kriyam-the love that can really happen EPISODE 21


Yuvaan- bhai are you okay na??
Saiyam – you don’t worry. I am fine. You concentrate on driving.
After some time Saiyam spots krishna slept.
Saiyam to himself- she is really cute.
While Yuvaan tries to start stereo but is intrupted by Saiyam.
Saiyam- krishna is sleeping. Don’t disturb her.
Yuvaan- awwww. Vaise itni care toh aap apna bhai ki bhi nahi karte.
[awwww. By the way you never cared so much for your brother.] Saiyam- shut up!
Yuvaan- vaise aaj bhabhi ko ghar chodna h ki apna ghar hi leke jana h.
[ by the way we have to drop bhabhi to her home or she is going to our house.] Yuvaan gets a slap on his head.
Saiyam- mere paair mein chot lagi h haath mein nahi.
[ I have got hurt on leg not on hands.] Yuvaan- fine…..mein chup.

They all reach krishna’s home.
Saiyam- krishna! we have reached.
Krishna wakes up- I am sorry….pata nahi kaise so gayi ……by the way agar aap sab ko koi problem na ho toh pls andar bhi chaliya. Mujhe aur meri maa ko bahut acha lagega….pls sab chalo naa.
[Krishna wakes up- I am sorry…. I don’t know how I slept ……by the way if you don’t have any problem can you pls come inside. I and my mother would feel good if you will come….pls everyone come na.] Amaya- ya why not!
#inside the house
Saumya- Krishu! Kaisi rahi party?
{ Krishu! How was the party.}
Krishna- maa bahut achi thi.. I have a surprise for you. Guess who is here??
Everyone comes in. saumya recognizes everyone correctly.
Saumya- bahut acha kiya kit um sab yaha aaye. Mein kuch khane peena ka intezaam karti tu……tab tak tum sab baitho.
[You did nice by coming here. You wait here….I would arrange something to eat till you please have a seat.] Krishna- guys, I show you my room come..

#krishna’s room
A beautiful room with a picture of Krishu on front wall and a small bed with other pictures on bed. On the door it’s written ’’welcome to heaven’’
Yuvaan- nice room!! But mujhe ek baat samajh nahi aayi ki aunty ne hume ekdam se kaise pehchan liya?
[ nice room but I couldn’t understand that how aunty easily recognized us so correctly?] Krishna- vo bahut easy tha….look amaya ko guess karna bikul bhi muskil nahi tha. Bache tum aur Saiyam. Saiyam ke face se hi pata chalta h ki vo ek egoistic and rude man h. isliya shayad maa ko pehchane mein easy ho gaya ho….
[ it was very easy…look guessing amaya was not at all difficult. Left was you and Saiyam. By Saiyam face only you can guess that he is an egoistic and rude man…..may be that is why it was easy for maa to guess.] Saiyam- really!
They all laugh.
Amaya- awwwwwww! Mera bhai.
Saumya- bacho neeche aa jao!
[ children, come down] Everyone comes down.

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