. Good start. ?

  4. Shaani

    Awesome…great start… Keep writing… Update daily… Waiting for the next part…

  5. Wow wat a nice intro and creative writing

  6. Hey hafiza nyc work… keep writing…waiting 4 next epi… 🙂

  7. Loved it, can’t wait for the next chapter, but can u please try and make them a bit longer… and I also wish to raise the trps of shows but too bad I also live in Australia ????

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