Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 6

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**********Next day*******
Whole family was sitting in dinning hall and eating breakfast while Krishna was serving them.
Suhani: Dadi, pandit Ji will come at four to tell the muhrat.
Dadi: OK, Yuvan be ready.
Yuvan: OK dadi.

At 4 o clock pandit arrived.

Dadi: Please sit.
Pandit: Thank you
Suhani: So what is the perfect day for marriage.
Pandit:The perfect day is after three days. Its perfect.
Suhani: OK!

After pandit went.
Everyone gathers in hall

Dadi: So the date for marriage is after three day. There is just a little time so we must do preparations quickly.
Yuvraaj: Don’t worry! Everything would be done.
Dadi: Yuvraaj! Call the caterers and decorators and you suhani come with me. We must go and fix date of marriage with kaira’s family.
Suhani: OK dadi.

They get ready and take some gifts and go to kaira’s home.

At kiara’s house.

Dadi: We called the pandit and he said the perfect date is after three days.
Ishika( kaira’s mom): OK!
Dadi: so tomorrow haldi, next day sangeet and on third day mehendi and after three days marriage. OK?
Ishika: OK!

They went back and started to prepare. First, everyone went to mall and selected dresses and jewellery. Everyone was excited.

Next day.

The whole birla house was decorated with everything yellow as it was yellow theme.

Suhani: Where is haldi?
Krishna: Aunty, its in the kitchen.
Suhani: OK! You go and get ready. Guests will be here in two hours.
Krishna went to ge ready.

Saiyyam went to Yuan’s room.

Saiyyam: Bhai, Maa is saying that you get ready.
Yuvan: OK, you also get ready.

Everyone got ready and came out. Krishna wore a yellow frock with some artificial jewellery. Yuvaani wore a lenga and heavy jewellery and dadi also wore heavy jewelleryand saree.

Saiyyam came downstairs. He was wearing a yellow kurta. He looked so cool and handsome. He was continuously staring her and she saw this and went towards him.

Krishna: Why are you staring at me?
Saiyyam: Um.. No, I was just..
Krishna: so how am I looking?
Saiyyam: Um.. Nice your looking nniicceee.
Krishna: Why are you sweating so much.
Saiyyam: No, just its hot here.
Krishna (while going): OK, um you are looking aandsome. She said shyly and went away.
Saiyyam was smiling.

Saiyyam POV:

Wow! She is a wonder. I can’t stop staring at her. Her style is so different. Her eyes are so attractive that I have fall in love with them. She looks so innocent.
POV ended.
Everyone applied halsi on Yuvan.
Suhani: Saiyyam, go and give this haldi at kaira’s home and Krishna go with him.
Both together: OK

They seated in car but Krishna was struggling with seat belt.

Saiyyam: Leave it, you can’t do anything.
Krishna makes cute pout while comes closer that Krishna could feel his hot breath.
The set off and reached kaira’s house.
Krishna was going to ring the bell but Saiyyam also rang so their hands touch. Saiyyam jerked his hand away while Krishna had tingling feeling.
They gave haldi and went home.
The function had finished and everyone had gone home.
They slept.

Sangeet and kriyam sing and dance.

So guys, I know its a bit boring but I will make another episode interesting so please comment.

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