Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 35

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Hi guys, i am so sorry for not updating as I was really busy with my papers. But now I am free and I will try my best to update regularly.
It really hurts me. You guys don’t give many comments. Everyone gets many comments on their ffs but on mine, there are only few comments.

If you don’t want to read this ff do tell me so that I can finish it.

Let’s start the episode:

Everyone was thinking that where to find the tablets.

Krishna: Maybe, they are in my safe.
Suhani: And the keys are with Elsa. Ohho…
Krishna: She must have hidden them some where. But where?

They were thinking they where to find the tablets when Elsa comes.

She raises her hand on Krishna but was stop by suhani. Krishna saw something.

Suhani: Don’t you dare touch Krishna.
Elsa: She ruined my plan. I will not leave her this easily.

She goes angrily. Krishna calls everyone.

Krishna: Suhani aunty, I saw something in Elsa’s wrist.
Suhani: What?
Krishna: A bracelet. It had a small key attached to it. It seems as it they were the locker’s key. Oh yes, it is the safe’s key. (Excitedly)

Yuvaani: Now this Elsa is finished. She should now count her days as she is going out from this house.
Krishna: But it is not that easy.
Yuvaani: But why?
Krishna: We must get that bracelet first but she always wears it.
Suhani: Um.. I have a plan.

She tells them the plan. Everyone agrees and smiles.

Next day…..

Saiyyam and Elsa were in their room when yuvaani, suhani, pratima and rags come to their room.

Saiyyam: You all here?
Suhani: Yes, we wanted to gift something to Elsa.

Elsa gets surprised and a little suspicious. They bring 4 red velvet boxes.

Elsa: What are these?
Suhani: These are for you. It is a welcome gift from us.
Elsa: But….

She stopped as they open the boxes.

Elsa: Wow! Gold bangels.
Suhani: Yes, especially for you. Try them but first take this bracelet off your hand.

Elsa doesn’t notice suhani taking her bracelet off as she was busy admiring the jewellery.

Krishna stands onside while rags passes her the bracelet. She quickly goes out. She goes to yuvraaj who was standing outside.

Krishna: Where is the soap?

He hands her the soap and she presses the key print on the soap.

Krishna: Done. Dadu please make this Key’s duplicate.
Yuvraaj: OK.

He goes. While in room.

Elsa: Where is my bracelet?
Suhani: See this diamond necklace.

She gets more surprised. They make her wear the necklaces. Saiyyam smiles seeing that they finally accepted her.

Krishna quickly comes back to the room and gives the bracelet to rags. Rags passes to yuvaani and yuvaani to pratima. Pratima quietly puts the bracelet near Elsa.

Suhani: Elsa, I think that this diamond necklace will not suit you so I will have another made for you.
Elsa: But..
Rags: Yes, and these bangels are bigger in size so we will get you another.
Elsa: But…
Saiyyam: It’s OK. Thay are saying na that Thay will give you other jewellery made so calm down.

They go out while Elsa becomes sad.

They go in another room and everyone laughs.

Yuvaani: We made her fool. (Laughs).

At dinner time…

Krishna was waiting for yuvraaj to come. Yuvraaj finally comes. He hands her thee duplicate key of the safe. He was going when Elsa came. Krishna quickly puts her hands behind her back. Elsa becomes suspicious.

Elsa: What are you hiding? Show me.
Krishna: Nothing.
Elsa: No show me your hands.

Krishna gets tensed. There was a bowl of daal near so she drop the key in the daal. And shows her hands.

Krishna: See. There is nothing.

Elsa agrees and took the daal bowl and went to dinning table.

Krishna: Oh shoot. She took the bowl.

She goes out and saw that she was serving the daal. Krishna calls yuvaani and tells the matter to her. She gets shocked. She passes the news to everyone and everyone starts to search their daal. But everyone signs negatively except pratima, saiyyam and Elsa.

Krishna (thinks): It means that the key may be in saiyyam, Elsa or dadi’s daal. Oh god! Don’t be in saiyyam or Elsa’s daal.

Elsa: Ahhh…

Everyone gets shocked.

Saiyyam: What happened?
Elsa: Oh.. Its just a little stone.
Suhani: I forgot to sieve them.

Krishna (think): So now it maybe in dadi or saiyyam’s daal.

Will the key be in saiyyam’s daal and Krishna’s plan will be destroyed or she is get saved.

So guys, how’s the episode. Please please comment and let me know your views that should I end the ff?

Till then bye ..

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  1. No plz dont end it…. and dont be disheartend…. comments dont show how much we love ur ff? waiting for next part

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and I have decided not to end this.??

  2. Nice update

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and I have decided not to end this.??

  3. Nice episode. Update next soon plz.

  4. Never think so dr. So many silent reader r here like me. Ur ff just wow. Badly missed ur ff. So keep writing we r all with u ?

  5. No plx dont end your ff.?? We love it.? There are many silent readers who love your ff . Please dont be downhearted that you get less comments. We love it and we will keep loving it.❤
    Coming back to the episode the episode was on fire?? loved it to the core❤ no words can describe how talented you are…..
    I think the key will be on dadi’s daal ?? so that krishna will be efficacious on her plan?
    I loved the part whn that Elsa got fooled??
    Eagerly waiting for the next part❤ plx keep updating.

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and I am not going yo end the ff.??

  6. Thank u for not stopping…Loved the epi and yuvaani ‘s idea was super duper..I was so happy when Elsa was sad??…update Asap ?

  7. Aww plz don’t be disheartened u killed the episod ☝️♥️

  8. Nice epi. but don’t stop writing bcoz we hv only this way to make kriyam alive. we silent readers r not alwys commenting on ur story but mind it we love ur ff and waiting eagarly for ur update….

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