kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 33



Krishna was about to speak when Saiyam suddenly took a surprising entry.
Saiyam- hello girls….
Krishna pov- oh no…..what the hell is this? Hope she has listened anything…if he had listened a single word also then I am going to first kill nandini and then die myself….please god first time I wish that someone had not listened my opinion..please please!!!
Saiyam-what happened?? I said hello..
Krishna-[in a very low tone] hey
Saiyam- so what was the topic of discussion?
Nandini and sona look at each other in astonishment.
Nadini- you didn’t heard anything…[in a half happy tone] (guys ever happened with you. When your friend is trying to pull your leg by using your crush name and then suddenly that person come behind you. Well I must say it is a very awkward situation but surely a special memory for future)
Saiyam- I don’t have bad habit of listening talks of two best friends.
A broad smile appeared on both girls face.
Saiyam- I didn’t cracked a joke [in a confused tone].
Nandini- nothing we were just chatting .

By the way sona wanted to confess something to you. [while turning towards sona] you both talk. I take a leave.
[while hugging her ] all the best beta. Teri agine pariksha shuru. Take care. Bye
[ I hope everyone knows about agine pariksha. Well those who don’t it is nothing but like an exam where sita ji had to go inside fire to prove her character. Some people argue that its totally wrong but hindu religion still has unbreakable faith in this.] Saiyam-[comes and sit on side of her bed] tumhari tabeeyat kaisi h?
Krishna- better than yesterday. By the way today we had an important meeting. What about that?
Saiyam sits blank, trying to hide something.
Krishna- so you canceled it. Wow! Saiyam how could you even think that I would feel happy on listening that you have canceled meeting for me. That’s very unprofessional and I don’t want my boss to set such examples.
Saiyam-Krishna, you know what my parents had sent me to school.
Krishna- so what?
Saiyam- so I have already attended lectures of teachers. You don’t need to give one.
Krishna- [while hitting a punch on his shoulder] shut up! Mr.birla.
Saiyam- okay fine! I have something for you.
Saiyam brings out something from his behind and opened a box.
Krishna- ladoo! Thank you so much. VAISE bhi by eating all that missile like medicines na my mouth’s taste had gone worst.
Kriyam hug each other.

Krishna-but what about doctor….i can’t eat it without his permission.
Saiyam-you know what! You are the first person on this earth who is asking for doctor’s permission. Like people pray for such an opportunity and you are kicking it off . seriously Krishna.
Krishna-I thought I only had the copy right of doing drama.
They both laugh and enjoy their drama origin ladoos.
(do any one here is a ladoo fan. I am looking for a pair. Guys I am a big fan of sweets specially ladoos. Even today itself I have two bowls of them at my home. So are you?)
Krishna- Saiyam well you know..I was always afraid of getting hurt. Whenever I saw an accident I used to think that if this happened with me then I am going to surely die. Pata h agar mujhe zara sib hi chot lagti thin a mein pura ghar sar par utha leti this I used to cry agar nails cut karte waqt bhi zara ki lag gayi toh….I used to show off my cousins that look how brave I am. I am really them a lot.
Saiyam- you know what agar sache dil se kuch bhi mang go na toh mil jata h. agar melody mein itni chocolate kyu hoti h iska answer mango gi toh voh bhi mil jayega.
[dear readers please try this. Agar kisi ko answer mile toh inform media.] Krishna- Saiyam you know I am going to fix fine for PJ and I think you would become poorest in one day only!
Saiyam- yeah…by the way your cousins are coming.
Krishna- really! And how do you know.
Saiyam- I saw aunty talking.,
Krishna-chalo tumhara pj kahi toh use huya…..
They both laugh.
Saiyam-by the way you needed to confess something.
[imagine how Krishu expressions could be. From a happy smiling face she turned to a face full of nervousness.] Krishna-me!
Hello dear readers how are you all..guys I needed to ask you that do you like the discussions which I write in between of story…vaise in my opinion I think they make chapter interesting. Well It must not be same for all mind. So please answer that you favour them or not. And ha good news for ami kkr fans including me. Kkr has won the eliminator. Hope it wins it’s next one too.
I take leave with my blabbering. Bye…naina

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  1. Akshaya

    Omg nice episode. What she should confess? Waiting for the next

    1. Naina-

      thank you so much..and let confession be a question

  2. Nice epi……. Enjoyed it….. btw r u bengali or from kolkata

    1. Naina-

      thank you muniya and i am not a bengali but i love kkr

  3. Haloo Nainu..eliminator tho jeet Gaye par qualifier haar gaye?..I loved the epi and the ur opinion makes it perfect?

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