kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 27



@next day
Krishna woke up with confused thoughts but by the time of breakfast she had convinced herself that it was a bad dream which should be forgotten.

@birla mansion
Amaya- maa, bahut time ho gaya hum kisi family trip par nahi gaye ….chalo na kahi ka plan banate h.vaise bhi aaj kal sab apne kamo mein itna busy h that they don’t have a sec for family.
[ maa , it’s a long time since we have gone for a family trip……why don’t we plan something……and by the way everyone is bus in their work they hardly have a second for family.] Rags- amaya tujhe toh bas bahar jane k bahana chahiya….par baat toh sahi h kitne dino se hum kahi bahar nahi gaye.
[ amaya you only need a reason to go out….but you are correct we have not gathered around since a long time.] Saiyam- then your wish would be fulfilled by your sweet brother.
Amaya- thank you so much bhai!! Mein abhi sab ko call karti hu.
Saiyam- no way !! sirf hum sare cousins will go and chill out.
[ guys we have cousins as a major part of our life….not like ssel which have relations only which are useful to output drama… least I don’t know about others but I love my cousins a lot and a lot.] Rags- so tumhari wish toh puri ho gayi… go and plan something.
Saiyam goes to office and spent the whole day as usual with meeting,laptop and krishna.

#next day
It’s Sunday…yaar they should also get a holiday.
Yuvaani to Saiyam- bhai …. I have planned everything. Look first we are going to a mall…there we enjoy for some time and then we would go to watch a movie….tickets are ready….you know I arrange everything perfectly…okay now stop praising we would go to have some snacks and at night we would have dinner with everyone……so, how’s the plan.
Saiyam- well nice but I would have made a nice one…
Yuvaani- shut up! Mine plan is perfect just like me….
Saiyam- acha….he starts hitting her with a pillow and then a cute bhai – behan fight.
#after sometime
Saiyam- Yuvaan, I was thinking to invite krishna also? Kaisa idea h??
Yuvaan- hmm…nice one but aapko uske bohot chinta h..matlab aaj office nahi jaana toh usko bulane ko bahane dundh rahe ho
[hmmm…nice onebut why are you so caring for her…you don’t have to go to office so you are searching for reasons to meet her] Saiyam- ha ha ha!!what a joke…should I crack one.
Yuvaan- mein krishna ko call karta hu.
[I am going to call krishna.] Saiyam-wait…. I would.
Yuvaan- as you wish.
#at the call
Krishna- hello….hello
[he was not answering] Krishna- Saiyam? What happened??
Saiyam- tumhe kaisa pata ki I am going to call. Tum wait kar rahi thi meri call ka.
[how do you know that I am going to call. Was you waiting for my call] Krishna- please h . I have your numbers saved. (guys please don’t think that she is going to hesitate and then Saiyam would tease her…it’s 90s one)

hello…everyone how are you all well sorry for not updating since a long time ….actually i was out of station. please forgive me.well how was the episode??

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  1. that yuvaan?ahh love kriyyam❤

    1. ahhhhh sorry i thought i was commenting on another ff….but your one is also amazing…jhakasss?

      1. Naina-

        no need to be sorry thanks for appreciating

  2. Amazing episode. The conversations and actions were truly superb and fantastic. The sibling banter and conversations were extremely funny and adorable. The ‘waiting for my call’ dialogue was seriously cliché but suited the scene perfectly. Krishna’s subsequent reply to sayyam’s question was awesome and seriously ‘true to our times’.

    1. Naina-

      thanks shivani for your words

  3. Shaani

    Nice episode… Waiting for the next part… No need to say sorry for being late we can understand… Keep writing..keep updating..

    1. Naina-

      thank you dear it means a lot

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