kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 30


Hello guys how are you all? Well I know I am late this week but to fulfill the quota I am here with 3 new episodes…..talking about last…..i introduced that a major change is heading towards Kriyam. Just to give you a recap…so that it’s easy to relate.
Everyone was returning home. Krishu was crossing the road when suddenly a drunken driver hit her. Dhaaaadhammmm…..
The blood was spread on the road. Soon everyone gathered around. Like the delhians instead of helping the victim driver ran.
Saiyam-krishnaaaaaa { he was in tears}
Krishna- Saiyam ambulance!! [ while taking heavy breathes] Soon krishna was taken hostpital. Saiyam condition doesn’t need to be explained. He didn’t leave krishna’s hand for a single moment. Soon krishna was taken for treatment.
Saiyam’s pov- no krishna no! you have no right to leave me alone in this path. You have to come you can’t put all office load on my shoulders. You can’t destroy our bff world. You were the one whom I loved to fight. I don’t know how but yes I care for you a lot …I care for you even more than were always a chattering brimming girl …you can’t be silent now….my ears are waiting for yours chutter-putter …my mind is waiting to be called boring from you. My heart is waiting krishna…..
Then the doctor comes out..
Doctor- who is with the patient??
Saiyam- I..I doctor. What happened is she fine…
Doctor- ya ya looks like your prayers have worked….she is fine. Thank to god nothing serious. It’s just a fracture in hand. You can meet her and don’t forget to complete formalities.
Saiyam enters krishna’s room. She was sleeping as the doctor had given him some medicines. Saiyam stares her for sometime then….
Saiyam- krishna…I thought like I have lost a piece of my life puzzle ….dont do that again. [ he keeps his head near krishna’s head.] but sure that when my malala yousaif is going to wake up the whole hospital is going to be on fire. I need to be here only to save doctors.
( guys, Jhansi ki rani bahut common ho gaya tha so I thought to give credit to another one also.)
Just then a nurse enters….saiyam gives her sign of being quite.
Nurse- looks like your wife is really your life…[the nurse goes] Saiyam- not exactly wife but half MRS.SAIYAM BIRLA.
Saiyam remembers about the mall moments, Kriyam fight moments, starting of their friendship and all the moments they spent together. The shade which krishna provided , the way she used to stole Saiyam heart from her chattering blabbering her small cut pout the endurance she gave and above she herself had made his life simile to a world where everything was going for him.
Meanwhile when Saiyam was busing in memorizing the memories saumya came.
Saumya- Krishu Krishu!! Bacha kaha ha meri beti??
Saiyam enters the scene,
Saiyam- aunty relax…aap please bathiey krishna is fine use kuch nahi huya h…aap please calm rahihya.
Saumya- Saiyam….thank you beta aaj tum nahi hote toh pata nahi kya hota….thank you so much tumne krishna ki life bacha li …mujhe nahi pata ki mein tumhara shukriya kaise karu.
[Saiyam…thank you beta I don’t know what would have happened if you were not there…thank you, you saved my daughter’s life….i don’t know how to express my gratefulness] Kya mein abhi usse mil sakti hu?
[can I meet her?] Saiyam- aunty pehle toh aap mujhe thank you mat boliya krishna aapki hi nahi meri bhi kuch lagti h agar usse pata chalta ki maine uski help nahi kit oh pata nahi mera kya haal hota?
Or aap rona band kijiya….aunty aap sochiya agar aap royaengi toh krishna ko kon sambhalaga …..kya krishna apni maa se aise milna chati hogi vaise bhi aapki nazukh si beti ko bahut strength chahiya and this I am not going to help.
[aunty firstly stop thanking you krishna doesn’t matter to you only she matters to me a lot too and if she had knew that I didn’t help I don’t know what my condition would be?
And stop crying….you yourself think if you would cry then how would you cure Krishna….would Krishna like to meet her crying mother? And by the way your glass like daughter needs lot of strength and I am not going to help this time]

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  1. Ahh malala yousaif zai❤and nice epi?

    1. Naina-

      ya i knew it’s new actually i was also bored from jhansi ki rani so i thought of this

  2. Shaani

    Nice episode… Sayyam… ?
    Superb song selection… Very well written… Keep writing

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    That was fabulous…and the dialogues by saiyyam was just wooow…and the Half Birla Part was double woow… Keep going.

  4. Nice one? update soon

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