kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 29


Amaya- are you serious??matlab humari Jhansi ki rani ko bhi koi dara sakta h?
[guys daar lagta h!!honestly mujhe bhi lagta h….or jab aapke saath aapke cousins ho so they act no more less than ghosts.]

Krishna- amaya….I thought you would understand.
Saiyam-hold this hand…I am here.
Krishna surprisingly stared at Saiyam offering his hand to her.
Krishna’s pov- I don’t know what happened to me? Saiyam’s three words- I am here gave me immense confidence just like my mind has made its mood-krishna you are safe. It was like someone gave me torch in a dark moonless light like a star in a black night.[ may be my words expressing way would not be so clear but I have tried my best.] Krishna fearlessly gave a smile and held saiyam’s hand. She was holding his hand tightly throughout the movie.
#after the movie
Saiyam- now you can leave my hand!!
Krishna-(shyly) sorry….
While this Saiyam spots one of his chep friend. NEHA.
Neha- hi Saiyam! (tries to hug him)
Saiyam-(while moving backward)hi…well meet my girlfriend ms.krishna.
Krishna gives a weird look. Saiyam makes a puppy face. She understand the whole matter and then

Krishna- hi myself half MRS.KRISHNA SAIYAM BIRLA.
Neha- excuse me!! Someone calling.
Krishna-[towards Saiyam] your welcome.
Saiyam- ha ha theek h but please h yeh baat tumhare or mere beech mein hi rehni chahiya.
[Okay, okay fine but remember this secret should be between me and you only.] Krishna- really! [while giving a smirk] Saiyam- please! Please!
Krishna- okay but you need to give me a nice ice-cream party.
So deal done mr.saiyam birla.
Saiyam- of course ! HALF MRS.KRISHNA BIRLA.
With this Saiyam went but left krishna in his thoughts.
Krishna’s pov- MRS.KRISHNA SAIYAM BIRLA. Why do this name is suddenly sounding like a dream for me. Of course if another boy had taken risk of his life by doing such a mischief I would have killed him. but why I can’t think same for Saiyam? Why does this name brings a smile on my face and make me blush instead of irritating me….why do I like to be called krishna Saiyam birla….why is Saiyam so special for me??

Ugggghhhh I think I am going to mad to answer my why? Let’s take time as our professor who would answer all the questions….till then patience need to be kept krishna.
#at the evening
Kriyam had to the fullest enjoyment on their day. They were loving each other presence but just like our 2017 generation not ready to accept things easily. But who knew that today a major change is a heading towards them. A change who left them into tears but also realized the importance of each other single drop of tear. Their life was going to be bloom like a flower but before that Kriyam had to face wind to get their soul one .they finally realized that it’s time to start a new fresh beautiful life in each other consolation.

Hello guys!! How are you all …well I had written an os on Kriyam and submitted it on Sunday but they rejected it….so how was the episode?? Boring one kya??keep updating.

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  1. After a long tym and that too such a small update….

    1. Naina-

      sorry ishika for short update but you know messed up with 9th studies….well a good news summer vacation is near

  2. Boring epi

    1. Ema

      U r sick and mad ur discouraging all ff writers i saw ur comments on other ff’s also … if u feel boring then dnt read it and dnt put such cmmnts and boring , not nice etc … dnt discourage anyone like this way ???????????

      1. Naina-

        i agree with you all…i know that i am not a perfect person but i believe that it’s easy to deframe one instead of doing the same work…..look richa i respect your feelings and accept that you may find it boring but it’s not only me….. can you tell only one ff which you like

    2. f**k off.. If you can’t encourage the writers you better not say anything about it!! If you are finding this ff boring then who the f**k told you to read it.. There are many readers who love reading such fictions and I’m one of them so plea don’t put such comments on anyone’s wall they are working hard to write stories!! So please don’t make such comments!!

      1. Naina-

        thank you for your support well thank god someone poked her for this

    3. Why don’t you write one and we can judge whether if your FF is boring, I would love to read it

    4. Richa plz stop discouraging ppl?..How many times we had said to u the same..last time it was shaani di.. then princess porsha now naina…if u can’t at least say something appreciative then plz don’t read..If u think this is boring then don’t comment..? Enough is Enough…if u find this boring try to write one ff… I have never written a ff myself but I respect all the ff writers hardwork and creativity..if this hurt u I am sorry but U did wrong so I had to comment like this…

      1. Naina-

        thank you isha not for only understanding importance of talent but also respecting it

    5. Superb epi Nainu ?..loved it I am a big fan of POVS ur POV was amazing.. How u expressed their feelings was really NYC..keep writing. Don’t give up ? and ignore haters…update Asap

      1. Naina-

        thank you isha your comments own a lot for me

    6. Shaani

      Richa what is this… Why do u always say boring…i think u only have this in ur mind… If u feel bored then why the hell u r reading this… I always support naina…. She is great writer… Don’t u have any appreciation words in ur vocabulary… U only have boring need a villain… Improve the story… Miscarriage those r the only thing I see in ur comments… If u feel bored then DON’T read this ff… We love naina’s ff n her writing skill… She is perfect writer… We reader love her story… U stay away… Hope u understand

  3. Ema

    Naina darling its not a boring epi… and love it ¥❤? keep updating waiting for next epi ??????

    1. Naina-

      thank you ema and i might submit next one today itself

  4. After a long time…. but loved it as always ????
    Keep posting ??
    Waiting for the next part ?❤

    1. Naina-

      sorry anshu for being late but thank you for then also commenting on it.

  5. Nice one loved it dear though it was quite short?

    1. Naina-

      thank you maria and i would try to make it longer.

  6. Shaani

    Naina just ignore that stupid Naina’s comment yaar… She is like that only.. She comment like that in my ff also.. She is very very stupid…
    Ur story is very good n nice Dr… I was waiting for ur story…the way u provide kriyam povs is superb… I love it… N ur skill is superb…. Plz keep writing… Don’t stop… I know it’s hard to update daily… I can understand…
    Keep updating… Keep writing… We will always support u don’t discouraged by those type of negative comments…just ignore that ok..keep smiling ?

    1. *Richa ‘s comment..

    2. Naina-

      thank you so much for your support …. it really fells nice to have such beautiful hearted readers.

  7. Naina-

    thank you all of you for your love and support….and i my self know that my writing has flaws but it’s better to correct them instead of crying over them….we writers only waste our time for you….we can also study and it’s not that we are superiors … return we get praised by our such a wonderful readers.
    for richa i only want to say that it’s okay you may find it boring but always try to encourage people try not to have negative comments instead message them personally and ahhh all my creative writers don’t get upset by negative comments..i love all your ffs because it difficult

    1. Naina-

      to write one and here i end with my speech.
      now lighten up your mood yaaar read some minions quotes.
      let’s change the topic-
      how may of you are crazy for ipl?????

      1. ?I am a big fan of cricket..I love IPL the most..I am team KKR ..also love Rising pune.?.Which team are u nainu??

      2. Naina-

        I am also crazy foe ipl and ami kkr just cheering them today you can say that kkr dicussion are a part of time table

  8. Make Neha a vilian?

    1. Naina-

      Thank you for idea but i dont have any such idea may be I use it

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