Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 8

Hello guys, I am back with a new episode. Do comment and how’s my ff going?

********Next day******

It is 5:00 in evening and there are guests sitting. The house was decorated with curtains and lightenings. There was a dance floor and DJ.
Yuvaani: Maa! Kaira is here.
Suhani: OK, but yuvaani she is going to be your bhabhi so call her kaira bhabhi.
Yuvaani: OK Maa.

Mehendi function goes on.
Everyone enjoys alot.
(Sorry for not describing function in detail but I soon want to finish yuvan’s track and start kriyam)

Next day..

Everyone is rushing here and there as it was Yuvan’s wedding day.

Suhani: Yuvraaj! Is pandit here?
Yuvraaj: yes.

Krishna: Kaira bhabhi is here.
Suhani: OK, take her to bridal room and tell the ladies to help her to get ready.
Krishna: OK, you also get ready.
Suhani: I will but first I want to make sure that everything is perfect.

Krishna went to get ready. After half an hour, she came down wearing a lenga and a necklace. She was looking so pretty.

Mandap was set so pandit ji asked to call the groom and bride. Krishna brought kaira to mandap while yuvaani and Saiyyam went to get Yuvan.

Saiyyam: Yuvan!
He opened the room but he wasn’t there.

Yuvaani: Maybe he’s in the washroom.
She checked but he wasn’t there while Saiyyam was trying to call him.
Yuvaani: I will inform Maa.

She went downstairs and Informed suhani.
Everyone started to search for him. While kaira was getting impatient. She suddenly started weeping and crying.

Kaira: Maa, he has cheated me. He leaved me here in mandap while he went away.
Ishika: No beta, I will talk to suhani ji.

She called suhani and Yuvraaj.
Ishika: Where is he?
Suhani: He never goes away like this. And specially on his wedding. He can’t.
Ishika: but he has gone.
Suhani: we are already tensed and we promise that he will come.
Ishika: But please be quick and if he doesn’t come then my daughter’s respect would ne ruined so please.
Suhani: We can understand.

Everyone is still searching for Yuvan and suddenly he comes.

Suhani: where were you? Huh?
Yuvan: Let me explain maa..
Suhani: I don’t need your explanation. You left kaira alone in mandap.
Pandit ji: Be fast, muhrat is finishing.
Suhani: I will talk to you later but now you must marry.

they both did marriage rituals and did 7 vows. At last pandit announced them as husband and wife.
Kaira was sent to room and after sometime Yuvan also went inside.

Kaira: Why huh? You went away and left me.
Yuvan: Let me explain..
Kaira: Why! If u didn’t wanted to marry me then you should have told me.
Yuvan: but I had gone for a important work.
Kaira: Is anything important more than marriage?

She was crying severly.
Yuvan: Wait! Let me show you something.

He took out two envelopes.

Kaira: What’s this?
Yuvan: Open yourself.

She took them and opened. And she jumped in joy.

Kaira: These are tickets of our honeymoon.
Yuvan: Yes, we are going to Switzerland. And that was my important work.
Kaira: Oh baby, you are so Sweet.
Yuvan: After tomorrow iis your flight so be ready! OK..
They spent some romantic moments and slept.

Suhani: Krishna, I need to talk to you. Its time that you….

So guys how’s the episode. I know that its Short and have no kriyam scenes but no Yuvan track is finished and in next episode, it will be kriyam track. So comment guys.

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