kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 28


Saiyam- hmmm..maine sahi ladki ko appoint kiya h.
[hmmm…I have appointed the right girl.] Krishna- tumhe ab pata chala maine toh pehle se hi janti thi. Vaise tumne call kyu kiya? Anything important.
[I already knew it…you knew it now. By the way why did you called me? Anything important.] Saiyam- ha..vo actually we are planning a day out with our cousins so we wanted to invite you. Will you come?
Krishna- Saiyam I would love to but what would I do with your cousins.
Saiyam- krishna …. We also joined you…hume kaha thi ki hum tumhare friends k saath kya karenge..please come na
Krishna- hmmm…theek h. I would come.
Saiyam- fine 11:00a.m.don’t be late.
Krishna- and you don’t be five minutes earlier.
They both laugh and say good bye to each other.
Yuvaani- so someone is making you smile. Someone special?
Saiyam-of course she is.
Yuvaani- Krishu!!
Saiyam- how do you know?
Amaya- because voh hi ek aise ladki h jo aapki bohot achi dost h… aapki care karti h…opened minded and most of all you both like each other presence.
[ because she is the only girl who is your special friend….who cares for you…who is open minded and most of all you both like each other presence.] Saiyam- bas bas…yeh sab baad mein now go and sleep.
(guys I used open minded here because some girls still now hesitate to talk to a friend.)

#next day
Krishna gets ready . she wore an off shoulder with a chain and hair tied into a side plate. She was wearing long earnings and a bracelet in one and watch on other hand with simple light make up done .
Saiyam watches and admires her.
Saiyam’s pov- she was looking as beautiful as a newly bud flower…like a mist of a mountain. Her eyes were the most attracting one because of their simplicity…their deepness…their innocence…their naughtiness. Her lips was looking red like a rose like my heart’s desire. Then was her hair….I love them when they are open but she was looking beautiful in pinned one too…her flicks raised my heart beat accompanied with temperature. The one word that perfectly suited her was stunning. krishna comes.
Krishna- hello…
Saiyam- hii…come join us..
He introduces krishna to his cousins. Let’s name them as ashima, shobhit, shagun and bhuvi.
Bhuvi- bhai let’s go or we would be late for movie.
Saiyam- wait for a sec….popcorns nahi khane??
Saiyam goes towards food counter. krishna talks with amaya.
Krishna- hmmm..amaya mera na movie dekhna k man nahi h..tum log dekho mein tab tak mall mein ghoom lungi.
[hmmm..amaya I don’t wish to watch ahead till then I would wander in mall.] Amaya-but kyu…no way h I am not going to leave you alone.
Krishna- okay!! Straight to point…mujhe horror movie se darr lagta h.

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  1. Nice episode….. waiting for the next episode desperately

    1. Naina-

      Thank you so much well I may do next upload tomorrow

  2. sayyam’s pov took my heart away❤amazingly written?

    1. Naina-

      Thank you so much ….well for this who have to thanks my english teacher too she only taught me all this

  3. Shaani

    Woow.. Amazing…
    I love this line…Krishna- okay!! Straight to point…mujhe horror movie se darr lagta hai.. So it means… They will go to the movie n sayyam will sit next to Krishna… Areee…wah….
    Naina plz upload soon Na… I was missing ur story… I’m really excited about the next episode….
    Keep writing… Don’t be disheartened by less comments…. Waiting for the next part…

    1. Naina-

      Awwe…thank you well mujhe laga ki krishna ko pehle thoda shy phir nervous phir hesitated dekhane se acha h sidha bol dalo…aree delhi ki ladki kiska darr h

  4. The way saiyyam described was really beautifully written nainu ?…I wanna see actually read kriyyam together watching the movie ..I am not a big fan of horror movies but sometimes they r really helpful for a love story..?..keep writing ?

    1. Naina-

      Thank you isha well I am not also a big fan of horror movies but ibthink kriyam would be after next episode

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