kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 35



#at the party.
Krishna came with nandini where everyone was already waiting for her. He wore a simple dress and did very light makeup with small earnings but the dress was totally complementing her.
Rohan- sona aa gayi!
Everyone had a formal meeting first. Krishna met with everyone and collected a lot of get well soon wishes. For about half an hour party was going like a lori. People were busy in their own groups. Like fun was restricted there.
Krishu- rehan, what is this yaar? Tum log mujhe teekh dekhna chate ho ki nahi. Agar paanch minute or sab kuch aise hi raha na toh tuh pita.
[rehan, what is this yaar?you all want to see me fine or not. If things are not going to be changed in five minutes then you will not be spare.] Rehan- [with a puppy face] okay.
Rehan- gyus….may I get your five minutes please. All we all know the party is quite turning into a sleepy one so can we have antakakshri with our melodious singers. But there’s a twist. You have to dance also. Let’s start with our chief guest.
Sona- done!
She sings mein tanu samjhava ki na tere bina lag da dil……….with guitar.
The song ends.

Saiyam- I didn’t know that you also know to play guitar.
This time instead of giving a delhi ki ladki wala reply Krishu kept quiet which made Saiyam give a suspicious look.
Krishu- [after seeing saiyam’s reaction] just one tune.
Saiyam- yeh lo juice.
Krishu- but I didn’t ask.
Saiyam- le lo. According to great musicians it’s nice to have something after singing so beautifully
Krishna points towards the guitar which she was holding with much effort. Her helplessness was clearly visible from her cute face.
Saiyam- let me.
Saiyam make Krishna drink juice. They share an eye lock. Song bearish from yaariyaan plays.
(wo kya h na Krishna bechari apne dosto k dil nahi todna chati thi isliya tute huya haath se bhi guitar baja rahi thi. A round of applause for Krishna’s efforts.)

After saiyam’s exit nandini’s teasing entry is made. cute. Sona if he cares for you so much now then what would be the result after marriage.
Sona- look this any friend would do. So please you shut your mouth.
Nandini- beta teri love story k saath bahut workout karna padega. Jab tumhare bacche hogenge na jab unhe bataungi ki kaise tumhare mata ji pita ji ko meine ek kiya tha.
[ beta your love story needs a lot of hard work. when you would have your kids na then I would be narrating stories to them that how I united their mother and father.] Sona- let’s wait for that time.
Meanwhile in the game Saiyam turns arrives.
Yuvaan- bhai I want you to sing my favourite song.
Then our Saiyam sings ishq bulava from hasee toh phase.
The girls heart was about to fail.
Suddenly nandini gets a electrifying idea.
Nandini- it was superb. Vaise there is one thing common. Sona loves this song too.
( sona expression need to be explained kya? Think if your best friend says in front of your crush that you have a secret crush on someone.)
Amaya- we would love to hear from you. Please.
Sona- but I don’t know the tune.
Yuvaan- humari bhai h na. he is perfect. He would teach you.
Kriyam gave a weird look to Yuvaan.
Everyone- please son and Saiyam.

Then Saiyam comes near Krishna. He keeps his head just 1cm away from her chin. His hot breaths were raising the heart beats. She could feel butterflies in her stomach. Saiyam gently placed his hand over hers. Kriyam look into each other eyes like they were drowned in it. Slowly and slowly Krishna heart beats rose. Saiyam placed his second hand on her and started to play the guitar. His touch went like a healing power which cured Krishu all internal wounds. Krishna hairs which were disturbing this precious moment were gently pushed aside by Saiyam. The every cell which got touched by him was on cloud nine. All what could our Krishna do is to watch his love with her beautiful full of aspirations eyes.

Gently the Kriyam began to sing. Krishna was lost in her own world. She was just enjoying the moment irrespective of the fact that many are watching them. It was like her most desirable dream coming true and she is dreaming then she never wanted to wake up. Her mind alerted that it is wrong but deep inside her heart knew that he is the key of your happiness.

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