kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 37



Krishna- tum…tum yaha
[you….you here?] Saiyam- nahi karan
Krishna- vo I am sorry Saiyam I really had no idea….
Saiyam- what do you mean by you had no idea. Krishna this is really ridiculous. You are a kid no more. Please don’t even try to be that also. I am sorry but this kind of behavior is not acceptable atleast for me.
Hurting with his harsh words Saiyam left Krishna’s room.
Krishna-[running after Saiyam] Saiyam I am really sorry…….please trust me I didn’t had any such intention….it was done accidentally.
Saiyam- wow superb! Now you think that it is not even your fault. Actually right it was entire my fault that I came here to see you that I cared for you.
Krishna-no I never meant that….I accept it was my fault only.
Saiyam- thank god one right thing happened today….you accepted it’s your fault then you have to bear punishment
[what kind of punishment would Saiyam give? Why is being so rude….anything happened with him. Well please tell if punishment was appropriate. }
Krishna- what sort of punishment?
Saiyam- an ice cream party…… If you are ready then I would think about it otherwise forget you have a friend named Saiyam?

Suddenly starts laughing looking at Krishna puppy eyes.
Krishna got a 440 volts shock and instantly hugged Saiyam.
For Saiyam it may be a joke but Krishna once thought that she might lose one gem today.
Krishna- don’t you dare….. to ask for a party.
With this she breaks the hug and starts running away from him to express her anger on him. The song “ina sona kyu rab ne banaya”starts.
Saiyam pulled her back due to which she automatically landed on his chest. He put his hands around Krishna’s face
Saiyam- I was just kidding. [Krishna was avoiding eye contact} look at me…okay I am sorry…look Krishna I didn’t knew that it would hurt you so much. I thought that you would fight with me but opposite happened…you got hurt. So tell whose fault it was?
Krishna- you are still confused about it….saiyam you know I always pretend to be strong hard…but whenever it comes to my family or friends na I get immensely hyper and emotional. And you are attached to my heart. So don’t do such silly mistake of getting rid of me.
With this Krishna starts leaving.
Saiyam- but what about my party?

Krishna turns and says that you won’t get it. Instead you would give it.
With this Kriyam came back to their colours and Saiyam pulled her back. Due to a strong pull Krishna lost her balance and landed in her future world that is the two safe arms of Saiyam.
They both share an eye lock. The song “rabta” starts in the background.

Kriyam came back to their senses.
Krishna- so where was I? ha you are going to now give this party.
Saiyam- really? [ whispers in her ears] Krishna- yes…and unless you don’t get ready I am not going to talk to you.
Saiyam- well then congratulations…..well then I don’t have to listen to someone’s blabbering.
Saiyam leaves with his smirking face.
Krishna gets back.
{ so everyone nothing had happened to Saiyam. He was just acting actor ha na. by the way socho agar aapko apke cousins kisi aur k saath dekh lo aur vo bhi opposite gender then….boooommmm. socho agar aisa bhi ho toh kya ho soch agar aisa bhi ho toh kya ho?}

So with this I end today. Well I know it was a short one but it was only Kriyam…guys how was the episode? Was it boring and ha thank god all the Kriyam writers have come back or else I would have fallen ill. Ya ya I stop my blabbering. Bye!

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  1. Lol my cousin once saw me with my school friend who was a boy and we just went to hangout and my cousin saw me there and he clicked our photo and whatsapp it to the family group??it took me more than 5 months to tell each of them that he was my school friend not a boyfriend??enough of my blabbering?coming towards episode it was amazing as usual??

    1. Naina-

      Ha ha ha that was funny but it becomes more horrible when your best friend sees it ……thanks for episode and sharing your experience

  2. Amazing❤❤

    1. Naina-

      Thank you anshu for reading and commenting

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Boring?? Not at all.. The episode was short but it was sooo cute and filled with kriyam..loved it.. Keep posting..

    1. Naina-

      Thank you and ha I will try to make next one longer

  4. Cute episode…

    1. Naina-

      Thank you ishika …….it means a lot

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