Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 7

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Let’s start

It is sangeet ceremony of Yuvan.
Saiyyam: Papa, event manager is here.
Yuvraaj: OK, call everyone, we will decide together.

Everyone came out.
Mr nanda( event planner): So which theme do you want?
Suhani: Can you give some options?
Mr. Nanda: Sure, you can do casino or Prince and princess theme or disco or Bollywood style.
Suhani: How about 90’s disco?
Yuvaani: No Maa, it would be boring.
Saiyyam: Yes Maa, Bollywood is nice.
Suhani: Yuvan, its your wedding so tell which theme would you like?
Yuvan: Maa! I think Bollywood style is great.
Mr. Nanda: So done?
Everyone: Yeah, OK!
Yuvaani: I am going to call the choreographer.
Dadi: Also call the designer rohit bal.
Yuvaani: OK dadi.

She came back and.
Yuvaani: Designer would come in 15 mins while the choreographer will arrive after an hour so be ready Krishna, Saiyyam and Yuvan you also.

Krishna: OK!

Designer arrived and took everyone’s measurement to make some funky Bollywood style dresses. Choreographer arrived.
Choreographer: So, we have just a little time so we should be quick.So Mr. Saiyyam you have to dance on three songs in group and one song as a couple with miss. Krishna.
Krishna: There’s no need of couple dance.
Choreographer: There is need. Miss. Yuvaani please tell them to agree.
Yuvaani: Yeah guys, you have to just dance.
Saiyyam: Um.. OK.
Choreographer: Miss. Yuvaani, you have to dance with Mr. Saiyyam in two songs and two others with miss .Krishna and miss. Krishna you have to dance with yuvaani in two songs, one with Saiyyam that is couple dance and another as a group.

They practised. Krishna was noticing that the choreographer was trying to come closer to her and staring at her.Krishna was struggling.
Choreographer: Please let me help you.
Krishna: Umm. OK..

Choreographer was coming closer to her and she was feeling so uncomfortable. Saiyyam could see this on his face.

Saiyyam: Wait! You leave I will help her.
He left her. And Saiyyam helped her.
Krishna: Thanks.
Saiyyam: ur wlcm.

They practised and at last it came time for couple dance. They held hands and Saiyyam put his hand around Krishna’s waist. A shiver went down her spine and felt butterflies in her stomach. They both were lost in each others eyes and dancing on beats. Suddenly, Krishna broke the eye lock and went away.

The house was fully decorated with colorful things. There were glass bowls in which there were shimmering water. The stage was decorated with flowers and beautiful candles. There were photos of Bollywood stars and disco balls. It looked a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. Everywhere was fragrance of flowers everywhere.
Everyone was getting ready.
In Krishna’s room:
She was wearing a knee lengthen dress with open hairs and high heels. She did a good makeup. She was looking like Alia bhutt.

Yuvaani wore a short dress and looked priyanka chopra. And others were looking like Bollywood stars.
Saiyyam was looking so handsome and looked like varun dhawan.

The bride arrived. Soon the performance started. First came the group of Saiyyam, yuvaani and Krishna. They danced on song ” The breakup song” and then yuvaani and Krishna danced on dog ” Kala chashma”. Then they all danced on different songs like high heels the nache, larki beautiful aar gaye chill, bolye churiyan, Baby ko bass pasand hai etc. At last, it was time for kriyam dance. They danced on ” aese na mujhe tum dekho”.

The lights went dim and the spot light was on kriyam. They danced and were lost in each others eyes. Rose petals and shimmer feel on them . They had an eye lock. At last, they finished and everyone appreciated them. Then Yuvan and kaira danced on song” Dheere dheere “.

Yuvaani: So now, there would be a competition between groom and bride. They played tug-n-war but kaira won. At last, they all played Truth and dare.
Krishna sat next to Saiyyam . She picked dare and picked a chit.

Yuvaani: You have to sing a song for the opposite person. He was Saiyyam.
She hesitated and then started.

Krishna: Tere saamne aa jaane se yeh dil mera dhadka hai Yeh galti nahin hai teri Kusoor nazar ka hai Tere saamne aa jaane se yeh dil mera dhadka hai Yeh galti nahin hai teri Kusoor nazar ka hai Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai Woh kar ke dikha doonga Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho Seene Se Laga Loonga Tumko Main Chura Loonga Tumse Dil Mein Chhupa Loonga Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho Seene Se Laga Lunga Tumko Main Chura Lunga Tumse Dil Mein Chupa Lunga.(because of your coming in front of me,
my heart has beaten (fast),
it’s not your mistake,
but my sight’s fault.

the thing you are afraid of,
I’ll do that…

don’t look at me like that,
or I’ll embrace you..
I’ll steal you from yourself,
and hide you in my heart.

Everyone clapped for her. At last, the function finished and everyone went home. The family went back to their respective rooms and slept. First Krishna and Saiyyam were thinking about each other but slept because of tiredness.

Precap: Mehendi function.

So guys, this is a long one so guys please comment.

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