kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 34


Hello.. guys how are you all so I am here with the next episode. Well sorry for not updating on weekends as we had a family get-together and then I and my friends planned a day out. So I hardly got time and at last it was ipl for which as we all know I am crazy. Well coming towards episode the last ques was that what Krishna is going to confess…don’t think so hard I am not going to make Kriyam confession so easily. Let’s start the suspense…
Saiyam-you wanted to confess something na

Krishna- me!!
Saiyam-of course you are the only Krishna in this room…
Krishna- ya..vo actually…..actually…I am injured so I won’t be able to cooperate with you in the office…hope it doesn’t cause any trouble.

Saiyam- you said that cracking pj is fineable and now you yourself is cracking them.
Saiyam- Krishna please don’t be such formal..even if you wanted to join office then also I wouldn’t have allowed. I care for you more than you.
Saiyam- aur ha tumne toh mujhe dara hi diya that. Ek pal k liya toh aisa lagathat tum mujhe propose karne wali ho.
[ and ha you scared me so much. For a moment I thought you are going to propose me.] Krishna looks at Saiyam with a surprised look and then looks down shyly.
Saiyam gets a call.

Saiyam- I just come.
Krishna gets a little relief which is stolen in a second by nandini’s entry.
Nandini- so you made it na….oh god Krishna I am so happy for you.
Krishna- shut up!! [While throwing a pillow on her] you just get lost. Tune hi mere dimaag ka faaluda kar diya h. now I don’t want any kind of stupidity or else you are not going to be spared.
Nandini- haath tut gaya par taashan nahi gaya.
Saiyam comes again.
Saiyam- doctor said that you can be discharged after 1 hour.

Nandini-[Whispers in Krishna’s ear] look he is so happy for you.
Krishu- tujhe pitna h kya?
Saiyam- girls this occasion needs to be celebrated…so a friendship day celebration at my home??
( guys you are welcomed for the party. Address will be posted birla mansion. Please honor us by coming)
Nandini- of course hum aayege ….ha na sona..hum pakka aaenge.

[while smirking at Krishna] Saiyam- don’t forget to call rohan and rehan.
(how many of you eat almonds? Well those who should remember rohan and rehan but if you don’t then I remind you that they are also krishu’s friends.)
Nandini- ya sure we would.
Saiyam leaves. Now what should Krishna has done?

She has blasted over nandini like a sleepy volcano who got challenged to prove that it is alive.
Nandini-’s a party or your first date.
Krishu- you na….wait baby wait when you would get in all this na I am not going to help you in any way and even tease you to that extend that you will cry.
Nandini- awwww…by the way I will not need any helper. I am enough for myself. But you would surely need my help.
They both hug each other.
#at the party.

Everyone has gathered in birla mansion. Sona has got discharged and has not reached yet. Saumya is not coming as she is busy in taking care of guests. You know Krishna’s cousins were coming.
So that’s all for today. I know it’s a short one. But what to do my cousin has come over my place. So we all are busy in enjoying. And ssel has come to an end. missing it. but it always be there in our updates.

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