kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 26


but willingly..
Hello…everyone how are you. I know I was missing from 2-3 days but if you love me genuinely you have not forgotten me…hmmm…just joking. But I would like to warn that this is going to contain my blabbering ….may be a whole page……read at your own risk.

Love is endless….but how one realizes that he/she is in love…..but not a family love but a partner one….your completer one…answer the questions given and find your answers on your own.
Krishna realizes that the best answer to all her questions was SAIYAM….he is the one who she trusted even not knowing properly. He is the one she never wanted to loss…she wanted get into his arms….wait for him…..fight with him but never lose him….only he was the one whose touch acted like a medicine to her wounds whose hot breaths raised her heart beats those heart beats which wanted to kill the person who came near them but with Saiyam as they are willingly waiting for his breaths to combine with hers….like he is the only one who could manage her..Love her and of course complete her..

Krishna pov- this is all rubbish…….their stupid questions can’t decide my life par inhe toh maine hi answer kiya h…phir kyu mujhe answer mein Saiyam nahi chahiya….kya sach mein I love Saiyam does he really complete me?? Mein kuch zyada toh nahi soch rahi….hey bhagwan ji mein nahi janti ki iska kya matlab h lekin I trust you aur mein janti hu aap humesha sabke liya acha sochte h aur mere liya bhi kuch acha hi socha hoga……..krishna yeh sab kuch nahi h … jaisa h use vaisa hi rehna de…..let it be
[ this all is rubbish…..their stupid questions can’t decide my life….but I have answered them, then why I am not statisfied….why don’t I want Saiyam in my answers….do I really love Saiyam does he really complete me?? or I am thinking unnecessarily …oh god! I don’t know what it indicates but I trust you and know that you always have a good plan for everyone and you must be having it for me also …..krishna it’s nothing….let the things be in the way they are….let it be] Author’s special- love is like this only. When you don’t have anyone you pray for person and when you have you didn’t want to accept…it’s a basic human nature. But not showing love and expecting love from other side will always give you a fruit of hurt… your love especially in children case….make them realize what they are to you…yours a single wish on someone’s special day could be the biggest happiness gift for someone…..go and tell your parents that we really care for our mother who works for us without a single penny and word but then also wants us to be happy…the father who works 12 hours in sun but got an ac for you…don’t be confused…your life your choice.
Coming back to episode…..

Krishna was still confused…..she knew that it’s better to accept feelings rather than someone else gets the opportunity to accept them but Saiyam was different ….and yes he was….she never had such confusion such feelings to live….. she wanted to express them but was too embarrassed to do so. The book not only brought her heart desire to her soft reddish lips but also started a war between her heart and mind….her heart advised her to go on we would see what would happen.
Guys what’s up? How was the episode//interesting or not. Well talking about Kriyam they are missing and I am missing them. Kriyam ffs-
Heartiest congratulations to shaani. She has just completed her century. Congratulations…..well sorry you wanted all of your readers to comment but can’t. I have not been your follower since first episode but yours one was the first one which I started following. Love your writing and your ff.
Annie ….your episode is going awesome … your latest update also.
Khusi…… words in your praise. Kriyam- benaam rishta is going perfect. And best wishes to writers who are starting their journey on website. Well read their ffs and comment on both-mine and others.
[don’t think so much how I can stop promoting my show.] By the way guys, one thing more…..happy belated baisakhi to you all…well baisakhi is a very special occasion in india. On this day the farmers celebrate that their harvests will be able to fulfill the stomach of each and every person of my country…no one would die in hunger….guys it’s a farmer’s celebration nnot particularly of Punjabis……you and me never wait for 6 months to get one single roti…so let’s congratulate all the farmers we know and celebrate their success.
With my blabbering I take leave.

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  1. Not good epi dear plz clear esy writing aj ka epi samjh nhi aya confusing tha

    1. Naina-

      sorry if you didn’t liked it

  2. You are amazing writer thanks next post soon

    1. Naina-

      thanks shabnam for your appreciating words

  3. Nice epi dr.waiting 4 nxt epi.plz post soon

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