kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 32



Hello everyone so all who , made guess only a true concentrated reader could guess it right. It’s none other than Krishu best friend nandini.
Hope you all remember it. So let’s start the episode.
Now the question arises where was nandini when Krishna met with an accident. Being her best friend she should be there first. So to satisfy you she was not in town gone with her family.
Krishna calls nandini.

Krishna- hello! Nandini
Nandini- toh finally aap ko yaad aa hi gaya ki aapki nandini naam ki ek dost bhi h….what is this yaar sona I am really upset with you matlab kuch sharm h tu apni bff ko bhul gayi
[ so finally you remembered that you have a friend named nandini….what is this sona I am really upset with you how could be so normal you forgot your bff] Krishna-[while interrupting her in between] I met with an accident.
Nandini-[shocked] what..sona this is not a prank h..dont scare me like this.
Krishna- toh tujhe lagta h ki mein tute huya haath or paar k saath vo bhi is sade huya hospital mein prank know what don’t to your sona ever now.

[so you think that with broken leg and hand complemented by stupid hospital I am going to prank with know what don’t talk to your sona ever] (hope you all remember that nandini used to call Krishna sona and have you done any prank with your friends…well I am expert in this just did it yesterday and experts never lose I got success with flying colours if you want idea I am always here to give teasing ideas)
Nandini- it means you are seriously injured.

Krishu- no I am joking.
Nandini- kiski himmat hui ki usne tujhe mara….tu theek toh h na
Krishu-ya I am fine but I need you urgently..please please aa ja.
Nandini- ya ya ! look I arrived yesterday mein half an hour taka a ti hu…you text me address I am coming ha take care bye.

#in the hospital
It’s another day. Krishna is still in hospital. She has been advised to stay at least for three days not like ssel who grants leave immediately. Saiyam had gone home.
So you can imagine that Krishna called nandini in early morning. Actually I am wasting my time over this because In the starting itself I cleared that in this ff you would get the maximum reality.
Nandini arrives in the room and hugs sona immediately.
Nandini-sona yeh kya halat kar rakhi h..pata h meine socha tha ki mein tujhe apni trip k bare mein sab kuch bataungi but yaha toh tune nahi story de di.
[sona what’s your condition…I thought that we would do a lot of chit chat and I will tell you everything about my trip but you give me another story]

Sona- vo tune mera call nahi pick kiya na isliya mein apni yeh halat karva li
Nandin- awww…dramebaaz.
Sona-look I want to tell you something really Important.
Nandini- ha toh bata
Sona- wo jo mere boss h na….
Nandini-kon Saiyam

Sona – ha Saiyam…vo actually..i am confused about him
Nandini-[jumps on the bed] what ! congrats! Finally you are confused for someone.
Sona- look if you are going to behave like this I am not going to tell you anything.
Nandini- okay! I am sorry. Tell me fast.
Sona- look I don’t know what happens to me when I see him but I really feel happy when he is around. Honestly I want him around when he is here na its like a dream coming true vo snow white wali dream I like his possessiveness he is surely special for me[ a beautiful blushing smile appears on Krishna’s face] but…

Nandini-but you are confused whether you love her or not.
Don’t worry I am here na. look according to our elders whom you love you care for him you like his habits you laugh when he laugh you like to spend time with him na and above all you love him. And all this feelings are same for friends also so confusion is very common in such situations.
Sona- I didn’t knew you have become so mature hmm.
Nandini- I take it as a compliment ….
So coming to your situation…

Do you like him?
Sona- ha but not that way..
Nandini – sona yes or no..
Sona- yes[while making a small pout] Nandini-do you want to marry him?
Sona- I wish to.

Nandini- so bas yaar what do you think ki jab tu aakhein band karegi or vo dikai dega tabhi tu usse pyar karti h….no yaar humare parents k saath kabhi aisa nahi huya toh kya vo ek dussre se pyar nahi karte or vaise bhi who the hell is going to ask kit um ek dussre se pyar karte ho? Tum saath mein khush ho that enough for everyone and it should be enough for you too..
Look you love me right …you feel light when you talk to like to share yourself with me…you can spend plenty of hours not hours days actually with me…and beyond this you are in your colour when you are with judge Saiyam in all this criteria and you would get your answer.
Wow! Aisa friend toh pakka hona chahiya jo aapko har problem mein se bahar nikal le…so how was the episode?? Vaise this is truly based on nandini and sona mutual in this episode I request you to tell your nandini…byeee

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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Amazing epi.. Loved it soo much. U are truly a talented writer..keep going and can’t wait for the next one..

    1. Naina-

      thank you so much..

  2. Akshaya

    Amazing yaar. Nice bffs. And give some tips regarding the pranks

    1. Naina-

      thank you….and i really that everyone has bff like this..well in reality my bff is nadini only..and talking about pranks…the last one was when we befooled a friend by calling him and talking as his crush…second one is that taking a book and telling friend that let’s take a selfie…then we keep the book like smartphone and when our friend is ready we give a banggggg on his face….try once its old but then also enjoying

      1. Akshaya

        Omg that is so cool

      2. Naina-

        that common in dav…you know pranks are like a subject for us unless we don’t do any prank with our bff na we don’t feel we are in school

  3. Loved it. Keep posting. Waiting for next.

    1. Naina-

      thank you anshu…it means alot

  4. Good epi?…Scaring everyone is my favorite prank…and a lot are there Mostly I fool people..

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