kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 36


This kriyammites wanted moment was disturbed by the round of applauses. Kriyam came back to their senses and realized that according to present situation they have no right to come so close. Instead of being full of emotions, confusions, they were feeling guilty. They thought that they disrespected the values inculcated by their parents. And it‘s more or less very true. No girl or boy would feel romantic after such a situation. Awkwardness is the most common felling that generally we experience and our Kriyam was going through that stage only.
Kriyam was avoiding eye lock. For Saiyam it might be a little bit easier to get normal but Krishna who was already confused to put Saiyam in which zone- friend or love got more complicated things to handle.
The party ended. Krishu went home. She was confused but acted normal so that after nandini now their cousin doesn’t get a chance to tease her.
#krishna’s home
[ guys let cousins be neeti, siddharath and karan and many more. Nobody has only three cousins instead we all have a long list of cousins which we have not even counted in our whole life. Who has such faltu time] Karan- Krishu…we missed you so much.
They all hug each other and then a delightful family dinner is going on. Elders in one corner and all the youngsters in the left one. Children can’t sit in just one corner.
Siddharath- so guys! What is the plan? We are here only for one night.
Neeti- something rocking…vaise bhi yeh humari izzat ka sawal h.
Karan- of course yaar we all are together and we don’t do anything exciting. Log kya kahenge.
Sona- bikul…what about a dj night?
Everyone- done.
And then they all have fun and sleep at about 4’o clock.

#in the morning- Krishna is sleeping peacefully like a new born baby with a flick of hair out from her plated hair. Here enters our Saiyam in the peaceful scenario.
Saiyam rings the bell and saumya opens the door.
Saiyam- Namaste aunty! Aap kaise ho?
[hello aunty! How are you?}
Saumya- Namaste…mein bilkul fit and fine hu . tum kaise ho?
[hello…I am fit and fine. How are you?] Saiyam- [nods head and gives a smile] vo actually mein Krishna se milne aa ya tha . vo uski kuch reports aur medicine doctor ne bheji ha aur usse kuch office related kaam bhi tha.
[vo actually I came to meet Krishna. I wanted to handover her reports and medicine sent by doctor and I had some professional work also.] Saumya- zaroor beta par vo actually abhi so rahi h. mein usse utha deti hu.
[ ya sure! But she is sleeping. I wake her.] They both lead towards Krishna room.
Saumya- Krishu,Krishu beta uththo.
[Krishu,Krishu wake up] Krishna-[while turning to opposite side] maa please sirf 5 minutes aur. Then I will surely wake up.
Luckily the landline rings and saumya goes to attend it.
Saiyam- Krishna.
Krishna- karan please ha tu jaldi jag gaye ha iska yeh matlab nahi h ki dusro ka bhi jaldi jagna jazroori ha. Ab chup chap sona de.
[ karan please..if you woke up early doesn’t mean everyone has to wake up early. Be silent and let me sleep.] Saiyam- Krishna….I am not.
Krishna- aree..pit ke manega kya…shut up and go to hell.
[aree…you would understand after getting beaten by me?] Saiyam- Krishna..look
This time Krishna throws pillow on Saiyam. She wake up and sit on her knees. First of all she removes hair from her face like a nursery class child do and then say good morning so. Saiyam gets flat. krishna slowly opens her pearls like eyes. Now what Krishna do after spotting Saiyam is……

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