Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 5

Hello everyone. As everyone knowns that in today’s episode there would be a engagement ceremony and there will be many kriyam scenes so do comment.

It was early in the morning but birla mansion was full of bright and smiling faces. It was Yuvan’s engagement day. So everyone was rushing here and there to complete preparation at time. And our dear kriyam was also helping.

Saiyyam: Maa! Where I have to put these flowers??
Suhani: Take a stool and hang them all on pillars. I will go and check other things.
Saiyyam: Hmm. OK

Suhani went to check on food.

Suhani: How is the food?
Ramdin: Its not ready yet.
Suhani: Uff.. Be quick. There is not much time.
Ramdin: Yes .

While Krishna comes there and says
Krishna: Aunty! Please come. Jewellery has arrived and also call Yuvan bhai so he can select the Ring.
Suhani: Yes, and where is the dresser??
Krishna: He says, he will arrive in half an hour.
Suhani:OK, You go I will come.

Suhani goes upstairs and said Yuvan to come out.
They select the rings.

Dadi: I want to give my bahu something so please show me some gold and diamond necklace.
Yuvan: But dadi, what’s the need of this?
Dadi: No Yuvan, she is going to be Mrs Yuvan birla so I will give her something.

Dadi selects a diamond necklace. And all ladies go to select dresses.

Suhani: This is beautiful dadi.
Dadi: No, Its price is so cheap. Please show us more expensive and fashionable.

The man shows them dresses.
Suhani: Krishna, do u like this dress?
Krishna: Yes, its beautiful and will suit you perfectly.
Suhani: Yes, but I want to give this to u.
Krishna: There is no need aunty.
Yuvan hears this.

Yuvan: Maa! This is beautiful. Krishna will look stunning.
Krishna: But Yuvan bhai..
Yuvan: No buts, you are my sister and my both sisters will wear beautiful dresses at my engagement and other functions. And now no arguments.
Krishna: OK bhai. ( she had tears in her eyes)
Yuvan: What happened? Did I hurt u?
Krishna: No, these are tears of joy. I am so happy that I got this wonderful family wo love me so much.
Suhani: Now now,these are moments of joy so don’t spoil them and you can’t cry.

Krishna smiles and goes while suhani selects her dress. Dadi and rags had gone to parlor and all other ladies and mans were getting ready.

In Krishna’s room:
Krishna was standing in front of mirror and was doing makeup. She just looked like a ice princess. She was wearing a lenga of silver and gold color and her dress shined like stars in sky. She wore a necklace and a Ring. She just did a light makeup.

While in Saiyyam’s room:

Saiyyam wore a three piece suit with a blue tie and blue coat. He was looking so hot that any girl would fall for him and it seemed like that he would get his bride iin the engagement.

He went downstairs. Yuvaani and everyone was present there.Krishna was also coming that way with a basket of rose petals when they both collided with each other and rose petals iin Krishna’s hand went falling. Saiyyam saved Krishna from falling but all the rose petals fall on them and they have a eye lock. Oh it looked so romantic. Yuvaani snapped a photo of them. They suddenly broke eye lock when they realized that everyone was watching them and smiling.Yuvaani came to them.

Yuvaani: Who are the people iin this photo.
Saiyyam: Ugh… Delete this immediately.
Yuvaani: No way, I am gonna save this and you both look so cute together.
Krishna (blushed and embarrassed): Please yuvaani. Delete this.
Yuvaani: No!!!
Saiyyam began to chase her and finally caught her and deleted the photo.

Saiyyam: See, I told you that you can’t get away from me.
They both laughed.

Soon the bride and her family arrived. Suhani introduced aaira to guests and everyone praised kaira as she looked so beautiful.

Shivani( guest): Wow chandrakala! Your bahu is so beautiful.
Chandrakala: She is my Yuvan’s going to be bride then how can she be not beautiful..

Soon the engagement ceremony happened and they both exchanged rings.
Dadi came to kaira.

Dadi: This is a small gift from me to you. Open it.
Kaira: Thank u and she opened the box.
Kaira: Wow this diamond necklace is so beautiful.

Soon everyone began to do couple dance and everyone had a partner except Saiyyam and Krishna.

Suhani: I think you two should dance together.
Krishna: No aunty.
Suhani: Please please come.

She dragged them on dance floor and a romantic song started. Saiyyam put his one hand on Krishna’s waist and other on shoulder. This sent shivers down her spine. They were so close that Krishna could feel Saiyyam’s hot breath on her neck. They both were lost in each others eyes.

Krishna pov:
His eyes are like some kind of magic that anyone would fall for them. He has a beautiful scent of flowers. He is looking so handsome in this suit. We are so close.

POV end.

Saiyyam’s POV:

Ah.. She is looking so beautiful. Her dark chocolate eyes are somehow attracting me towards her. They are big and always say something. Her pink lips are so beautiful. Her soft cheeks have a sudden blushing. Her hairs are so silky just like silk.
POV end.
The song finished but they didn’t realized that as they were lost in each others eyes. There eye lock was broken by everyone. They were clapping for them.

Yuvan: My little brother, I didn’t know that you are so romantic huh?
Saiyyam: Its nothing like that.
Krishna started to blush that her cheeks became to glow red.
She went to her room. All family members said bye to kaira and her family and went to their respective rooms.
Krishna changed and was lost anywhere.

Krishna POV:

We were so close together and he looked so handsome but what am I thinking. I shouldn’t think about him. I don’t know what’s happening to me day by day.

POV ended

In Saiyyam’s room, he was also lost in his world .


She looked so gorgeous today. I could have stared at her all day. Her big eyes always attract me towards her. I feel so uncomfortable if I don’t see her all day. I don’t know what’s happening with me.but u can’t think about her.
POV ended.

They all slept as everyone was so tired as it was a long day.

Marriage preparations…

So guys, as said this is a long one and I want at least 10 comments so do comment and tell me how were the kriyam scenes?

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