Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 4

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In morning…

Someone was working iin kitchen and cutting vegetables. It is Krishna.. Suhani comes there.

Suhani: Beta! What are you doing in kitchen?
Krishna: Aunty! I am making breakfast for all of you.
Suhani: No, leave it. I will do it.
Krishna: No aunty, I am your daughter now and I will now serve you. You go.
Suhani: OK.

She went to wake up Saiyyam and yuvan for office. Both had already been ready. They quickly dis breakfast and went to office.

In office..
A room was shown where a girl was romancing with a boy. She was wearing a black short dress. They are revealed as kaira and yuvan.

Kaira: I love you Yuvan!
Yuvan: I love u too.
Kaira: So when are you going to marry me??
Yuvan: I don’t know. I haven’t talked to my parents yet and they don’t know anything about you.
Kaira: Come on baby, its your and my life decision and they can’t say no to it.
Yuvan: Hmm.. I will talk to them today.
He reaches home and called everyone out.

Yuvan: Mom, dad, dadi etc please come here. I have to announce something.
Suhani: while coming out: What happened? Is everything fine ??
Yuvan: Yes mom! But I have a good news for all of you.
Yuvraaj: then tell.
Yuvan: OK so the news is that I want to marry…

Everyone looks happy.
Suhani: OK! Then I will start searching girls for you.
Yuvan: No need Maa! Cuz I love kaira.
Suhani: Who is she??
Yuvan: She is assistant in my office and we love each other.
Suhani: But beta, we don’t know anything about that girl so how can we trust her??
Dadi: No, its his life and if he want to marry her then he will. Beta, I am very happy for you.
Suhani: But dadi…
Dadi: No ifs and buts, he will marry her.
Suhani: OK!
Yuvan hugs suhani.
Yuvan: Thankyou so much Maa.

They went to kaira’s house and fixed the date of engagement. The date was of tomorrow so everyone became so busy in preparation..

Engagement ceremony and kriyam romantic moments.

Sorry guys, this episode is small but the next episode will be long and there would be many kriyam scenes so please comment.

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  1. Aaravjaikar

    Good one .. love t…..

  2. Very boring updates plz end abhi Jo chal raha hai serial mai us hisab se writing karo dear plz serial mai kya ho sakta hai age Krishna ke life mai new entry etc kuch different story updates karo

    1. Princessporsha

      Sorry if you think it is boring but others like it and if one episode iis boring then may be you like another episode. If u think its boring than please don’t read it.

  3. Good episode… 🙂 keep writing.. never feel demotivated ..give some tym Everyone will love u and ur ff dr..

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